What wireless vacuum cleaner to buy

Which wireless vacuum cleaner to buy? In the catalogs you can not really choose, there are no suitable parameters. Cordless vacuum cleaners are indispensable in garages, cottages, cars. The thing will help to tidy up properly.

How to find a cordless vacuum cleaner

It is not difficult to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner, it is more difficult to choose the options. There are no uniform standards for classification.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The “wireless” option is missing in the Yandex-Market electronic catalog. Go to the section of vacuum cleaners, click on Show, go down, on the right click All settings. A pair of speakers will appear. On the right, below the middle, find the Battery Life setting. Set from 1 minute, click Show.

You will see: most of the proposed vacuum cleaners are robots. On the right is written Type, put a daw, except Robot.99.99% of the remaining - vertical and manual vacuum cleaners. Some verticals can be converted to the second view. The long waste collection tube is unfastened, the nozzle is fixed on the body.

Wireless vacuum cleaners are working on the battery. How much is enough - the first parameter. Calculate your needs. Table cleaning will take 5 minutes. It is logical to set the indicator and see what remains. Maybe it will be possible to win in the price. .. I managed to find a Daewoo vacuum cleaner in the category up to 8 minutes, 750 rubles.

Clicked See prices, the unit costs 881 rubles without delivery. Suitable car vacuum cleaner, small, unpretentious. The product card is not written:

  1. How to charge a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  2. Can I use a car cigarette lighter as an energy source?

Cleaning your home with a cordless vacuum cleaner

Search instructions for your cordless vacuum cleaner

Little information on the Yandex market. Search instructions:

  • We type on Yandex "the name of the vacuum cleaner" instruction.
  • We consider as the best sites Eldorado, mcgrp.ru. On the last resource, the wrong papers are often laid out or a long wait is required, in most cases the result is positive.
  • Found instructions on the official website of the company. Not every manufacturer puts full information in full access.

How to read the instructions of the vacuum cleaner

Before buying, it is recommended to find the instructions in electronic form. The Daewoo Electronics cordless vacuum cleaner has a charge indicator, the figure roughly shows an adapter for 230 Vac. Fans of garages should know: the device is used only in the cabin, at a temperature of 0 - 40 degrees Celsius. The cordless vacuum cleaner is able to clean the water; a risk is placed on the garbage collection container, which indicates the limit level of the liquid. Fuel must not be removed.

Powerful cordless vacuum cleaner

The noise level produced is 77 dB.Below average in comparison with traditional vacuum cleaners, the power consumption is 50 watts. Discharge is 2000 Pa.1 bar = 10 kPa = 750 mm. HgArt. Electrolux vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum of 34 kPa, with power:

  • Consumption - 2200 watts.
  • Suction - 370 watts.

The specifications are slightly above average. The performance of the cordless vacuum cleaner is modest. But he needs to sweep away the dust from the table.

Charging is in the off position, the device will be the perfect solution for the kitchen. The product card contains a cyclonic filter that does not apply to cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The camera seems to be an ordinary container. Maybe a cyclone filter. Charging a cordless vacuum cleaner for 16 hours, stored with full batteries.

Wireless vacuum cleaner is suitable for the kitchen, garage, where the temperature does not fall below zero. For cars is also a good solution, because the nozzle is crevice. After 8 minutes of work or when the power drops, we spend 16 hours to charge the cordless vacuum cleaner. For the kitchen table is acceptable for a car for a long time.

Versions of cordless vacuum cleaners

. Nozzles of cordless vacuum cleaners.

An excellent vacuum cleaner for a kitchen table consists of a small body and a nozzle, this variety is not limited. This model for cleaning furniture is not enough. The crevice nozzle is a bad helper.

Yandex-market is absolutely not suitable for this purpose. Two parameters only note:

  1. Turbo brush included. There were 18 cordless vacuum cleaners with a useful accessory. The turbo brush contains inside a movable shaft with a pile, much easier cleaning furniture, carpets. Makita cost 1620 rubles.
  2. Electric brush included. More than a dozen wireless vacuum cleaner models supported this option. Dyson( the company inventor cyclonic vacuum cleaners) was simultaneously equipped with a turbo brush. Contact the official website of the company with the request. The electric brush is different from the turbo: the mobile part is powered by electricity.

Take a look at E-katalog wireless vacuum cleaners. Found the option Power. Check the box next to Battery. It is possible to choose tips, Yandex Market loses here.

Great brush nozzle for the cordless vacuum cleaner

The disadvantage of E-kataloga: if you like any of the several nozzles, you can’t see the corresponding cordless vacuum cleaners alongside. At installation of several daws the model with the mentioned options will be searched. Galki recommended to put one by one.

Cleaning time and suction power

We often know approximately what to clean. Accordingly, we calculate the time under the condition that the suction force is known. The suction power of a traditional vacuum cleaner is 300-400 watts. The upper limit is a big number.

The complexity of cordless vacuum cleaners - no suction power. Do not hide the possibilities of the famous manufacturers of home appliances, famous in the civilized world. First of all, Dyson. Absorption power is often not found in the instructions. It remains to call the manufacturer to send a request.

How to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner? Refer to the documentation of the European Union. The paper reads: from now on there are 7 classes of gradations of cleaning abilities of a vacuum cleaner, denoted by the letters А-G.Measured separately for carpet, smooth floor. In Appendix 6 of the European Union document( http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content /EN/TXT/? Qid = 1409127872280 & uri = CELEX: 32013R0665), you will learn how to evaluate a purchase in a store.

We hope that we helped with the decision of the question of which wireless vacuum cleaner to buy. Drop by often and post comments.

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