What to do when the leaves of the cucumber seedlings turn yellow

Many gardeners use a seedling method for growing cucumbers to get an early harvest. Anxious care for seedlings does not always give the desired result. One of the most common problems - the leaves begin to turn yellow. Seedlings are also prone to this. Why this happens and what to do - about this article.

Table of Contents

  • The reasons why the yellow leaf appears in cucumbers
    • From what the seedlings begin to turn yellow and dry seedlings, how to save it
    • The yellow leaves of the seedlings in the greenhouse, what to fight against the street plants, the disease, the
  • , is the same approach, and the desire is the same, you can look for a full-grown plant, a year, an afflicted person, an illness
  • , an age, a yellow plant, a fight, and a desire to fight, you can look for a full-grown plant, a heart plant, an afflicted person, an illness
  • .- to improve the soil in the greenhouse
  • Proper watering does not allow the soil to dry
  • Light and temperature, do not let the plant turn yellow
  • Errors during planting in open ground
  • Treatment for pests, treatment products
  • Pryellowing prevention, sprayed with a nutrient mixture
  • Reasons why a yellow leaf appears in cucumbers

    Initially, the leaves

    turn yellow at a cucumber Why can yellow or white spots appear, develop diseases, fall off fruits, dry stems? Yellow leaves may appear for a number of reasons. Do not immediately get rid of damaged shoots, you first need to figure it out. The general picture of the state of the soil, the root system will prompt the criticality of the situation and will help determine what to splash cucumbers and what other measures should be immediately started. Among the main causes of yellowing of leaves, gardeners distinguish the following:

    • lack of light , it does not allow the plant to develop;
    • deficiency or excess of nutrients in the soil( especially nitrogen and manganese);
    • violation of the watering regime( waterlogging or drying out of the soil);
    • sprouting of a seedling( there is not enough space for the roots in the container used for germination);
    • unstable temperature;
    • influence of toxic substances( observed when using foam and other polymers for growing seedlings);
    • damage to plants diseases or pests.

    From what seedlings begin to turn yellow and dry, how to save it

    seedling leaves turn yellow and dry

    If the cotyledon leaves turn yellow on the seedlings, they begin to dry out, then the reason lies in the new shoots that the sapling grows with. To remedy the situation, it is enough to remove excess branches or ovaries. Also, violations in agricultural technology are not excluded. Experts recommend before the start of seasonal work to draw up a schedule of necessary activities, in time to sow, plant and transplant, spray and apply fertilizer.
    Yellowing greens of seedlings can and from low temperatures ( especially when night frosts on the ground).That is why when planting seeds on an open garden bed it is necessary to cover it with film or agrotextile for the night.
    Seedlings sensitively perceive the lack of useful trace elements, in particular potassium, and this must be addressed. It is important to adhere to the timing of making supplements, so that the developing plant has enough strength and energy for normal growth.

    When yellowness appears on the seedlings, only on a certain zone of the beds is connected rather with the wrong place. The problem is most likely in the composition of the soil or in the lack of light. When growing seedlings on the windowsill, it is important to prevent the soil from drying out and direct sunlight, they can burn, light shading is required.

    Yellow leaves of seedlings in a greenhouse, with which to fight

    When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, moisture and temperature conditions are more often violated. Excessive humidity of air and soil leads to the development of fungal diseases. The plant reacts to a deviation in the environment with yellow leaves. First, the tips turn yellow, then the whole leaf can be covered. Ignore this signal is not worth it.

    Fungal disease develops
    Normal conditions for the development of seedlings include a temperature in the range of 22-26 degrees. If the index falls below 14 ° or exceeds the mark of + 42 °, cucumber shoots stop development, and only one degree of frost leads to death. Yellowing sheets and embryos can signal a temperature violation.

    Among other possible causes:

    • insufficient pollination, as a result of which ovaries are weakly formed on the plant;
    • shoot congestion ovaries;
    • infection with fungus or insects;
    • lack of nitrogen in the soil and other trace elements.

    Yellowness on outdoor plants,

    disease When growing cucumbers in open ground, yellowness of the leaves often indicates a violation of watering: lack or excess of moisture. In case of strong heat, it is recommended to water the bushes daily( in the morning or in the evening).If the summer temperature is moderate, it is enough to irrigate the beds 2-3 times a week. But before each procedure is to assess the condition of the soil to prevent stagnant water. Also should be timely loosening the soil.

    Yellow and white spots on leaves

    If we are talking about plant disease, then yellowness or white dots on the green indicates fungal infections: fusarium, pytosis, etc. The leaf does not respond to watering, it remains sluggish. It is necessary to treat: it is necessary to process it with special preparations, it cannot be managed without it. The main thing is not to miss the time so that the affected area does not extend to the neighboring bushes. And do not rely on popular methods, it is better to act on science.

    A yellow or white spot on the leaves may indicate pest damage. Among the most dangerous parasites: spider mite, whitefly, aphid. Insects suck the juice from the plant, which leads to its death. Without processing the beds in this case is not enough.

    How to deal with yellowing of leaves

    One of the rules for the care of cucumbers says that damaged areas should be removed to localize the problem. In the case of the yellowing of the sheet, there is no need to hurry; treatment is necessary here. First you should monitor the ambient temperature, soil conditions. This will help identify violations and correct them.

    Do top dressing - improve the soil in the greenhouse

    Apply top dressing in the form of a ready-made solution

    In addition to moisture and friability, the soil must be nourishing .Growing seedlings remove most of the trace elements necessary for development from the soil. Therefore, in agrotechnology there is a schedule for the introduction of fertilizing, which enriches the environment with useful substances, helps to strengthen the immune system of the plant. There are two ways to introduce a useful substance. One is to sprinkle with the prepared solution, the second is to scatter dry granules of factory production according to the instructions and pour plenty of water.

    If the leaves turn yellow and dry around the edges, then most likely there is a shortage of potassium and magnesium. And if the green veins are preserved on a yellow sheet, we can speak of a deficit of manganese and iron. In case of yellowing of the upper part of the bush, a lack of copper is diagnosed.

    granulated fertilizer potassium nitrate To correct the situation, should be carried out comprehensive feedings in a timely manner. Organic alternate with mineral, as well, and root with foliar. Nutrient intake scheme:

    • for the first time should be fed cucumbers when a single leaf appears on the seedlings( ammofoska; azofoska; manure; bird droppings; herbal infusions);
    • the second time falls on the beginning of the flowering period( solution from water and wood ash 10 l / 1 cup; potash and ammonium nitrate 20 and 30 g., Superphosphate 40 g. Per bucket of water);
    • third dressing is carried out in the active period of fruiting( nitrophosphate solution 10 liters of water per tablespoon of agent; solution from water 10 liters, mullein 0.5 liters and potassium sulfate 1 tsp);
    • fourth dressing is used for varieties with a long fruiting period( solution made from wood ash, manure or bird droppings).

    Proper watering does not allow the soil to dry.

    Correct the error in irrigation, taking into account the following factors:

    • soil type;
    • cucumber age;
    • features agrotechnics grade;
    • weather conditions.

    To protect the plants from drying, it is recommended to plant beds with mulch. So the soil moisture will be maintained longer in hot weather. You do not have to flood the plants, as a result of which a fungal disease can develop.

    When choosing an irrigation system, give preference to sprinkling and drip irrigation. Dosed hydration will also prevent culture damage by powdery mildew, root and olive rot.
    Drop irrigation of cucumbers

    It will not be possible to organize automated hydroponics for a novice gardener.
    In the open ground, the bed should be moistened more often than when growing green leaves in the greenhouse .For beginners, it is necessary to use irrigation norms for one bush as a basis:

    • , at the age of escape of up to 1 month, 0.5-1 l of water is required;
    • from 1 to 2 months the water rate is increased to 1.5 liters;
    • from 2 to 3 months - up to 2-2.5 l;
    • over 3 months - up to 3-3.5 liters.

    Light and temperature, do not let the plant turn yellow

    A characteristic sign of a lack of light is the yellowing of the lower leaves on the bushes. It is impossible to change the landing site of developed bushes, so we should carry out weeding in a timely manner so that weeds do not form a shadow. Also during the formation of the scourge you need to take care that the neighboring plants do not spread out on each other. This will not happen if the recommended scheme is taken into account when disembarking. Compliance with the intervals will help prevent the thickening of the bed.
    A change in temperature also affects the color of the cucumber leaf. It is impossible to affect nature, but will be able to save the plant from low temperatures with the help of carcass construction and covering with film. If the climate is different aridity, then the landing of cucumbers should be done between the corn or sunflower. Neighboring crops will scatter sunlight, preventing the formation of burns on the green.

    Errors when planting in open ground

    It is often difficult to correct errors when yellowness is detected on sheets, because the reasons may be due to improper planting of seedlings or seeds. Therefore, it is important to observe the basic requirements at the beginning of the formation of beds:

    • every season you can change the place for cucumbers( you can return to the former after 3-4 years);
    • observe the distance between the holes, do not save on the aisle;
    • not to use fertilizers more than indicated on the package, an excess of nitrogen, for example, burns out a young plant;
    • hardening for at least a week before planting;
    • when choosing neighbors take into account the survivability of crops.

    Treatment for pests, treatment for

    If the beds are still attacked by pests, they are treated with insecticides and acaricides. Among the popular drugs are the following:

    • Aktara( spraying a plant with a solution of 10 l of water and 2 grams of cure);
    • Actellic( spraying the plants with a solution of 10 l of water and 30 ml of the product);
    • Thunder( applied to the soil with a depth of 3-5 cm 30 g. / 10 m2);
    • Thunderstorm( granules are scattered in the aisle 30 gr. / 10 m2);
    • Fitoverm( before planting seedlings for 2-3 days, powder is scattered over the surface of the soil 200 g / 1 m2 with subsequent penetration into 15 cm).

      Lifeguard Cucumbers insects Fung-Stimulator

    Prevention yellowing spray

    nutrient mixture in order to prevent it is recommended to comply with simple rules:
    before sowing carefully prepare the soil and enrich its nutrients in the right proportions( increase fertilizer consumption rate should not be);

    • annually change the place for a cucumber bed;
    • seedlings with 2-3 leaves should be sprayed with a nutrient mixture of water( 10 l), milk( 1 l), iodine( 30 drops) and laundry soap( 20 g);
    • for irrigation use the nutrient fluid obtained after infusing bread with water;
    • powdering the soil surface with wood ash will not only neutralize the acidic soil, but also become a protection against pests.

    It is not possible to encounter the problem of yellowing at all if you follow all the rules of care and prevention in a timely manner. It is much easier than wasting energy and nerves to restore the affected plant.

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