Mold in the washing machine: how to get rid of at home

Sometimes after washing instead of the pleasant smell of freshness it is clearly felt for some new clothes mustiness, and by e-au survey in some areas detected dark, slippery to the touch, convex spots.

It turns out there was mold in the washing machine: how to get rid of it forever, of concern to many users.

The content of the article:

  • What is mold and why is it dangerous?
  • Causes of Mold in stiralka
    • Reason # 1 - setting in the wrong place
    • Reason # 2 - permanent closure of the door
    • Reason # 3 - Washing at low temperature conditions
    • Reason # 4 - Improper use of detergents
    • Reason # 4 - violations in connection
  • Home mold removal methods
    • Method # 1 - cleaning with citric acid
    • Method # 2 - cleaning machines vinegar
    • Method # 3 - the use of "whites" and "Domestos"
    • Method # 4 - processing machines copper sulfate
    • Method # 5 - cleaning with soda ash
  • How to clean the individual components?
    • Removing Mold with cuffs
    • Nuances purification poroshkopriemnika
  • Prevention of fungus
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What is mold and why is it dangerous?

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Mold stains - it is very small colonies of fungi. If you look at them in the microscope lens, you can see the threads (mycelium) and thickening at the ends thereof (spores). Recent separated from the parent body ply and with the air stream.

Mold spores can also be found on the street and indoors. Hiding and does not prove itself, they are waiting in the wings.

Upon the occurrence of favorable conditions such as high humidity and heat, spores germinate quickly. As a result, they formed colonies, which are dark spots on any subjects.

It looks like a colony of molds at a magnification of several hundred times

On the surfaces of the washing machine mold colonies easy to see. They have the form of dark spots of different sizes, covered with gray fuzz

In nature, mold lives almost everywhere. These fungi play a very important role in the circulation of substances, helping to recycle organic debris.

Man, however, I have learned to synthesize them into a medicine, on account of which millions of lives saved.

Mold on the hatch cuff

However, despite some positive characteristics of these tiny creatures have their settlement in the home is highly undesirable. Besides the presence of unpleasant odor inhaling large amounts of fungal spores can lead to acute and chronic diseases

Mold stands out a toxic substance - mycotoxin. Penetrating into the human body in various ways, it causes the following symptoms:

  • in contact with skin - irritation and itching;
  • getting into the respiratory system - a cough and shortness of breath;
  • penetrating into the gastrointestinal tract and disrupting normal microflora present there - bloating, diarrhea, constipation;
  • It is absorbed into the bloodstream and getting into the nerve cells - the weakening of attention and memory.

Therefore, upon detection of the colonies in the house should immediately proceed to destroy them.

Causes of Mold in stiralka

Check the causes of mold washing machine a lot. But almost always in the strong breeding fungus to blame the owners of the unit, do not observe the rules of care for household appliances.

Reason # 1 - setting in the wrong place

As already stipulated above, hard to grow and multiply mold can only under appropriate conditions. Ideally, this 90% humidity and +20 ° C temperature. Small deviations from these indicators are also quite acceptable for microscopic fungi.

Washing machine in a small bathroom

The bathroom has a washing machine will always be in a moist, warm atmosphere. If possible, it is better to set the machine in another, more dry environment

In human habitation such conditions are maintained all year round in the bathroom, so set the washing machine is highly undesirable.

To this end, more suitable for the kitchen or hallway. If there is no choice and installation is only possible in the bathroom, be sure to take care of good ventilation.

Reason # 2 - permanent closure of the door

After washing is finished and removed from the laundry drum, often hosts tightly closed flap door for loading. Similarly reported with the reservoir for filling powder.

Drops of water on the cuff

On the cuff, inside the tank and other parts of the unit remains wet at the end of the process of laundry washing. She should be given time to evaporate, leaving the door open for these purposes

As a result of a drop of water left after washing in the machine, form the perfect conditions for the life of molds.

Upon completion of the washing in the folds of the rubber collar, performing the role of the seal for the door, is almost always a certain amount of water. Gradually, it will evaporate, which is guaranteed to provide high humidity inside the vehicle. This is what is required to mold spores for rapid development.

Reason # 3 - Washing at low temperature conditions

In order to save electric home constantly washed in little water preheated. It is fraught with the fact that the washing machine nodes are not disinfected by high temperature.

Modes of operation of the washing machine

Using programs with modes of +60 ° C and above is, arresting the development of fungi and their death. Lower temperatures will only contribute to their development

Reason # 4 - Improper use of detergents

In particular there is a speech about the use of powder without bleach. Bleaching additive in detergents, not only return the original appearance of bright things, but are disinfector capable overcome malicious fungus.

In this case, it is not necessary to always use these detergents. Enough alternation in 3-4 washing with a conventional powder.

Laundry detergent with bleaching properties

Modern washing facilities with the addition of bleach is not necessary to wash only the pure white linen. Some colored items, for washing powder with the above, do not fade

Another possible reason for it - improper washing with conditioner. When washing with conditioner be sure to put extra rinse.

If this is not done, again in order to save or just ignorantly, rinse particles remain on the door, in the folds of the rubber sleeve on the drum grid and walls of the tank. Such a wonderful breeding ground for mold settlements.

Reason # 4 - violations in connection

Musty washing machine can be triggered by improper connection to the sewer. As a result, the drain water is properly and some part of it is inside the machine.

Stagnant dirty water as well as possible contributes to the development of colonies of molds.

Connection to the sewer stiralki

To properly connect stiralki to the sewage system, it is desirable to use the manufacturer's recommendations, etc. self-assembly, or to invite the master

Home mold removal methods

Before engaging in "salvation" of the washing machine, you need to understand that it is not like fungi. And they do not like the following:

  • acidic medium;
  • aggressive alkalis;
  • high temperature performance;
  • dry surface.

Based on these indicators, you can always find the optimal tool after applying the mold is gone once and for all.

Method # 1 - cleaning with citric acid

This method is considered effective in the case where the apparent traces of mold in the car is not visible, but it is constantly felt musty smell. That is, when microscopic fungi have not yet had time to thoroughly settle in the unit.

Lemon acid

Citric acid is not only able to destroy spores and colonies of fungi, but also to eliminate scum in a washing machine. However, it is quite soft means, not able to cause any harm to detail unit

Perform it as follows:

  1. Thoroughly washed and dried compartment intended for filling powder.
  2. Insert tray into the machine and fill it with citric acid. To clean enough to 200 g.
  3. The control panel exhibited one of washing programs, which use the highest temperature of water provided.
  4. Start the laundry dry.
  5. At the end of the program thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth all accessible parts of the machine.
  6. The door and the compartment for powder is left ajar. So the machine is well ventilated.

Method citric acid It can be used as a preventive measure. To do this, every 4-6 months, must be subjected to the technique of the procedure.

Method # 2 - cleaning machines vinegar

Vinegar works on the same principle as the citric acid. But the very process of cleaning apparatus of this substance has some differences.

9% acetic acid

Acetic acid - aggressive substance. Can not be used for cleaning the car is a means in high concentrations. If there is a vinegar essence (typically 70% solution), it is necessary to take a 13 ml and brought to 100 ml of plain water. The result is a 9% vinegar.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Half cup 9% acetic acid solution which is available in virtually every grocery store, filled into the powder compartment.
  2. In Control Panel, choose the longest time program with a maximum temperature conditions.
  3. Start the wash cycle.
  4. After the water in the washing machine is well heated, pressed to pause and wait an hour and a half.
  5. As time passes, the device restarts to complete the wash.
  6. In separate bowl make the solution 50 ml of 9% vinegar was adjusted to 100 ml with water. This liquid is rubbed all the available surface of the washing machine.
  7. Choosing the shortest program. Launch it.

Additional washing helps remove residual acid from the unit. After washing the car carefully, almost dry wipe.

Using the described method in the washing machine can eliminate not only the mold, but scum. Moreover, use must be exactly 9% vinegar solution. Higher concentrations of acid can damage parts of the unit.

Method # 3 - the use of "whites" and "Domestos"

If the mold in the machine made a lot of, as can be seen by the numerous dark spots, in the course are household means for disinfection and cleansing of dirt sinks and toilets.

It is well-known to our grandmothers, "White" and later chlorinated products, such as "Domestos".

Mold colonies on the cuff of the washing machine

In severe cases some mold visible parts of the washing machine to the aid of chlorine-containing agents. They destroy fungi and simultaneously bleached surface

With their help, free from mold machine as follows:

  1. Choose the longest time program with high temperature conditions.
  2. The powder compartment 1 liter of "whiteness" or similar means.
  3. Start the cycle idle.
  4. When the water in the machine is well warmed up, laundry stop at 1-1.5 hours.
  5. Again run the program.
  6. After washing was completed, a compartment for powder poured into 2 tbsp. vinegar or poured 200 g of citric acid.
  7. The control panel exhibited rinse cycle. Launch.

At the end of a well-rubbed all available units with a soft, dry cloth.

Chlorine - a toxic substance, and the smell was not pleasant. Therefore, after such cleaning washing machine room, in which the unit is installed, it should be thoroughly ventilate.

Method # 4 - processing machines copper sulfate

Copper sulfate or copper sulfate - tool successfully used in zemledelchestve for controlling plant diseases, which are caused by a fungus. You can find it in specialized gardening stores.

By type - a small blue crystals. It also can be used as a cleaner washing machine from the mold. It should be borne in mind that sulfate - a strong poison, so to work with him to be very careful.

Mold colonies on the cuff of the washing machine

This crystalline powder and beautiful blue color is a strong poison. Cleaned with the help of a washing machine is possible only in case of a strong moldy

Processing machines copper sulfate is carried out as follows:

  1. A solution, which is filled into a suitable container 50 g of powder and the volume is brought up to 5 liters.
  2. Wearing rubber gloves on his hands, the small size of the sponge is applied to the mold tool on the affected places. Most often it is a cuff, a drum and a container for filling powder.
  3. As such, the car is left for 3-4 hours.
  4. Close the door flap and run the rinse program.

After the procedure, the device is well ventilated. Methods of copper sulfate treatment is more suitable for cleaning heavily contaminated with mold components of the washing machine.

Method # 5 - cleaning with soda ash

With this inexpensive means of a machine for washing can be well cleaned and rid the unit of the odor.

Cleaning the machine with soda ash

Being a strong alkali, soda ash can quickly kill molds. After processing it the machine components must be carefully removed with a cloth remnants of the substance

Clean soda ash is carried out in the following points:

  1. Soda powder is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  2. The resulting mixture is applied to the sponge accessible parts of the machine: drum, rubber cuff door.
  3. Good rub soda compartment to which charged detergents.
  4. Leave it to take effect for an hour and a half.
  5. As time passes, soda ash, along with mold and dirt is removed with a damp sponge.
  6. Include machine in the mode of a quick wash.

After execution unit program, all units are well rubbed with a dry cloth. Instead of the calcined powder can be used an ordinary baking soda, but in this case the cleaning efficiency will lower.

How to clean the individual components?

Very often, mold colonies settled on the rubber cuff and in the compartment for powder filling. To get rid of them, you need to thoroughly work on problem areas.

Removing Mold with cuffs

Under the sleeve, serving as a door seal loading flap and its folds often collects dirt and water. In the case of one mold wiping cloth on the outside, even with the application of appropriate chemistry insufficient.

The most effective are the following:

  1. Pry tool, such as a screwdriver, clamp wire and driving it around, very carefully so as not to damage the tire, remove the cuff.
  2. Detail of the well was washed with a large capacity with water with detergent and bleach.
  3. A sponge impregnated with bleach, good rub drum and a door.

Removing parts recycled only after all components are dry. The mycelium of fungi may be deep enough to grow into the gums, so completely wash the cuff does not always work.

In such cases, the situation can be corrected only replacing the damaged rubber on the new one.

Replacing the damaged cuff

Replace spoiled by mold sealing gum can be yourself. For this purpose it is to buy a similar and slightly to peruse the material for replacement cuffs

Nuances purification poroshkopriemnika

Tray for receiving detergent and rinse aid, can be called "dirty place" machine for washing.

In addition, it is almost always after the end of the program is a little bit of water. Consequently, the bay is a favorite place for the settlement of mold colonies.

dirty poroshkopriemnik

On most models of washing machines poroshkopriemnik very simply removed. It's enough to press your finger on the tongue, a little cover up the rinse aid compartment.

In the case of cleaning it in the mold poroshkopriemnike as follows:

  1. The tray is removed from the machine and washed well with hot water under.
  2. The suitable container is poured warm water and added to one of the chemicals: Whiteness, Domestos, Dressing duckling Silit.
  3. Compartment soaked in this solution for a few hours.
  4. As time passes, the tray is taken out and thoroughly washed brush with cloth alternately.
  5. Washed well with pure water.
  6. Dried in air, and then returned to the space.

If the tray has a subtle traces of mold, it is good enough to clean the brush under hot water. In the same manner the drain and clean the filter, wherein the mold is often found.

Prevention of fungus

To prevent mold in the car wash, you should regularly perform some simple rules of prevention.

  1. Even a couple of hours do not leave not taken out from the tank already do your laundry. If it is not possible just to hang out, it is best to remove it in a bowl.
  2. Every 20-30 days, be sure to rub off on the long program with a high temperature. As detergent thus required to use a powder with bleach.
  3. In the interval from 3 to 6 months should be run without laundry wash at high temperature with the addition of water, vinegar or citric acid. This will allow to destroy not yet sprouted mold spores.
  4. You should not often use a variety of air conditioners and rinses the laundry. Their particles remain on the walls and contribute to the development of microscopic fungi.
  5. Periodically, you need to thoroughly clean the filter and drain hose through which water from the machines goes down the drain.

After each wash on a mandatory basis should be dry cloth to wipe the rubber sleeve and the drum.

Poroshkopriemnik best out of the car to extract thoroughly and dry in air. Door hatch to load linen should always be ajar.

Performing these rules will not allow mold to settle inside the washing machine. As a result, domestic helper to work for a long time, properly and does not harm the health of family members.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Tips users have tried various methods of cleaning machines from the mold, to help understand some of the nuances of the process.

Useful information from the experience of cleaning the washing machine:

How to care for a washing machine, an experienced housewife prompt:

Simple rules of prevention and timely cleansing will secure the protection of the washing machine from the extremely undesirable settlers - molds. And if the problem manifested itself, then, armed with the proposed methods will be much easier to cope with it.

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