Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2018-2019: Top 8 best models, features, reviews

Robots vacuum cleaners have relatively recently appeared on the market, but they are already widespread. Increased and offers from different manufacturers, which significantly expanded the manufactured range.

In the article, we will take a detailed look at the best robot vacuum cleaners - the 2017-2018 rating, taking into account the technical characteristics and features of the model functionals.

The content of the article:

  • Features of the choice of smart vacuum cleaners
    • Classification of household robots vacuum cleaners
    • Rules for the selection of robotic technology
  • Top 8 best models
    • Place # 1 - Clever & Clean 004 M-Series
    • Place # 2 - Kitfort KT-511
    • Place # 3 - Foxcleaner Up
    • Place # 4 - iRobot Roomba 616
    • Rank # 5 - Panda X600 PetSeries
    • Place # 6 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • Place # 7 - Miele SJQL0 ScoutRX1
    • Place # 8 - Philips FC8776
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of the choice of smart vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners - automatic devices for cleaning the premises. Based on the set programs, they can move along certain paths, perform various manipulations and even control the quality of work.

Classification of household robots vacuum cleaners

There are three types of home helpers:

  • for dry cleaning;
  • intended for wet cleaning;
  • Combined models that can perform two types of operations.

The most widespread first type of devices. They are available in a wide range, have simple controls and are sold at fairly low prices.

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning successfully cope with the collection of dust, sand, animal hairs, small debris from hard surfaces and short pile carpets.

The second type of robots is designed for cleaning floors.therefore, their design provides tanks for clean / dirty water, but the owners will have to do preliminary dry cleaning.

Combined models can both suck up dust and wipe the floor. They have a special washing panel where the napkins are inserted.

The trajectory of the robots vacuum cleaners

The maneuverability of the device depends largely on the number of built-in touch sensors. The more of them, the better it is oriented in space.

Robot vacuum cleaners handle all operations on their own, which makes them especially valuable assistants. However, such models have a relatively high price, as well as not too large assortment.

Rules for the selection of robotic technology

Before purchasing a device, it is important to determine the following factors:

  • area and space featuresto be processed;
  • obstacles in this territory;
  • set of modes and functions - Is the dry cleaning function sufficient or is it desirable to combine it with a wet one?
  • pollution level - with a large amount of garbage, for example, animal hair, it is better to take a model with an increased dust collector;
  • battery lifeas well as the type of charging;
  • availability of additional devices and options that expand the scope of activities;
  • price categorybudget dictates as well as manufacturer reliability.

The fundamental criterion is the area that the vacuum cleaner should handle. A low-power model is suitable for cleaning a standard apartment of 41-50 square meters, but it is difficult for it to process the flooring in a mansion with an area of ​​100-200 m2.

As a rule, this indicator is indicated in the instructions or data sheet that are attached to the device.

Robot vacuum cleaner charging

When choosing, you should also take into account the period of time required to fully charge the batteries, as well as the type of batteries: lithium-ion or lithium polymer devices are considered the highest quality

Different models have different ability to overcome obstacles encountered on the way.

If you plan to carry out the cleaning in the apartment, where there are rapids and other obstacles, it is better to choose an expensive unit with good traffic. On flat surfaces, you can limit yourself to simpler devices.

Modern devices often offer the function of programming, which allows you to practically withdraw from the business, entrusting your smart device to perform cleaning according to a given mode. Having completed the manipulations, the robot vacuum cleaner will independently return to its base.

If there are valuable items in the apartment, for example, furniture made of expensive wood or antique porcelain, you can use robots with a soft touch function.

They are equipped with proximity sensors, which give the command to slow down, if they notice any object on the way. The spring-loaded bumper, which is provided for most models, helps to soften the collision.

Charging base for robot vacuum cleaner

The charging station continuously emits infrared rays, making the assistant robot easy to come back into place. In some models, a capacious dustbin is connected to the base, where the collected dust is discharged.

An important factor is the capacity of the dust collector. For apartments up to 50 m2 in the absence of pets, a model with a volume of 0.3 liters is quite suitable; for rooms up to 80 square meters will be enough 0.5 liters.

But for large rooms should provide liter containers. If there is a cat or dog in the house, it is desirable to increase this indicator.

You should consider the battery life of the vacuum cleaner, which depends on the battery capacity. It depends on it, whether simultaneous cleaning of the whole room is possible or whether a break is needed for additional charging of the battery.

Since the power of the robot vacuum cleaners is lower than that of traditional counterparts, they will need more time to restore order.

For everyday use, self-rechargeable models that are capable of operating in a fully automated mode are convenient.

When programming such devices in advance, they will be able to choose the time for recharging themselves by connecting to the electrical network of the base installed on the floor.

A significant factor is the noise level that the vacuum cleaner emits when working: according to experts, it should not exceed 60 decibels. On sale there are almost silent models, in which the figure is 50 dB.

You should also consider having a quality filter system: the HEPA filter provides the best the level of air renewal, rather than the fine cleaning device, which is used in low-end models.

Brush Set for Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic vacuum cleaner removes large debris with one or two central brushes. For cleaning inaccessible places are small side fixtures. Scrapers that can cope with dried dirt can also be included.

The kit to the robot vacuum cleaner often comes with various devices and accessories. These include, for example, the remote control, which will allow to control the work of the robot lying on the couch.

Often the set includes a motion limiter - a “virtual wall,” which is a magnetic tape glued onto the floor covering.

It allows you to create a restricted area for a functioning vacuum cleaner, enclosing an aquarium or other area. The same device can limit access to the room that does not need to be cleaned.

Additional convenience to users will provide the following features:

  1. Timersetting the time for cleaning that the appliance can do even in the absence of a person.
  2. Automatic work on schedule. Allows you to set the floor cleaning mode for each day of the week.
  3. Sensors collisions, drop heights, touch improve navigation and improve the quality of cleaning.

An important factor is the availability of service centers and the possibility of purchasing spare parts.

Control of the robot vacuum cleaner

Many models provide remote control, which can be used as a remote control, and a smartphone or mobile phone

The package may include spare brushes, power adapter, base, filter, device cleaning device. The model must be accompanied by instructions in Russian and a warranty card.

Top 8 best models

We offer you the top-8 modifications of the robotic vacuum cleaners that have received high user ratings.

Place # 1 - Clever & Clean 004 M-Series

The average cost of equipment is about 7,000 rubles. The simple and reliable device Clever & Clean 004 M-Series is designed for dry cleaning from hard surfaces, low-pile carpets. There is a nozzle for wet treatment of the floor covering.


  • device for dry cleaning, there is a wet function;
  • dimensions are 27.4 × 27.4 × 7.4 cm;
  • weight - 1.5 kg;
  • manual installation on the charger;
  • NiCd 12V battery, capacity 800 mAh;
  • a battery life of up to 50 minutes;
  • charging time 4 hours;
  • there are two side brushes; fine filter; soft bumper;
  • power less than 25 W;
  • 0.2 liter dust collector;
  • noise level 50 decibels;
  • a washing panel and wiping cloths may be included.

Among the advantages of the model there is a low price, sufficient speed and quality of cleaning, the presence of a filter. The device can easily be charged directly from the outlet, the container is easily cleaned from dust.

The disadvantages include insufficient power, which is why it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner only for processing small rooms.

Place # 2 - Kitfort KT-511

Kitfort KT-511 is another representative of the democratic segment of vacuum cleaning robots. The average price is 4750 rubles. The height of the model Kitfort KT-511 is 9 cm, which makes it difficult to access under low sofas. And the set of options is quite modest, which justifies its low price.

The advantages of a vacuum cleaner include budget cost, ease of operation, good maneuverability, good quality cleaning, nice appearance. The model runs in two versions: black and attractive blue.


  • for dry cleaning;
  • dimensions - 34x34x9 cm;
  • weight - 2 kg;
  • powered by NiMH batteries, with a capacity of 800 mAh;
  • noise level - 68 dB;
  • work period - 30 minutes;
  • the dust collector, volume is 0,3 l;
  • full charge time - 8 hours;
  • suction power - 23 W
  • the device is equipped with a soft bumper, fine-cleaning filter.

Among the drawbacks can be noted the long battery charging time, the absence of additional devices and accessories, the insufficient quality of cleaning carpet surfaces.

The device has a simplified design that does not provide for a base for charging, a turbo brush, a remote control and other devices. Nevertheless, the robot vacuum cleaner is notable for reliable operation and can completely replace the broom.

Place # 3 - Foxcleaner Up

The average price of Foxcleaner Up is 10,000 rubles. Due to the minimum height of the body, the device penetrates into hard to reach places. With it, for example, you can collect dust under cabinets or other furniture.


  • carries out only dry cleaning;
  • dimensions - 30x30x6.5 cm;
  • weight does not exceed 1.5 kg;
  • on the charger to put hands;
  • two modes of operation - cleaning in 20 minutes, automatic;
  • autonomous operation period up to 1 hour;
  • charging period - 120 minutes;
  • there are soft bumper, two pairs of side brushes, backlit display;
  • 0.35 l bagless dust collector;
  • noise level - 55 dB.

The advantages include a thin body, great maneuverability, high-quality assembly, quiet fast work, the use of a HEPA-filter, a nice appearance.

The disadvantages include the lack of a base, electromagnetic tape, the impossibility of programming. During operation, the device may become entangled in long curtains.

Place # 4 - iRobot Roomba 616

iRobot Roomba 616 is a representative of the middle segment of home appliances. Its cost is 20 thousand rubles. The easy to manage model has excellent performance. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with altitude drop sensors, which allows it to successfully overcome even difficult obstacles.

The advantages of iRobot Roomba 616 can be attributed to the excellent quality of cleaning, long battery life, fast movements, included in the “virtual wall” package.


  • device for dry cleaning;
  • dimensions - 34x34x9.2 cm;
  • weight - 3.6 kg;
  • NiMH battery is used for work, capacity is 2200 mAh;
  • the volume of the dust collector 0.5 liters;
  • installation on charging - automatic;
  • battery life is 2 hours;
  • power - 33 W;
  • charging period - 180 min;
  • the kit includes a cleaning area stop, remote control, two pairs of side brushes;
  • the device has a soft shockproof bumper, fine-cleaning filter;
  • noise level 60 dB;
  • the ability to connect the electrobrush;
  • use an improved XLife battery.

Among the shortcomings - the lack of a timer, a sufficient height of the device, because of what it is difficult for him to clean the space under the furniture. In some cases, the robot may get stuck between the legs of the chair or get tangled in the wires.

Rank # 5 - Panda X600 PetSeries

Another middle class is the Panda X600 PetSeries. Its cost is about 14,000 rubles, and varies depending on the region of purchase. The model has an improved maneuverability - its wheels allow you to safely move from the parquet to the carpet with a little nap and go back without the owner's help.

This vacuum cleaner is produced in the traditional black, as well as in white, pink and red color, which allows the buyer to choose the shade at his discretion. Although it does not affect the functionality


  • for dry / wet cleaning;
  • parameters - 34x34x9 cm;
  • weight - 3 kg;
  • 5 modes of operation;
  • NiMH battery, capacity 2000 mAh;
  • power consumption - 25 W;
  • installation on charging - automatic;
  • autonomous work for 1.5 hours;
  • battery charging time - 300 minutes;
  • there is a cleaning zone limiter, 15 optical sensors, softening bumper, side brush, remote control, backlit display;
  • suction power - 22 W;
  • on the handle / case is a power regulator;
  • 0.5 liter dust collector;
  • fine filter, providing 2 degrees of filtration;
  • sound level during operation - 50 dB;
  • There is the possibility of programming on days of the week.

The X600 PetSeries unit is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting the room, as well as touch buttons.

Among the advantages are high power of work, several modes, auto-adjustment of thrust depending on coatings, long autonomous operation, “virtual wall” and other additional fixtures. The model has excellent navigation thanks to 15 optical sensors. There are many additional features, including a UV lamp for disinfecting flooring.

The weak sides include a compact dust collector, not a good arrangement of the touch buttons, allowing for accidental switching on of the device.

Place # 6 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also in the middle price range. Its price tag on average is about 22,000 rubles.

Advanced model with a number of high-tech options. The integrated circuit of the device allows you to automatically make a plan of one- or multi-apartment housing, according to which the trajectory of movement is generated.


  • designed for dry cleaning;
  • dimensions - 34.5 × 34.5 × 9.6 cm;
  • weight - 3.8 kg;
  • there are two modes - local, quick cleaning;
  • the possibility of creating a room map;
  • moves using two modes: "zigzag", "near the walls";
  • powered by 1 Li-Ion rechargeable battery, capacity 5,200 mAh;
  • automatic installation method for charging;
  • autonomous operation period - 150 minutes;
  • there are 12 pieces of infrared / ultrasonic sensors; side brush; fine filter, soft bumper;
  • power - 55 W;
  • the machine is equipped with main and side brushes, as well as an additional scraper;
  • a signal when the battery is low or stuck;
  • the ability to calculate the time of cleaning, weekly programming, in addition, you can also connect the electric brush;
  • there is a laser distance sensor, support of the Smart Home system - MiHome.

The advantages include numerous distance sensors that improve navigation; long autonomous period work; possibility of programming the cleaning time; remote control function using smartphone

The device is easy to operate, it is easy to clean; the available lighting allows cleaning the room even in the dark.

Among the shortcomings can be called the difficulty of cleaning fleecy carpets, the lack of a wet cleaning option, pollution sensors. When cleaning hair is wound on a brush, which requires cleaning hands.

Place # 7 - Miele SJQL0 ScoutRX1

The robotic assistant Miele SJQL0 ScoutRX1 is a typical representative of premium home appliances. Its cost is about 40 thousand rubles and depends on the region.

The model has an exquisite design, impeccable build quality. But its functionality is very limited - the robot does not perform the treatment of the floor covering with a wet cloth.


  • unit for dry cleaning;
  • Dimensions - 8.5x35x35 cm;
  • weight - 3 kg;
  • the number of modes - 4: "Angles", "Spot", "Turbo", "Automatic";
  • battery life is 2 hours;
  • charging period - 2 hours;
  • there is a cleaning area limiter, display, softening bumper, side brush, remote control;
  • 0.6 liters dust collector;
  • two degrees of filtration;
  • built-in clock, timer;
  • The possibility of connecting the electrical brushes.

The advantages of the model include the presence of a remote control, a long period of independent work from the battery, the presence of a furniture protection system. The vacuum cleaner is almost silent.

The robot has an efficient cleaning algorithm. By limiting the area of ​​cleaning with a magnetic tape and setting a timer, it can work without the presence of hosts. A soft bumper and a special protection system will protect furniture and valuables from shock.

Among the drawbacks - low efficiency when cleaning long-pile carpets, the lack of a function of wet cleaning. Users also warn that the device may get tangled in thin wires.

Place # 8 - Philips FC8776

Philips FC8776 is another representative of the premium model of robot vacuum cleaners. The approximate cost of a Dutch household vacuum cleaner is 28 thousand rubles.

Due to its compact dimensions, the device easily passes under furniture, removing dust even in hard-to-reach places. The model is equipped with four wheels, which makes it easy to overcome the thresholds, other obstacles.


  • suitable for dry cleaning;
  • dimensions - 33x33x6 cm;
  • weight - 1.73 kg;
  • 4 modes of operation are provided;
  • Li-Ion battery powered;
  • autonomous activity period - 130 minutes;
  • charging time - 240 min;
  • there is a soft bumper, side brush, backlit display, remote control;
  • noise level - 58 dB;
  • the device is equipped with a timer, built-in clock.

The strengths of the model include a miniature size and small height, thoughtful navigation system, long battery life. It is also worth mentioning the low noise level, good throughput, the optimal ratio of quality and price.

Among the complaints of users we can mention the poor cleaning of the corners, a small dust collector. When using the remote control, the aiming direction to the sensor is required.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A detailed video story about the criteria that should be considered when going to purchase a popular automatic device:

The video will help determine whether you need a robot vacuum cleaner in the house, revealing the main features of this type of technology:

The presented rating includes eight most popular models of vacuum cleaning robots. Their selection took into account the technical characteristics of devices, their popularity in the core market, as well as statistical data obtained on the basis of user feedback. The most frequently mentioned drawbacks of devices, as well as the credibility of a particular brand, were also taken into account.

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