Check and replace the pressure switch (level sensor) in the dishwasher

Did you notice any malfunctioning of the dishwasher? If there is no water in the hopper or water is poured, the reason may be in the dishwasher's pressostat. It is he who regulates the dial level and sends a signal to the control board. Do not ignore the first signs - a minor problem can lead to a serious breakdown.

How to check and replace the pressotate, read in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types and operation principle of the water level sensor
  • 2Causes of malfunction and ways of their elimination

Types and operation principle of the water level sensor

All dishwashers of famous brands - Electrolux, Bosch, Ariston, Samsung - are equipped with a level sensor (pressostat). Each wash program requires a different amount of water. To control the set, and this element is provided. It reacts to the change in pressure in the chamber.

Inside the sensor is a rubber membrane. The higher the pressure, the more the membrane grows, activating the switches. So the electronic board gets information about the amount of water in the tank.

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The device of the electronic dishwasher's automatic pressure switch in a section

There are two types of pressostat:

  1. Mechanical. About its failure can be said with a damaged membrane.
  2. Electronic. It works at the expense of the built-in board, in case of a malfunction, an error code is displayed on the display. For example, E3, E16 (Bosch);i20 (Electrolux), AL03, AL05 (Ariston), E3, E5 (Siemens) and others. For a list of all the notations for your brand, see "Error Codes".

In dishwashers with a flow-through TEN, a flow sensor (flowmeter) is used.

The principle of the flowmeter sensor flow water with a heating element

Perform diagnostics and change the device with your own hands.

Causes of malfunction and ways of their elimination

You can find out that the sensor does not work, according to the characteristic features:

  1. The machine pours or does not add water to the tank.
  2. There is no set of water.
  3. After the set, the drain immediately starts.
  4. The technician stops with a full tank, but the drain does not start.

Why is this happening:

  • the sensor element is damaged;
  • broken contacts, burned wiring;
  • hose pressure hose - this happens when the detergent powder or food remains.

The location of the pressure switch in your model (Krupps, "Indesit any other) should be indicated in the manual. Most often it is located at the bottom. To check or replace, you need to get to the part.

Sequence of work:

  1. Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains and communications.
  2. Put the blanket on and turn the car over.
  3. Unscrew the screws around the perimeter or unfasten the latches of the bottom cover.Sequence of extracting the pressostat from the dishwasher for repair
  4. If a float sensor is attached to the pallet, disconnect its wiring and unscrew the fastening bolt.
  5. Having accessed the details, you will see a plastic box from which the tube leaves.Access to the pressure switch in the dishwasher to disconnect and extract it
  6. Using pliers, disconnect the tubing from the tank. Last inspect at the time of blockages.
  7. To carry out diagnostics of the mechanical part of the sensor is simple: blow into the pressure tube, listen. If clicks are heard from the pressostat, then the switch has worked, the device is working. From the moment of exposure to a click, it may take several seconds.
  8. Check the electronics with a multimeter. Connect the test leads to the contacts - if the readings are reduced to zero, the pressure switch is working.
  9. If there is a problem, replace the sensor.
  10. Disconnect the handset and the contacts. The tube can also be checked for blockage.
  11. Unscrew bolts of fastening.

Buy only original spare parts for your model. This is a guarantee of long years of operation of the dishwasher.

New pressostat of the original model for replacing broken in the dishwasher

After completing the repair, reassemble in reverse order andconnect in place of communication. Run a test run to ensure that the installation and configuration are correct. If the machine normally takes the water and carries out the washing cycle - the repair is performed efficiently.

It is always better to prevent damage than to spend money and time for repairs. Therefore, adhere to the rules of operation of the PMM, and also clean the drain from the blockages a couple of times a month. You will be helped by video on the topic:

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