TOP best cleaning robots vacuum cleaners: the choice of model with wet cleaning

In addition to the usual automatic devices designed for suction of dust and debris, there are models on the market that are capable of performing wet cleaning of premises.

Many housewives have already appreciated the washing robot vacuum cleaner, which will take on a significant part of the cares to maintain cleanliness. We will talk in detail about the best models, indicating their technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

The content of the article:

  • Varieties of washing robots
  • Reference points of a competent choice
  • Top 8 models of washing devices
    • Place # 1 - iClebo Pop
    • Place # 2 - PANDA X900 Wet Clean
    • Place # 3 - Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01
    • Place # 4 - Philips FC8794 SmartPro Easy
    • Place # 5 - Xrobot FOXCLEANER AIR
    • Place # 6 - Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One
    • Place # 7 - iRobot Braava 390T
    • Place # 8 - iRobot Scooba 450
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Varieties of washing robots

All devices that are used for surface treatment with water can be divided into several categories.

Most often on the market there are modifications of ordinary vacuum cleaning robots, which have the function of wet cleaning, floor polishers without a dust collector, and washers with replaceable water tanks.

Units with wet cleaning option. The package for such models includes a special nozzle, which is attached to the cloth, usually made of microfiber. In addition, a water tank is also inserted into the interior.

Robotic vacuum cleaner with a damp cloth

Robotic vacuum cleaners with an optional wet floor finish complete the cleaning by wiping the treated surface with a wet cloth. For example, Philips FC8794 / 01 is valid.

When you select the appropriate mode, the liquid is dosed enters the fabric, and the device wipes the coating with wet material simultaneously with the intake of dust and debris.

If the cloth is heavily soiled, it is recommended to remove it from the nozzle and rinse it manually, after which the cleaning can be continued.

Floor polishers. Some models provide surface treatment with napkins - they are devoid of a dust collector and do not draw in dust.

Dry cleaning is carried out with the help of microfibre cloth, which is well collecting dust, or disposable consumables impregnated with aromatic additives.

Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Floor polishers, the cost of which is only slightly higher than traditional analogs, do a good job with washing smooth hard surfaces: parquet, linoleum, tile, laminate

Water is used for wet processing and washing. It can moisten the material with which the coating is wiped off, or spray water - this depends on the model and the cleaning mode selected.

Such units qualitatively remove dust, which is especially important for those suffering from allergies. However, it is hardly advisable to use them in overly polluted rooms, since in this case there will be stains on the floor, and it will be difficult to wash the napkin.

Washing robots. To combat the strong dirt are washing robots, vacuum cleaners, the operation of which is carried out without a napkin.

Their design assumes the presence of two tanks for clean / dirty water inside the body, a tank for cleaning agent.

Initially, the device vacuum cleaner produces a dry cleaning, while the dried dirt is rubbed with a special scraper. After this, water, often in combination with a detergent, is sprayed onto the surface and then intensively rubbed with a brush.

The principle of operation of the cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

The design of the automatic washing device includes: a tube for suction of dust (1), a spray of water jet (2), a turbo brush (3), a tube for suction of water (4) (+)

The remaining splashes of water are drawn in through the tube into the container, after which the remaining moisture is removed with a special piece made of silicone or rubber.

Upon completion of cleaning, it is necessary to drain the water from the tanks, and place the device in the base for drying and recharging.

Such models guarantee excellent washing even very dirty surfaces, but their range is not too large, and the prices are quite high.

Reference points of a competent choice

Buying a robotic washer is an important decision that requires serious consideration. First of all, you need to decide on a type of modification.

For everyday cleaning of the apartment, where dirt does not accumulate, you can do with a budget polishing machine.

Robotic floor washer

If it is necessary to periodically carry out serious processing, you can think about an expensive model. She guarantees high-quality washing of surfaces, almost completely freeing the hostess from manual work.

In addition, the following criteria should be considered:

  • surface area and coating features;
  • ability to overcome obstacles;
  • capacity of a dust collector and a tank for a liquid;
  • orientation in space;
  • battery life and charging;
  • additional functions of the model;
  • dimensions, shape and design.

Each model is focused on cleaning a certain area of ​​the room, an indicator of which is indicated in the instructions.

Dry surface cleaning

It is not recommended to clean the soft surface with washing machines, as the dust moistened with water turns into hard-to-remove dirt. The vacuum mechanism in this case will only ruin the pile.

The quality of cleaning is also affected by the presence of various obstacles in the room. With low furniture, it is important to take into account the height of the robot cleaner with the option of wet cleaning, choosing a model that can climb under the chair / cabinet / table.

For orientation in the room, the device is equipped with infrared / ultrasonic sensors to bypass obstacles; The number of sensors can reach 80 or more pieces.

It is worth paying attention to the volume of the dust collector and the water container so that you do not have to manually shake out the dust or change the water several times during cleaning.

Pouring water into the robot vacuum cleaner

To carry out wet cleaning in the tank of the robot vacuum cleaner to pour ordinary water. Convenient design allows you to do it directly from the tap

Often, devices are equipped with remote controls or a control option using a smartphone.

When choosing the power of the battery, it should be borne in mind that the room is cleaned in two stages: first dry processing, then wiping or washing surfaces.

Therefore, for dimensional rooms suitable devices that can work autonomously for 1.5-3 hours.

As for the shape, in addition to the traditional modifications in the form of a disk, there are also square variants, which allows for more efficient processing of corners.

A useful feature is the presence of a timer and the possibility of programming, which allows for cleaning almost without human intervention.

Napkins for cleaning robots-vacuum cleaners

Microfiber cloths for wiping the floor are usually included in the model. If necessary, they can also be purchased separately.

Models are usually equipped with a charger, additional nozzles, napkins and filters, as well as a space limiter.

When choosing, it is also advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer's reputation, warranty period, features of service, availability of spare parts and accessories.

Top 8 models of washing devices

Based on the test results and on the basis of consumer feedback, a rating of robotic vacuum cleaners with a wet cleaning function was compiled.

Place # 1 - iClebo Pop

The model, which costs from 19,910 rubles, attracts attention with excellent navigation in space. It can be recommended for wet cleaning of premises with a large number of furniture, or apartments of complex configuration.


  • dry / wet cleaning;
  • dimensions - 34x34x8.9 cm;
  • weight - 2.8 kg;
  • powered by Li-Ion batteries;
  • automatic installation on the charger;
  • AUTO, double helix, SPOT, polisher;
  • 0.6 l cyclone dust collector;
  • battery life - 2 hours;
  • charging period 110 minutes;
  • sound produced during operation - 55 decibels.
  • movement speed - 30 cm / s;
  • There is a display, more than 15 sensors, remote control, soft bumper, touch control, side brushes, anti-bacterial HEPA-filter.

The compact model can work as a floor polisher, providing wet cleaning. A large number of infrared and mechanical sensors with which the device is equipped, ensures excellent navigation and successful overcoming of the sills with a height of 18 mm.

Robot vacuum cleaner can be a loyal assistant. It performs high-quality wet cleaning using a microfibre cloth, which is moistened with water coming from a compact tank.

IClebo Pop is rather quickly energized and retains its charge for a long time. The advantages of the users attributed and cute design of the device.

Among the downsides users called the lack of a timer. In addition, the kit does not include a virtual wall, which serves to limit the treatment area.

Place # 2 - PANDA X900 Wet Clean

A smart device, which can be purchased at a reasonable price of 14,000 rubles, is suitable for cleaning both small and large premises. Practically silent operation will allow surface treatment even at night.


  • dry / wet cleaning;
  • parameters - 35x35x9 cm;
  • weight - 3 kg;
  • noise level - 50 dB.
  • powered by a Ni-Mh battery;
  • charging period 240 min;
  • autonomous work - 1.5 hours;
  • suction power - up to 85 W;
  • 0.45 L dust collector;
  • auto power adjustment function, which increases on carpet surfaces;
  • there is a cleaning area limiter, display, four side brushes, fine-cleaning filter, soft bumper;
  • the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a timer, ultraviolet lamp; There is the possibility of programming by day of the week.

The model has a programming option, so that the user can set the cleaning schedule on certain days, after which he will perform all the necessary manipulations.

A fluid tank and microfiber cloths are attached to the robot for wet processing, as well as a limiter to protect fragile items in the room.

The increased wheelbase of the device allows it to overcome obstacles with a height of 20-30 mm.

The high power of the device allows it to efficiently remove dust, small debris, wool. To perform wet cleaning a napkin is inserted into it, which is periodically moistened with water.

Of the minuses, users note the strange trajectories of movement, as well as the possibility of the device getting stuck on small obstacles: in front of a rug or in thin wires. To avoid this, it is advisable to remove such items from the floor before cleaning.

Place # 3 - Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01

Excellent option for high-quality cleaning of both the city apartment, and a country house. The model, the cost of which starts from 17 990 rubles, copes well even with heavy garbage, and also qualitatively scrubs the dirt.


  • dry / wet cleaning;
  • dimensions - 34x34x8,5 cm;
  • weight - 3 kg;
  • there are 6 modes of cleaning and 3 ways of movement (spiral, along the walls, zigzag);
  • battery operated NiMH 2000 mAh;
  • noise level - 54 dB;
  • automatic installation on charging;
  • the period of operation is 1.5 hours;
  • rated power - 24W;
  • the device is equipped with a side brush, remote control, display, soft bumper, optical sensors; disinfecting UV lamp.

Due to the design features of the model, it can perform dry cleaning of the room without the participation of the main brushes. For wet processing, a special nozzle is used for wiping the floor with a water tank.

The vacuum cleaner can be programmed on days of the week, in addition, the device is able to automatically set the suction power depending on the coverage.

A convenient function is to give a signal when stuck, which allows the owner to help the device out of a difficult situation. Ultraviolet lamp helps to destroy bacteria.

The disadvantages include the availability of certain functions only from the control panel, as well as the impossibility of turning off the sound notifications.

The battery life is also relatively small, which sometimes results in only dry cleaning.

Place # 4 - Philips FC8794 SmartPro Easy

A compact vacuum cleaner, costing from 14 990 rubles, has a set of basic functions. This is a practical, easy to maintain and operate model is well suited for cleaning small spaces.

Its operating parameters are:

  • dry / wet cleaning;
  • dimensions - 30x30x5,85 cm;
  • weight - 2 kg;
  • four modes of operation;
  • runs on a Li-Ion battery;
  • autonomous activity period - 105 min;
  • noise level - 54 dB;
  • charging time - 4 hours;
  • 0.4 liter dust collector;
  • there is a side brush, remote control, soft bumper, timer, filter UltraHygiene EPA12.

The device, equipped with 23 intelligent sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope, moves around the room, avoiding obstacles. The timer allows you to set the cleaning time for 24 hours.

The powerful model collects a large amount of dust and other contaminants. Due to the small volume, the dust box needs to be cleaned before each cleaning.

The following shortcomings were noted: the device does not always have enough charge to get to the base, especially if there are wires or other obstacles on the way to it. In addition, protruding parts on the housing prevent dust from collecting or washing under low furniture.

Place # 5 - Xrobot FOXCLEANER AIR

The device, which can be purchased for only 12,990 rubles, has many useful functions, including an ionizer, a UV lamp, and the possibility of programming.

In terms of cost and quality, it represents one of the best options:

  • dry / wet cleaning;
  • parameters - 33x33x8.7 cm;
  • weight - 2.9 kg;
  • for operation, a NiMH battery, capacity 2200 mAh;
  • autonomous operation period - 2 hours;
  • noise level - 55 dB.
  • 0.4 liter dust collector;
  • The device is equipped with optical sensors, remote control, anti-shock bumper, side brush.
  • there is a timer, ultraviolet lamp, ionizing device;
  • the possibility of programming by days of the week is provided; when the battery is discharged, a beep sounds;
  • equipment includes a limiting device "virtual wall", as well as a set of brushes.

The model is equipped with a large number of functions, due to which it is possible, for example, autonomous operation according to the programmed graphics.

The robot perfectly copes with dry cleaning, perfectly collecting dust and wool. He also wipes the floor with high quality, bringing perfect cleanliness to the room.

The disadvantages include the difficulty of returning the device to the base, especially if it works in another room. Some users note the small size of the napkin, although they add that this does not affect the thoroughness of the wash.

Place # 6 - Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One

The stylish unit, which costs from 26,000 rubles, is distinguished by a well-thought-out design, high build quality. This reliable model, which has several modes of operation, will perfectly cope even with the wet cleaning of a spacious room.


  • dry / wet cleaning;
  • parameters - 35x35x9,65 cm;
  • weight - 3.5 kg;
  • Li-Ion batteries used, capacity 5,200 mAh;
  • automatic installation on charging;
  • battery life - 150 min;
  • dust collector - without bag (cyclone filter);
  • The device is equipped with optical sensors, side brushes, illuminated display, replaceable HEPA-filter, soft bumper, power regulator on the body;
  • attached to the vacuum cleaner set of nozzles and microfiber cloth, designed for wiping floors;
  • Additional features include laser scanning of the room.

The stylish device of a round form with convenient extraction of a dust collector. The configuration of the model with improved brushes provides the optimal level of cleaning in the area of ​​the corners, and the cloth when wet cleaning captures a large area.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with 13 optical sensors that provide laser scanning of the room and facilitate orientation.

For the best quality of wet cleaning it is advisable to use the device several times on a strictly defined area of ​​pollution.

Owners especially like the cleaning report sent by the unit to the smartphone.

The disadvantages include the high cost of a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes he ignores low obstacles when doing wet cleaning.

Also, some users complain about the lack of instructions in Russian.

Place # 7 - iRobot Braava 390T

The model, the prices of which start from 16 000 rubles, is specially created for wet surface treatment. It is perfect for regular cleaning floors, helping to maintain the ideal cleanliness in the room.


  • for wet cleaning;
  • parameters - 21.6 × 21.6 × 7.6 cm;
  • weight - 1.8 kg;
  • works from the battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh;
  • autonomous operation period - 240 minutes;
  • charging period 120 minutes;
  • there is an aqua filter, soft bumper, the possibility of drawing up a floor plan.

The model operates on the basis of NorthStarCube cubic-shaped beacons emitting infrared radiation. They are placed on the nightstand or other high object, helping to create a room map.

One lighthouse included in the package is enough to handle a room in 93 meters2. Acquisition of an additional cube will double the washing area. Braava can function without a beacon, but the speed in this case will be lower.

Inside the device there is a tank where water is poured. Here you can add detergent, which is selected based on the characteristics of the coating.

The robot has a stylish look and a square shape, which allows you to better clean up the space adjacent to the furnishings, and the corner zones of the rooms.

The disadvantages include the lack of maneuverability of the device, which also does not know how to get on its own. Users note the imperfect cleaning quality due to the lack of garbage intake function.

Place # 8 - iRobot Scooba 450

The model, the prices of which start from 35,500 rubles, is in the full sense of a washing vacuum cleaner, whose work is carried out with the help of a special mechanism, and not a napkin. This ensures a high level of cleaning even in heavily polluted rooms.


  • washing robot vacuum cleaner;
  • dimensions - 36.6 × 36.6 × 9.1 cm;
  • weight - 3.8 kg;
  • autonomous work from the NiMH battery within 40 min;
  • full and 20-minute accelerated modes;
  • optical sensors, display, soft bumper;
  • inside there is a container divided into two compartments: 750 ml is discharged for clean and 350 ml for dirty water.
  • the limiter is included in the package; 118-ml bottle of Scooba cleaning concentrate, designed for 30 cleanings; charger, which also serves to dry the vacuum cleaner.

The advantages include high quality cleaning and washing, besides, it does not spoil even the fragile surface. The unit is perfectly orientated in space, gives a voice signal when it collides with an obstacle.

The device informs the host about the state of the mechanism: the yellow indication indicates small faults, the red one indicates the need to contact the service center.

The vacuum cleaner is not only excellent in performance, but also a thoughtful design. All places that come into contact with dirt - screen filter, brushes, moving parts of the drive, wheels - are marked in yellow.

Flooded water is enough to handle approximately 28 square meters of housing. If you need to wash a large area, you need to replace the liquid.

Therefore, the presence of the host is desirable during harvesting. Human assistance will also be required to put the robot on charge.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

On the video below, you can listen to the opinion of a specialist on the criteria affecting the choice of innovative models of the robot cleaner designed to perform wet cleaning:

In specialized stores, there is a good assortment of washing modifications of robotic vacuum cleaners, which differ in their characteristics and design as well as in cost. Before purchasing, you should combine your own requirements, specifications with the price.. The rating of models offered by us with detailed consideration of their features will allow to orient at the choice.

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