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Description of the strawberry variety Sensation distinguishes it from other hybrid varieties. Berry is the result of the work of Dutch breeders and quickly won the love of gardeners thanks to its size (about 150 gr.), excellent taste, aroma, resistance to frost and transportation.

Variety description

Characteristics of this species allows it to compete with other varieties of strawberries and grow berries on its plot of seeds:

  • bushes well succumb to pollination:
  • The plant grows rapidly and gives a large number of mustaches;
  • due to the arrangement of peduncles at the level with the leaves, the fruits are reliably protected from wind and frost;
  • leaves of a saturated green color of medium size with jagged edges;
  • fruits of rich red color have the form of a cone and dense pulp, covered with a thin skin;
  • high yield:
  • the variety is medium ripe, resistant to diseases.

Among farmers, the strawberry variety Sensation is very popular due to its high taste, speed of growth and beautiful appearance.

Planting from seeds

In natural conditions the strawberry rises immediately after the melting of snow and the onset of heat. Experienced gardeners, using this feature, use technology to stimulate seedlings. To do this, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Sprinkle the soil in the ground, carefully pour it, pour the seeds and cover with a lid or polyethylene. Remove the container in the refrigerator for three days.
  2. Pour into the container earth, lay a layer of snow on top of 10 mm, pour into seeds, cover and put in the refrigerator.
  3. Put the seeds in melt water for a couple of days, changing the liquid twice a day. After swelling the seeds, lay them on a piece of cotton wool and cover with a film, creating the conditions of the greenhouse. Fabric with seeds must be put on a bright spot and wait for the appearance of the first shoots.
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Prepared seeds of strawberries Sensation planted in the spring, but, not burying in the soil. To achieve seedlings, they must be mixed with sand, and then spread the mixture to the area, maintaining the distance.

Technology of cultivation and care

To achieve a good harvest, you must follow the rules of care and growing berries. Description of the strawberry variety Sensation does not allow the presence of weeds at the site of growth. Otherwise, the development of bushes and the ripening process will be disturbed. To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully weed the soil, relieve the pests and loosen the soil twice a month.

Experienced gardeners use black film when planting. This will protect the plants from weeds, drying out, and the fruits from dirt. You can also lay bushes around peat, cane or wood chips.

Watering rules

The frequency of irrigation depends on the amount of precipitation and terrain. In a rainy summer, the berry does not need additional moisture. If the season is arid, then the plant should be watered once a week, and during the formation of fruits twice in ten days. It is desirable to pass water through a magnet and monitor its temperature (more than 20 degrees). This will yield a large crop.

Do not neglect the procedure of watering in a drought, with a lack of moisture berries will have a sour taste.

Additional fertilizing

The health of the plant and the size of the crop depends largely on top dressing. In the description of the strawberry variety Sensation, two additional fertilizing is recommended for the season:

  1. For the first time the plant needs additional nutrition with the onset of spring. For this, a solution of compost is suitable. Under the young bush it is required to pour in 1-2 liters of fertilizer, under an adult plant - up to 5 liters.
  2. The second top dressing is performed with the beginning of flowering with the following composition: in a 10 l bucket of water add 500 gr. chicken manure and leave in the sun for a week, then add 200 gr. wood ash and water plants in a similar way, as with the first feeding.
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In a few years the plant needs to be transplanted. Do it in the first month of autumn. To do this, you need to dig holes, put a strawberry bush and fill it with soil, leaving the hearts outside. With the onset of the first cold weather, the bushes should be sheltered so that they are not affected by frost and are rooted in a new place.

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Pruning of strawberries is carried out after the whole harvest is harvested. In this case, the bush will have enough time for the appearance of new leaves before freezing. To protect the plant from diseases and pests, it is necessary to trim the leaves and whiskers under the very foundation. If there are traces of the disease, cut off parts should be burned.

Young shrubbery bushes Sensations do not need pruning, as extra foliage provides the plant with resistance to colds.


For the propagation of strawberry bushes often used mustache, in some cases, the division of the bush or seeds. This is a simple process: when the first antenna appears, they must be pressed into the soil, wait for the appearance of roots and separate from the adult plant.

When multiplying by dividing the bush, it is necessary to excavate and divide the root system. Only those plants whose root length has reached more than 5 cm should be divided and there are at least 4 leaves. The separated part should be planted in a separate well and thoroughly poured.

Cultivation of strawberries Sensation is a laborious process, but the result justifies all costs. By applying the necessary efforts and following the rules of care, you can get a crop of large, fragrant and sensational berries on your table.


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