The screw or centrifugal juicer - which is better: 7 key features


  • 1 Design features
    • 1.1 Model 1. Auger juicer
    • 1.2 Model 2. centrifugal juicer
  • 2 Comparative characteristics of the two designs
  • 3 Output
To understand what a juicer is better, you need to take into account for the purposes of what exactly it will be appliedTo understand what a juicer is better, you need to take into account for the purposes of what exactly it will be applied

In our kitchens settled many useful household appliances with different functions. But only a juicer can turn fresh fruits and vegetables into juice. I find out what are the juicer, and what are their differences. Willingly share with you my findings.

Design features

Allocate only two basic design of the device: a screw and centrifugal. Their external features - in the table (in the photo examples):

Picture Description
table_pic_att14987913741 Auger juicer.

The principle of operation is very similar to screw models grinder:

  1. First helical axis grinds fruits quickly rotating.
  2. The pulp then drops into the next compartment, and is squeezed under pressure through a fine mesh grid.
table_pic_att14987913762 The centrifugal device.

The centrifugal separator rotating model features:

  1. First, fruits and vegetables are crushed on a grater.
  2. Then enter the cage and begin to rotate at high speed.
  3. The pulp of fruits and vegetables is pressed into the wall and get the juice.

The main difference from the auger juicer centrifugal - the amount of received juice. More juice gives it a first look. But to find out what is best for the house only after a detailed examination of each of them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the models?

Model 1. Auger juicer

Screw machines are considered to be more expensive, and all because they can not only get the juice, but also to perform other functions: grind the meat into mince, sausages and twist to make the pasta:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14987913813 Option 1. Manual.

The apparatus has a special lever. It must rotate his hands and thus squeeze the juice.

table_pic_att14987913824 Option 2. Horizontal.

Multifunctional device that runs on the network. Able to cook the juice of greens and seeds. With this, by the way, can not cope centrifugal counterparts.

table_pic_att14987913845 Option 3. Vertical.

Vertical machines are characterized by their compactness and minimum speed rate (40-80 per minute). In this mode, the juice can be produced much richer and more useful.

Model 2. centrifugal juicer

What is different about this design? In fact, the cake inside the centrifuge is not going away and is pushed up until the unit is turned off. Manufacturers juicers have provided two ways to solve the problem - mechanical and automatic cleaning:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14987913856 Option 1. Cylindrical.

To clean such a machine from the accumulated cake in two ways:

  • at the end of the work;
  • via a special lever.

Price models with much higher leverage, but this function is useful and sometimes indispensable.

table_pic_att14987913867 Option 2. Conical.

Such a device is equipped with a self-cleaning function. Remains of vegetables and fruits are pressed against the walls of the centrifuge, due to rotation, creep upwards.

Comparative characteristics of the two designs

How to choose a juicer for home use:

Picture Characteristics
table_pic_att14987913898 Property 1. noise
  • Screw machines - very quiet (you can cook juices, even early in the morning).
  • Centrifugal - very loud.
table_pic_att14987913909 Property 2. The quality and quantity of juice
  • Auger - gives 50% more juice output depending on the starting product. Juice correct consistency is obtained without foam and oxidation.
  • Centrifugal - gives a much less juice and much more foam.
table_pic_att149879139110 Property 3. Cost.

On average, the first construction costs twice more expensive than analog, the choice of devices is limited.

table_pic_att149879139411 Property 4. Versatility.

The horizontal instruments are not only able to squeeze the juice, but also to prepare beef, pasta and sausages. Some cell phones can make peanut and soy milk.

Centrifugal devices are limited cooking juices.

table_pic_att149879139512 Property 5. Ease of cleaning

To wash the auger model, you need to carefully disassemble the entire unit, and separately clean each part.

Centrifugal juicers design is not necessary to disassemble. Simply rinse it under running water.

table_pic_att149879139613 The property is 6. The size

Screw machines rather cumbersome.

Centrifugal - compact. There are models designed for just one glass of juice.

table_pic_att149879139714 Property 7. labor content

Screw type of juicer is relatively slow, but the quality. In this case, the hardness of the product does not matter.

An analogue differs enormous processing speeds.


Which is still better: auger or centrifugal juicer? For home use, I recommend you opt for the first alternative. In this case, you will get:

  • high quality juice;
  • the opportunity to work with other products;
  • minimum noise;
  • multifunctionality.

Despite two obvious drawbacks - cost and size, screw centrifugal juicer better than all other parameters. Videos in this article confirm the word and clearly show all the advantages and disadvantages of both models.

If you have questions - contact the comments!

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