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What could be better than fresh vegetable or fruit juices, prepared with his own hands? Particularly appreciated is the carrot juice for their nutrients and great benefit to the body. But get it in full and with maximum output will only squeezer carrot juice.

Carrot juice is easily obtained by using a juicerCarrot juice is easily obtained by using a juicer

Juicers for domestic use

Types and Features

If we consider the devices for juicing on the basis of its receipt, we can distinguish these devices:

Photo Description
table_pic_att15023110431 Manual.

This is the most simple devices of the type of hand grinders. Spin is performed by manual force by acting on the lever or handle, driving the auger.

table_pic_att15023110442 Centrifugal.

They have in particular the centrifuge housing, which by means of centrifugal force separates the pulp from the liquid.

Typically, these models have electric motors, and are used not only for carrots and beets, and citrus fruits but (in this case, the bundle includes a special nozzle).

table_pic_att15023110523 Screw.

Can be of two types: with one or two screws.

They are among the most productive and are used for processing of fruits and vegetables and juicing not only them, but also grains and seeds.

Of course, at the cost of the device it affects not only the type of mechanism, but some technical features such as:

  • speed (RPM);
  • Components (the presence of additional nozzles and spare parts);
  • productivity and quality of extraction;
  • noise at work;
  • the duration of the work;
  • the volume of the processed products;
  • body material.

Centrifugal juicers most powerful, but they pressed quality worse - in the flesh is a certain amount of fluid, and often there is no function "cold pressed".

Selecting devices for domestic use must take into account the estimated volume of raw materialsSelecting devices for domestic use must take into account the estimated volume of raw materials

The most affordable - manual juicer carrots and other hard fruits and vegetables. But they are not able to produce a lot of the final product from raw materials and imply that using will have to work hard.

Auger juicer - expensive, but the most efficient and practical option, especially if the two screws.

How to make juice from carrots without a juicer - a rhetorical question. Get some useful liquids manually in theory possible, but efforts will have to spend a lot and beverage output is symbolic. Therefore, carrot juice without a juicer, hand-pressed, you can get only if necessary and not more than a glass.

As expected, each of the acquired Technology Comes with instruction manual, containing the basic characteristics of the device and recommendations. Having studied it fully, it is possible to understand whether the product is suitable for carrot juice.

Instructions to the device describes all the features and specificationsInstructions to the device describes all the features and specifications

The most popular juicers: 5 models

Below is a list and photos of the most popular models of electric home appliances to obtain the juice. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so what better than a juicer, it's up to you:

Picture Description
table_pic_att15023110636 Zelmer Juice Maker

Device with screw pressing mechanism.

The speed of - is quite high, while the unit price is very democratic in comparison with analogues.

power unit - 250 W, and the mechanism automatically reset cake and wide mouth for loading the raw material makes the process more comfortable beverage preparation.

table_pic_att15023110637 Vitek VT - 1602

The machine screw type for apples and carrots from the Russian brand of home appliances.

power unit - quite low (150 W) in comparison with analogues. But there is a function, cold pressed, allowing to obtain a high quality juice without losing all of its beneficial properties.

Included are two capacities:

  • one - for a meal;
  • the other - for juice.

Spaciousness each - 1, l 2.

For larger volumes, this model is unlikely to fit, but for household needs is quite handy.

Noise level comparable to working machines drum machine.

table_pic_att15023110658 Angel Juicer Angelia

Would you like carrot juice in a juicer quick and tasty? Then you are exactly this apparatus will like.

Two screw processed raw materials as quickly as possible and can do it continuously for an hour. To break only 10 minutes - a relatively short time.

Power - 180 W and two containers for juice and pomace, respectively.

table_pic_att15023110689 Green Star

This model is also integrated twin-screw mechanism, which allows to process raw materials efficiently.

Included are several nozzles, making it possible not only to manufacture the juice, but the mashed potatoes, baby food, pasta and desserts.

The resulting juice, unlike other models, can be stored for up to 2 days due to the fact that in the manufacturing process it is not heated.

table_pic_att150231107110 Omega

This juicer is used for carrots, and many other hard fruits and vegetables, including seeds and grains.

The model from this manufacturer on the basis of the screw mechanism and is considered one of the best in this category.

power unit -150 W, and working time without stopping for about 30 minutes.

A distinctive feature of the model is a two-stage extraction system that provides high-quality and very useful products.

The manufacturer provides a warranty of 15 years.


Choosing a juicer for household use - an important task for those who are planning to harvest the juices from fruits and vegetables at home. When choosing an appropriate model of the unit, not only should pay attention to the price factor, but also on Technical features of the device, e.g., spin speed, power, and volumes processed raw materials.

Video in this article demonstrates the work of home appliances and describes various models of devices that are popular in today's market.

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