Dishwashers Bosch Silence Plus: review of models + reviews

Kitchen appliances Bosch brand has long occupied a leading position in its segment in the Russian market. The company's engineers have translated dishwashing process to a new level, making it the most convenient and thoughtful, realizing these gains in Silence Plus series.

Through a combination of advanced technologies and accurate dimensions, dishwasher Bosch Silence Plus was the ideal solution for a small kitchen.

The content of the article:

  • Specifications Bosch Silence Plus
    • Modes of operation of the German dishwasher
    • Options for improving the washing quality
    • Features of operation of Bosch machines
  • The rules and subtleties of care appliances
  • Reviews owners dishwashers Silence Plus
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Specifications Bosch Silence Plus

Acquiring Integrated dishwasher Bosch Silence, be prepared for the fact that the need to make additional facades. They are mounted to machinery does not fall (unfixed machine during operation can tip) and the correct functioning of the door closing angle. This rule applies to all art built-in type.

Models in this series have an inverter motor, which allows you to use energy sparingly. And thanks to the pump, developed with the latest technology and modern sound insulation, the machine runs almost silently.

Modes of operation of the German dishwasher

The device at a time is able to wash up to shine a maximum of 9 complete sets of dishes, despite the fact that water consumption will not exceed 9 liters. High energy class dishwashers saves energy.

Built-in Dishwasher Bosch

Dishwashing machine neatly placed under the sink. If the machine door is closed, Dish module does not distinguish from the kitchen cabinets

Drying of the washed dishes and heating the washing water produced due to the operation of the heat exchanger. Technically, this process involves condensation that occurs in a confined space. It should be noted that the air penetration from outside the device is possible, which ensures maximum hygiene.

At the first washing stage is fed to the heat exchanger cold water tank, and then it is heated by energy exchange. In the same way the water is heated to an intermediate rinsing.

In additional VarioDrawer basket can put all the utensils, which allows them to more thoroughly clean and not damaged during cleaning. The machine is equipped with a function of "child lock", which protects children from injury and equipment from damage and failure. Most dishwashers this series of 5 programs:

  • main wash. The name of this program may vary. This cycle involves washing dishes 2-3 hours in hot water (about + 60 ° C). When the VarioSpeed ​​functions can significantly reduce the time to 1 hour 18 minutes.
  • Quick mode. It is designed for cleansing kitchen appliances weakly polluted and lasts no longer than 40 minutes (up to 33 minutes).
  • super wash. Thorough washing of about a half hour in hot water at a temperature of + 60-70˚S. Time - 1 hour 24 minutes.
  • Otmokanie. Mode is used for very contaminated utensils or appliances that have not been washed. Water reaches + 70 ° C. Time - 1 hour 35 minutes.
  • regime frugal (+ 50 ° C) is designed for 2 hours 50 minutes, which can be reduced to 1 hour 20 minutes.

There are still additional modes, such as pre-rinsing, calculated on 15 minutes. Half-load program makes it possible to run the machine, even if you want to wash only a few sets.

Half machine loading

When you need to clean up a couple of sets of plates, forks, then the hosts comes in half-load function (the icon in the menu of the device 12)

Also, the "Auto Program" convenient favored by many housewives. By pressing a single button you start this mode, a very intelligent machine system analyzes the degree of contamination of the loaded dishes and choose the most suitable washing system.

One of the key advantages of the series is a program of rinsing with hot water, during which achieved complete clearance of detergent residue and dirt. This mode will be useful for people with allergies or those who pass a certain type of treatment.

With Delayed start button "H" just delay the onset of washing from one hour to 24 hours in the case of maximum power outage or water. There is a reverse countdown time to the end of the cycle, which is displayed on the display.

Thanks to the self-identification of faults function smart appliances Bosch analyze arising failure and displays information on a monitor in the form of an error code. About her all detailed information the user can be found in the instruction manual.

Options for improving the washing quality

The entire series of dishwashers Bosch Silence Plus has lots of features, each of which aims to improve the quality of washing, in particular, and the convenience of using technology as a whole.

Activated features Rackmatic, you can easily create more space for large utensils due to the high adjustable upper basket. Duct giving the maximum size, you can put a plate diameter of 30 centimeters, as well as cups or glasses up to 25 centimeters.

thanks VarioSpeed can significantly reduce the dishwashing by 20-50% while maintaining high quality processing. Please note that when you activate this function, increased water consumption and energy.

Capacity of dishwasher

Most of the models in the series can accommodate from 9 to 14 place settings. This is great for families of 3-4 people

An innovative technology company Bosch AquaStop It provides complete protection against any leaks throughout the life of the appliance. This feature allows owners dishwashers safely leave the device is switched on all night or when they were not home.

AquaVario It provides both gentle and careful laundering of delicate items. Therefore, glasses and cups made of porcelain or thin glass that need special treatment, can be easily loaded into the machine.

General hygienic washing function increases quality scrubbing dishes by increasing the water temperature. It should choose to clean cutting boards, baby bottles and plates.

Auto-Detect Mode

a new generation of German dishwashers automatically recognize applied detergent and adjust to its features. You do not need to reconfigure the machine for handling dishes, changing the drug

Function IntensiveZone automatically creates a special zone within which the process of special washout. That is, can be washed in the upper area is very dirty dishes and pans (it will IntensiveZone), and the bottom - relatively clean cups and saucers. From a technical point of view in the upper compartment will flow over hot water and its volume larger.

Features of operation of Bosch machines

To start the dishwashing process, load plates, switch the machine to the network, open the water tap to the unit and press the buttons one by one "ON \ OFF", the desired program and "Start". The cycle will begin after the door closes.

To turn off the machine, you need to wait until the end of the program, then the system will unlock the door, it is completely open and press the power button. This is followed to block water, wait until complete cooling dishes and remove it from the bottom upward. This is to ensure that a clean and dry the dishes did not get a drop of water.

Boot space is cleverly designed: two baskets at the same time easy to place pots, pans, and all other utensils. In the lower basket can put different types holders, handles for saucepans and frying pans.

filling boxes

The internal space of the dishwasher consists of two boxes, additional compartments and baskets for cutlery. Pots and pans is best placed in the lower basket

If you remove the upper basket, it will be possible to establish a large-sized objects. In addition, the upper part of the height can be adjusted thanks to the special wheels. For a family of three or four people takes an average of one or two downloads per day. There is a special nozzle for washing trays in some models.

The entire range of Silence Plus is equipped with special holders for folding plates and a special basket for cutlery, as well as a separate compartment for knives.

Compartments for devices

Please note that devices from different metals to be installed separately, so that they do not spoil. Your forks, knives and spoons can simply be covered with spots Nondeducibility

All units are equipped with modern Bosch ActiveWater hydraulic system. This innovative technology is used to achieve the best possible dishwashing. Allow to achieve the best quality and accurate calculation of the direction of liquid streams that come from the rotating rocker, and a suitable pressure.

The developers have thought carefully about the water system in the machine. It is produced on all five levels: the lower large rocker liquid flows up and down in the upper yoke (Some models are two of them) - the same as for the irrigation of the top-level answers shower that is located on the ceiling washing.

Water is supplied even in the farthest corners and accurately cleans dirt from dishes. To plates were washed well, try to monitor the performance of salt (tablets are not common!), And rinse.

The rules and subtleties of care appliances

For costly equipment should be constantly looked after. From care products need special salt for dishwashers.

As sleep salt compartment

Included with the device user will find a special funnel, through which salt should fill in a special compartment. It is important to observe the dosage depending on the degree of contamination

To Bosch dishwasher lasts as long as possible, do not forget to monitor the occurrence of scum or fat on yokes. If they were, then you need to run the idle loop with the powder and include intensive cleaning.

Should wash sprays water and detergent from the plaque and food debris that has not decreased the quality of washing. All these parts are removable and suitable for the purification of their running hot water. If the components are extremely dirty, use a soft cloth, pre-soaped her.

In addition, it is important to monitor the state of the dishwasher filters Silence Plus, since they are often clogged with dirt particles due to contaminated water. The system consists of pre-cleaner for cleaning and thin flat filter for purification, as well microfilter.

The system of filters in the dishwasher

The filter system in a dishwashing machine and a multi-stage consists of three parts. To extend the life of equipment, often clean and wash them

Check them preferably after each use, dishwasher, or at least once a week. If they are clogged, then rinse them with hot water from the tap. If this is not done, due to accumulated dirt there blockage of the drain pump. And that could lead to a failure of the entire dishwasher.

Reviews owners dishwashers Silence Plus

Many owners of Silence Plus Series dishwashers note that the machine carefully and accurately holds the sink, regardless of tableware pollution and wasted time. For users of important intuitive indexing of all symbols on the display device.

type funds

For many owners dishwashers indisputable advantage is the ability to use general-purpose cleaners such as "3 in 1" tablets or powder

Thrifty housewives liking ergonomic unit, low energy consumption and saving potential of cleaning means (special powders, tablets, rinses), and a significant decrease in water consumption (up to 7500 liters year).

The undeniable advantage, which is celebrated almost all the owners of the built-in Bosch dishwashers, a program to protect against leakage Aquastop. It is thanks to this program, many have the opportunity to connect the machine all night and not be afraid to flood the neighbors.

Summary table of dishwashers Bosch Silence Plus Series

Characteristics Models of dishwashers Bosch (series Silence Plus)
SPI50X95 (Germany) SMV47L10 (Poland) SPV53X90 (Germany) SMV40L00 (Poland) SPV58X00 (Germany)
Weight, kg. 29 34 31 34 34
Dimensions (Wx \ Bx \ D) cm. 45h85h60 60h81h55 45h81h55 60h82h55 45h85h55
The capacity (the number of sets of dishes) 9 13 9 12 10
Number of washing programs 5 6 5 5 6
Water consumption, l. 9 12 8 12 9
Noise level 48 dB 48 dB 46 dB 48 dB 44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle 0.91 kWh 1.05 kWh 0.78 kWh 1.05 kWh 0.91 kWh
required power 2400 W
digital display there is there is there is there is there is
half-load mode there is there is there is there is there is
Drip total total total total total
Child Lock there is there is there is there is there is
delay start timer there is there is there is there is there is
water purity sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
drying type All models are fitted with condensation dryer

Among the shortcomings noted the absence of rapid drying, and the fact that it is impossible to load wood, aluminum and plastic utensils. Some users have reported that technical problems occur after the end of the warranty period, as well as the high cost of components unhappy.

Someone complains that after repeated use machine starts to smell unpleasantly. In this situation, you need to regularly use special means for cleaning equipment.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Detailed overview of features and capabilities built narrow dishwashers Bosch (model SPI50X95).

Any dishwasher Bosh in the series Silence Plus will become your indispensable assistant in the kitchen, get rid of the boring daily washing dirty dishes and spoons. This smart machine will save you time, effort and quality wash all kitchen appliances. When purchasing be sure to grab the check and issue the warranty.

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