How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner

Let us examine the principle of operation and the rules for handling a washing vacuum cleaner. With this in mind, it is easier to determine the criteria for selecting a device model.

How does the work of the cleaning vacuum cleaner

work? The washing vacuum cleaner contains an aqua filter. On this occasion, it is useful to know:

. Filling water into the tank.

  1. . Aqua filters are invented of two types: hookahs and injection. The latter are distinguished by the presence of two stages of stream cleaning, due to which up to 99.99% of dust is removed from the air. It looks tempting. Hookah barely reach 90%.In injection filters, the tank is often divided into two parts, separated by a mesh or some other method. Therefore, a cursory inspection of the insides of a vacuum cleaner to assess the type of filter does not hurt. In a hookah filter, a stream of dust rushes under water, sometimes along a complex trajectory. This is reminiscent of what happens inside the smoking appliances, where air and smoke are mixed. In injection aquafilters at the entrance to the housing is a sprinkler wetting stream. It resembles an injector in a car engine, hence the name of the filter circuit. Due to the input stage, it is possible to better mix the flow with water, which has a beneficial effect on the degree of purification. The second stage is a little different from the hookah type.
  2. Water is in the aqua filter during operation. An empty switch kills expensive HEPA filters. Reputable firms for fully dry cleaning use not aqua filters, but traditional vacuum bags, as in simple vacuum cleaners. This prevents the expensive HEPA filter from being exposed to a dusty stream. Turn on the aqua filter without water is not worth it.
  3. Aqua-filter is filled with water to the mark. And the minimum and maximum risks are applied.

The choice is made based on the principle of operation and the regularity of replacing HEPA filters. Hookah construction leaves 85-90% of garbage inside. Consequently, the HEPA filters will still have to be changed or cleaned.

Container with water and dust

At the same time, the latest generation Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaners do not need such operations during such operations. Let us briefly list the inconsistencies that may arise when communicating with consultants in the store:

  • Talk about washing-type vacuum cleaners, and as a result, it stops on aqua-filters. These are different classes of devices: vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning and washing. The difference between the latter in the presence of the tank for the detergent, where the cleaning fluid is splashed, pressing the key onto the carpet through a special hose. Further, it is absorbed inside.
  • It is logical to assume that the aqua-filter has the potential to overflow. Detergent in combination with liquid collected from the floor may adversely affect the process, causing problems. If the container overflows, the consequences are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to carefully study in the instructions, how long to pour water during the initial refueling, how to track the level.

    On / Off Button

  • The washing vacuum cleaner removes blockages, but the moment of overflow is unclear. It is advisable to choose models with automatic shutdown of the vacuum cleaner in case of overflow.
  • Most models of vacuum cleaners are afraid of side falling and coups. If this happens, it is better to present the vacuum cleaner to the master. Sometimes the product starts to roar due to wet filters. It is enough to remove them and dry.
  • What kind of water to use for the injectors? If out of the tank, you need powerful sewage treatment recycling cascades. Dirt accumulates in the water aqua filter. Consequently, soon it becomes clogged. When buying, these points should be clarified, as is the way to care for a delicate mechanism( injector).
  • It is important to understand how to properly carry out actions to transfer the product to storage after the next cleaning. For example, individual firms flaunt the fact that a rinse filter is enough for cleaning.

    The washing vacuum cleaner

  • Despite the fact that the washing vacuum cleaner has a tank with detergent, most of the problematic surfaces need to be prepared. This is reminiscent of soaking before washing. What is important is the choice of means used. The instruction advises the use of branded formulations. Before choosing a washing vacuum cleaner, specify the appropriate tool.

Bases to buy the washing

vacuum cleaner
  1. It is better not to take a washing vacuum cleaner without a tank overflow indicator, otherwise there is a great chance to exceed the figure. Choose a model with the desired option.
  2. The washing vacuum cleaner contains a bag. It is useful when turning off the water in the tap.
  3. If you have the option to eliminate clogs( sinks), specify the amount of water poured into the tank and the cleaning process itself. Special nozzles are used, but the water needs to go somewhere. Consequently, a reasonable indication, as discussed above.
  4. Look at how difficult it is to clean the tank.
  5. Specify how detergent is discharged: poured inside the brush, behind or in front. In addition to the automatic feed is available and manual.
  6. Power is selected within a reasonable range( 1.5-2 kW).

In the case of washing vacuum cleaners should not be cheap. Advanced firms offer easy-to-clean filters and high-quality cleaning. As for the robot vacuum cleaners, to call the device washing does not turn the language. It is simply a means of maintaining cleanliness.

Washing vacuum cleaners, along with the high cost, have another major drawback - a lot of weight. When cleaning in an apartment where it is difficult to turn around, it becomes a tangible obstacle. In a house with a couple of floors, the hostess will have to be tight, not to mention the likelihood of a fall from the stairs. In the simplest case, water will spill inside, short circuit will happen, people's lives will be in danger.

Be sure to estimate the weight of the washing vacuum cleaner in a flooded state. Mistress should be able to lift it. The greater the mass of the filter, the more dirt will go there. We come to the last characteristic - the cleaning area without reloading the tank. There are two categories:

  1. The size of the surface, taking into account the flow rate of detergent( consumption).
  2. The average surface area at which an aqua filter absorbs dirt effectively. With a certain viscosity of the medium, the process deteriorates. Today sold models with a capacity of up to 2 liters.

We hope this information will help solve the issue of choosing a washing vacuum cleaner.

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