How to choose an oil heater

Oil heater refers to the type of appliances that heat the entire volume of the room. There is an opinion that wind blower and infrared heater do the same - this is a delusion. They exhibit pronounced directional properties used for the redistribution of heat. They say that the oil heater dries the air, but the temperature is not as high as it is thought. It barely reaches 160 ºС, which means that the Peony ceiling heaters cannot be leveled. Let's try to figure out how to choose an oil heater.

The device of an oil heater

Let us consider the design and features of the use of an oil heater. Wheels become a weak point. Push, and the product will roll on its side. There is almost no chance to fix them. In the furniture fittings store sold wheels tighter. The price comes to the cost of a new device. The choice in favor of an oil heater is often called the worst.

The oil heater is heavy, bulky, large, with sharp edges, it is inconvenient to store, move, transport.

The main advantage of an oil heater is that things are dried on it. It is permissible to cover the electronic part. The sensor located there will work faster, which will save the device and the house from fire. In addition to the dispelled myth about the highest temperature of an oil heater in comparison with analogues, it turns out that no device can touch the surface of things that will ignite. This also applies to Peony infrared heaters.

So, in an oil heater, quality is inseparable from safety - a drop sensor. The thermostat is built into all appliances, but it happens that there is no protection against overturning. Such a device should not be left unattended. Oil heater is not a place:

  • In the bathroom, bath, wet places.
  • In the nursery, where the corners can get hurt.
  • In the living room, where the appearance of the situation will certainly be spoiled.

Oil heater unpretentious. The device will be a loyal assistant in the garage and in the country. The properties of the technique to dry the air is used in the cellars in the summer when there are no more vegetables in the trays. Heating underground will create cravings that serve as an additional source of ventilation in hot weather. When combined with forced ventilation, the result is excellent. Of course, a reliable outlet grounding is required. Buy eurocord, smooth out the powder paint on the body under the cover of the electronic unit, solder the ear under the ground terminal. The device must be switched on via a differential protection device. We emphasize that the fuses are designed to protect equipment, and not the lives of people.

The principle of operation of the oil heater is to transfer the energy of the heating element to the oil in an airtight container. The operation is controlled by a thermostat, estimating not the temperature in the tank, but the parameters of the air rising through the electronic unit or the condition of the casing. The container with oil is additionally protected by a thermal fuse located on the tank near the heating element. If the oil leaks out or the thermostat fails, the device will still be turned off. Another reinsurance. Together with the drop sensor it turns out already two. It is advisable to make a proper grounding. In the electronic unit there is no protection against leakage of fluid, but plenty of cracks. Therefore, even a wet sock will cause trouble.

Note that the petal rosette is connected to the circuit. Alternatively, use a differential protection device. If grounding leads to knocking out fuses( plugs), in the latter case, the potential may hang indefinitely on the case and wait for a person to touch. Do you need such difficulties in the house - decide for yourself, because oil heaters are often used as towel rails. This does not pose a danger to the thing, but leads to a short circuit. To avoid this, disassemble the device, process the heat-resistant sealant solder, protect the joints. This is carried out quickly, but requires a careful approach.

A simple step will save you trouble, but will not eliminate the need to make a ground connection, and the differential protection device works in an apartment if necessary. Choose a model that overlaps the limit of the shield on the output power. A typical value for an apartment( not counting new buildings) is 5 kW.In modern high-rise buildings, the parameter can be significantly exceeded. Learn more from the seller. The device is useful for washing, dishwashers, irons. Wherever there is water, there will be the likelihood of an electric shock.

Advantages of

oil heaters

Let's collect the advantages of oil heaters in the list:

  1. The device safely dry things, unlike its counterparts. Convectors for this purpose are also not suitable. An oil heater is used as a radiator. Observing caution, you can even insert mittens between sections. It will not lead to breakage. It is not the oil temperature that is involved, but the air flow passing through the electronic unit, heating up gradually. In extreme cases, a thermal fuse will blow. The price of a new one at a flea market is 15 rubles. Choose a fuse with a rated rating.
  2. Oil heater dries the air. If this is of great concern, we advise you to remember the Soviet fireplaces. The electric current flowed through the spirals located against the background of the reflector, and on top was an open oblong tank into which, if desired, water was poured. If you fill the gaps of the oil cooler with a wet towel, you get a humidifier. The rate of evaporation is enhanced by convection.
  3. Oil radiators with a chimney effect allow you not to scream from touching the case, because they are dressed in plastic, similar to convectors. Due to the special structure of the slots, the formation of a directional flow is ensured, which increases the heating rate of the room. The lack of problematic drying things. But the oil heater gets a decent look, ceases to be the cause of burns, accelerates warming. However, the metal heated to a temperature above 100 ºС becomes an infrared emitter. This spectrum is good for health. Dogs like to rest near mikatermicheskih heaters, which speaks volumes.
  4. Plus oil heater in unpretentiousness, but the service should be entrusted to professionals.

Specifications allow you to operate devices in harsh environments. Units safer than heat guns or infrared heaters on fuel.

If you are not ready to choose an oil heater for an apartment, buy a device to the country. On it, even mushrooms can be dried.

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