Steps of manufacturing an electric heat gun their hands

Scope heat elektropushek quite broad. Industrial units are used for heating production, storage and even dwellings. And in small spaces, you can do a self-made construction of the heat generator, which is quite capable to heat a garage or cottage house.

If you make an electric heat gun with their hands, then it will cost literally pennies. However, in the manufacture of useful homemade required to comply with the rules. Only in this case the instrument will not be worse than the factory products.

We'll show you how to correctly do elektropushku. From our proposed article, you will learn which materials and components required for the assembly of the unit. Our tips can help in making efficient and economical equipment.

The content of the article:

  • What you need to know about electric gun?
    • Design and operation of the heat generator
    • Advantages and disadvantages of home-made guns
  • Production versions elektropushki
    • Simple fan heater with a ready Tan
    • The device with Nichrome heater
  • A few important tips for the assembly and operation
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What you need to know about electric gun?

Unlike other species teplopushek, electric appliance can make almost any handyman who is familiar with the basics of electronics.

Although elektropushki much lower efficiency of diesel or gas devices, But it does not release harmful combustion products and can be installed in any room - an apartment house, a greenhouse, outbuildings outbuildings.

The device elektropushki

Power industrial use guns varies from 2 to 45 kW, the number of heating elements in them can reach 15 pieces

Consider how the electrical machine.

Design and operation of the heat generator

Any elektropushka consists of three major components: a housing with a fan motor and heating element. Variations of this type of device are described in detail articleOn the classification of the principles and actions of heat guns.

Additionally, the device can be equipped with any "bonus" from the factory units - speed switch, teploregulyatorom, room thermostat, body heat sensor, motor protection, and other elements, but they increase not only the comfort and safety of the operation, but also the cost of homemade.

The principle of operation elektropushki

The rate of heating the air around the room volume depends on the number and power of heating elements - the larger the area, the more heat transfer will occur

Electric gun works like this:

  • when connected to the heating element converts electric current into thermal energy, whereby the heated and itself;
  • the electric motor drives the impeller blades work;
  • fan exhausts air from inside the premises of the housing;
  • cold air flow contacts the surface of the heating element is heated and forced by the fan is discharged from the "muzzle" cannon.

If the device is equipped with a thermostatic element, it stops the operation of the heater when it reaches the programmed temperature. In primitive devices to control heating will have to yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of home-made guns

The main advantage of the heat power generator - the possibility of its use in any room where there is a network of at least 220 watts.

Such devices, even in makeshift mobile performance, weigh little and are quite capable to heat the area up to 50 m2 (Theoretically possible, and more, but with instruments of high power it is better not to experiment and to buy ready-made unit, and a cannon from 5 kW to have requests a three-phase connection).

The formula for calculating the required power

Operating device characteristics must meet the heated area. On average, for every 10 m2 will need 1 kilowatt, but much depends on the premises - building materials, the quality and availability of thermal insulation glazing

Pros homemade electric guns:

  • savings - Factory units are not cheap, and you can assemble a heating device with a minimum of purchased parts or even completely improvised, lifting the missing elements from old equipment.
  • Security - all of the homemade heat generators electrical appliance the most simple to use, because it does not require a connection to the gas or refueling with fuel. When properly assembled electrochain the risk of spontaneous combustion of such guns is minimal.
  • Rapid heating premises - the work of a heat gun is much more effective than other options of self-made electric heaters, such as fireplaces or oil coolers.

From the noted disadvantages can be high power consumption (the number depends on the engine capacity and PETN). In addition, the fan operation is quite resounding, and the larger the scale of the "wings", and the rotation speed, the stronger the noise produced.

So any fault homemade electric device - the probability of error in the assembly or connection, which may cause a short circuit in the network, shock and self-ignition device.

Production versions elektropushki

The most difficult step in the assembly of the device - to make proper electrical circuit diagram for connecting the device to the network. Therefore we suggest to use a ready example, taking it as a basis for future Teplopushki. As shown in the diagram, and the dial thermostat must be connected in series, and the chain - close to PETN and motor with fan.

Driving circuit

The thermostat is responsible for the level of heating of PETN and automatic disconnection circuit when reaching the desired temperature in room, and if we exclude it from the schemes may have to keep an eye on the equipment to avoid overheating

Consider the particular manufacturing two simple embodiments.

Simple fan heater with a ready Tan

For future gun body can choose a segment of metal or asbestos cement pipes of suitable diameter. Customized sizes are best for scale "wings" of the fan, because he must cover one of the ends of the device.

If desired, the heat generator can be made of small metal tank, galvanized bucket, pot or old exhaust gas cylinder, the main thing - to wall "shroud" was not thin.

Fan for a homemade gun

Fan power for the heat gun is not critical, because the air heating rate depends exclusively on the PETN, and the impeller is only dispels the warm flow of the room, so you can safely take a fragment from a household suction or cleaner

With regard to the heating element, it is possible to remove this item from your old tiles or boiler, or buy in the store - this is not a problem to find any form of heating. If you're ready to buy, the best option will be the finned part specifically designed for rapid heating of a moving air stream.

Formulas for determining the resistance

Power PETN must be stamped on his body or is registered in accompanying documents, but if it old device, it is possible to measure the resistance of the multimeter, and determine the power of the above formula

In addition to the three main elements (body, engine and PETN), will need to work three-wire cable, bolts, relief machines and protective devices (RCD) NC network in a dangerous situation.

Phased work plan:

  1. Determining the required capacity for the future elektropushki. As a starting point we can take the common formula of which 10 m2 requires 1 kW (at ceiling height of 2.5-3 m). And if the room is not insulated, located in the basement and has a large glass area - feel free to add on to the information received another 20-30%. But if the power required exceeds 2.5-3 kW - think about whether your wiring bear such a load.
  2. Making housing. If this metal sheet - it needs to bend and fix the shape of welding, hoops or studs. In a bucket, bottle or pots - and saw off bottom of the cover. In short, it should turn the frame cylindrical or rectangular shape with two open holes at the ends.
  3. Check the resistance heating element and its comparison with the calculated. If necessary, you can add another member 1-2 by connecting them in series, or to increase the power by shortening element.
  4. Mounting the motor with a fan (You can use standard fasteners). The impeller should be possible to tightly cover the gap, but it is free to rotate. Wires are connected to the network via a fuse 6A, are equipped with a switch.
  5. Fastening PETN inside the tube (Around the keeper) by rivets or plates of refractory materials. The distance should be sufficiently remote from the fan so as not to overheat the motor. Wires are displayed outside of the body and is also attached to the network, but through the fuse 25A.

After checking the insulation of all connections can be made a test run of the device. If everything is correctly assembled when the plug plugged in at one end of the gun begins to rotate the fan, and the other goes from the warm air, the temperature is gradually gaining.

The device with Nichrome heater

If in your arsenal of home worker was not an old household appliance, where you can remove the heater and ready to buy a heater for some reason do not want to, you can do it yourself with nichrome spiral.

Besides the low cost price, such a cell has an important advantage over the factory instances - opportunity to adjust the desired size to the size of the body and increase the heating rate to a safe maximum.

homemade gun

Devices with an open default spiral are considered a fire hazard, so the self-production of PETN requires good skills in working with the electrician

For homemade need to buy Nichrome wire with a suitable diameter and resistance parameter. And it depends on a planned power of your instrument (for home appliances and network 220 preferably not more than 5 kW).

For example, for the gun to 2 kW need wire resistance at 27-30 OM, to be wound on ceramic rod or other refractory material (in the extreme case, can break off plate refractory brick).

Calculation of nichrome spiral length

helix size can be determined empirically by choosing the number of turns on the degree of heating wire, but is much easier to use a table where D - diameter of the rod, which is wound with wire length L

Another option - make home-made heater of a small segment of the asbestos cement pipe, placing a folded inward spiral Same nichrome wire. Arrange the coils can be horizontally and vertically to cover a large area.

TEN nichrome spiral

Homemade heater at 1.6 kW of six spiral fragments which almost completely cover the lumen tube, which ensures rapid heating of the air flow

construction assembly is carried out by analogy with the above instructions, so I will not repeat on the same points, but only consider the nuances of joining a self-made heating element:

  • To the spiral keep proper form for each turn to make a special notch on the rod. The wire must be wound tightly enough, but not necessarily in a single layer.
  • The ends of the wire must be connected to the electric wires by means of bolted joints and insulate.
  • Cables extending to the outside through the hole drilled in the body, you need to connect to the network through the fuse 25A.

A significant drawback of such home-made, in addition to energy consumption and other disadvantages elektropushek - an unpleasant burnt smell, which arises from the combustion of dust on the outdoor coil.

Many people recommend to install at the ends of the bars - this obstacle, of course, can not cope with debris, but will protect against accidental contact with the heating element or running impeller.

A few important tips for the assembly and operation

Rules for safe operation of a self-made guns do not differ from the operation of other electrical appliances: should be avoided tipping device and penetration of moisture, not to touch the heated body and not to leave the machine to operate without supervision.

An important feature - before switching off, you must first stop the work of PETN, a few minutes to give the fan run for a while and then just pull the plug from the mains.

Teplopushki garage

Homemade Teplopushki without thermostats are not designed for continuous operation - they can create a connection to the network or ignited by a hot spiral, in addition, electrical strongly desiccate the air, so the room is recommended more often ventilate

Tips for DIY assembly:

  1. Housing for any kind of electric gun best made from metal with a wall thickness of at least 1 mm or asbestos. Although it is possible to purchase a suitable size and capacity of the thermoplastic, but such a "housing" The beaten can unpleasant odors during heating, and require strict temperature control of the spiral.
  2. Annoying noise from the operation of the impeller can be reduced by using a relatively quiet car fans for construction.
  3. To the hot surface of the housing did not cause a fire, it can be mounted on the frame of the reinforcement stand made of asbestos or heat-absorbing coating is applied.
  4. Power supply fan and heating element is always carried out separately.
  5. Ensure the quality of the insulation of the wires that extend beyond the gun body.

Grounding the metal casing helps prevent accidental shock.

One last tip - if your knowledge of electrical engineering at the novice amateur level, before connecting the machine to a homemade network, consult with the master, which will evaluate the performance of a professional look and safety of your creation.

With the selection criteria of the electric heater prefabricated acquaint next article. If in doubt their own abilities or do not have time to build homemade, read the recommended material contact.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

To better understand the process of assembly of the whole structure, as well as options for housing and heating elements, we suggest to study selection of videos from the finished work home craftsmen.

Video # 1. How to make a heat source for heating the garage of the heating elements of the appliance:

Video # 2. Electric gun of asbestos-cement pipe, and a spiral of nichrome:

Video # 3. Teplopushki 2 kW from an old fire extinguisher:

As you can see, with their own hands to make an electric gun is really difficult. But if you are unsure of your skills working with electrical parts, it is best to consult with an experienced electrician or buy ready-made device.

If you have any questions or recommendations during the familiarization with the material, leave the positions in the block located below. Comment, please, we presented the material, place the pictures. Maybe your advice will be useful to site visitors.

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