Instructions for use of herbicide gesagard on potatoes and carrots

The drug Gezagard is used to protect the garden against weeds .This herbicide perfectly copes with the removal of weed plants that affect the growth of root crops. Contentscomparisons with other drugs

Instructions for use of the herbicide Gezagard

In order to properly apply the tool, you need to read the instructions. The principle of operation is the following : the active components of the drug Gezagard slow down photosynthesis and as a result weeds die.


Herbicide Gezagard

Herbicides for many years are popular among many vegetable crops, including potatoes. This is due to the large list of advantages of :

  • . This herbicide is considered basic for protecting potatoes from the effects of weed plants. It builds all the subsequent program of protection of the root;
  • is suitable for annual and biennial weed plants .Helps to remove weeds that are considered difficult to eliminate and other drugs do not take them;
  • do not adversely affect
    on potato yields and neighboring crops. The herbicide acts on the weeds throughout the growing season and is completely split in the soil;
  • can be used in any region for any kind of potato;
  • with the correct use of the drug is economical ;
  • is suitable for combining with other means;
  • without the specific flavor ;
  • does not change its properties with climate change.

The mechanism of action

Active components of the drug Gezagard able to slow down photosynthesis and block the reaction of the Hill

The potato crop is processed immediately after planting potatoes or before the emergence of seedlings. On peat soils, processing is done after the appearance of weeds. It is recommended to moisten the ground abundantly with .Processing is done once.

The soil can not be loosened and processed within 1 month from the day of application of the herbicide. After the end of the action, you can begin to work the soil.

Means is absorbed in all parts of a plant: sprouts, roots. If the weeds are already raised, then Gezagard is absorbed through the leaves. Spectrum of action :

  • spraying should be performed before the emergence of shoots or as much as possible with the formation of two weed leaves;
  • before treating , the ground should be moistened with plenty of ;
  • action last from 30 to 90 days ;
  • after processing with gezagardom, on the soil, you can sow any crop .

application scheme To prepare the product yourself, you need to follow the instructions :

  • you need to take half a liter of water and pour it into a special container with a sprayer;
  • to enter into the water you need the amount of herbicide. For potatoes, use 75 ml solution on 10 l water ;
  • mix shake and top up the required amount of water to full volume.

The mixture should be used within 24 hours, the solution should not be left. Stir the mixture again before spraying.

The processing of potatoes with the Hesagard herbicide is carried out after the appearance of weeds

Soils are fully cultivated, affecting inter-row areas. It is forbidden to treat with the preparation if the air temperature exceeds 30С , and the humidity is more than 50%.

Characterization of the drug

What is the difference between the use of hezagard on potatoes and carrots

To prepare the preparation for processing the garden with potatoes, you need to dissolve 70 cm of Gezagard in 10 liters of water( for 1 hundred 5 l).Processing should be done a week after planting or before planting seed.

Gezagard is applied to the crop of carrots in the proportion of 45 ml per 10 liters of water. Processing needs to be made before landing or in the presence of shoots from 4 leaflets.

Principle of action

Herbicide has a selective effect, a substance that affects weeds - prometrin. It penetrates the structure of the plant and stops its growth and development. Effective after fertilizer - 30 days .


The cost depends on the volume of the product in the package. One liter of ready-made mixture is equal to about 900-1200 rubles. Russia .

Release form

The product is available in the liquid consistency in a plastic bottle of 5 liters or in a concentrated solution in bottles of 100 ml, 300 ml.

Is it dangerous for humans

Does not harm people .Odorless, harmless to mammals, bees, aquatic creatures.

Storage and Compatibility

Can be used in conjunction with other low acidity and alkalinity products. With regard to storage, the may fluctuate in temperature range within -5 ° C - + 35 ° C .

Comparison table with other drugs

Gezagard Valid for 4-7 days and retains its effect for more than a month.
Granstar Swiss agent for the protection of potatoes and other crops from weeds. Per 1 hectare takes up to 30 g of the drug. Acts already 3-4 days after the treatment area.
Lontrel The tool has the ability to penetrate into the organic structure of the weed and burn it. Begins to act within 4 days.
Fusilad Forte Can be used in any period of weed development. Consumption 1 liter per hectare. Starts to act on days 2-4.Environmentally, the tool is not safe.
Hurricane Forte Acts almost instantly for several hours. Treatment is recommended in protective glasses, although the drug is a little harmful.
Bazagran Begins operation after 3 days. The absorption of the drug occurs in the green parts of the weed plant.

Gezagard is easy to use, the is important to follow all the rules and carefully study the instructions .Potato harvest will be higher if you save the soil from weed infestation.

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