How to choose a washing machine

The correct choice is a Samsung or LG washing machine. In the spring of 2014, a new boom began with a big loading opening of Big-in and, accordingly, a considerable capacity. The figure of 19 kg is impressive. True, it is worth a lot of baby. Fuzzy logic technology( Fuzzy Logic) is now popular in washing machines. It allows to precisely measure detergents, rinses and other chemicals. Helping to erase the quality, it protects the washing machine from sediment, deposits, deposits on the tank. Aspect is important, because it is difficult to clean the tank by disassembling.

Features of modern washing machines

First, note that for a particular region, large firms produce appliances that often differ in energy consumption standards and localized capabilities. You should not look for a washing machine like a friend in contact from England or the USA.Physically, the purchase is not difficult, it is easy to make on e-bay. There is a chance to issue a guarantee, ask the technical support of the manufacturer. We go to the Russian-language site LG and see in the menu "Help in choosing."Help will come from the leader in the sales segment of washing machines.

Step 1 at the choice of the washing machine

Select the desired item, get to the page where the Korean giant offers 4 technologies:

  1. Six movements of care - 6 Motion. Recently there was no term in Russian. Today, every student understands: the engine of the washing machine is able to perform six basic movements that help to wash, rinse, press, straighten naughty underwear on the drum. Direct drive( without a belt) equipment reduces weight, increases capacity. According to the manufacturer, the technology is more durable. Want to make sure: try to inquire in the store about the warranty on the engine. They give three years - a good indicator. Otherwise, do not focus on durability.
  2. The True Steam feature strikes things with steam. In many washing machines, this is how light dirt is cleaned and clothes are refreshed. Microbes, parasites are killed, smells disappear, fat is partially destroyed. The option is interesting. Inquire at the store( advertising is silent) whether things get rid of the aroma of powder. You must admit that it is unpleasant to sleep on a bed soaked in detergent. At the same time, evaluate the readiness of the managers of the company( before purchase), the compliance of their words with reality( after testing equipment).Decide on the reliability of the store. For LG, steam is supplied - as advertised - right during the wash with water.
  3. The depreciation system of LG is now new, leaves more space( along with direct drive), increasing the tank. In the menu, the option is not called Big-in. Let us take a risk to assume: the newly emerged qualities with well-established English-language names are trying to adapt to the domestic market, but no intelligent word combinations have been invented. However, in the pop-up hint the term Big-in slips, suppose that in the future information about washing machines will become more digestible and descriptive, as in English.

Step 2 at the choice of the

washing machine In the second step, with the options already collected, it is recommended to select the spinning speed. This is, of course, the maximum figure.800 is a bit small, and 1000 will fit. Please note, this affects the price, do not be zealous, experts say - the high speed of the washing machine drum spoils things during the spin cycle.

Step 3 on the choice of the washing machine

As we have said repeatedly: the dimensions of washing machines in the sense of class are graded relative to the depth. For example, ultra-narrow reach 33 cm in depth, less rare.

LG with established specific qualities and a speed of 1000 turns does not have such models. The minimum depth is 44 cm, this is a narrow machine, the norm is 60. Choose the size of the installation site, and go further, where it is proposed to specify the load of linen.

Step 4 on the choice of the washing machine

How much to load the laundry into the washing machine, decide on your own. Excellent help electronic kitchen scales for products. Turning on, do not forget to reset. For the narrowest model( our choice), LG offers a load of 3.5 to 11 kg, a wide range that satisfies any user. The company offered 74 models for the maximum number, the choice is sufficient. Let's look at the result.

The results of the selection of a washing machine

Washing machine specifications led straight to a long list, kindly provided by LG.We will review the printed version, we will evaluate the result. The version is small in scale and inconvenient, but contains a dozen of the most relevant, in the opinion of the company's employees, samples. We hope frankly - the criterion for evaluation was not the price, as is customary in stores and dealers. Now let's see the list by turning the mouse wheel or dragging the page by the slider on the right side of the screen.

LG has kindly provided the names, but without price tags. Yes, there is a button “Where to buy”, which is thrown to the address, but I would like to see the recommended price of the manufacturer, mentally outlining the framework of financial possibilities. Follow the first link. You can choose a washing machine according to the parameters of LG, and for money. ..

Model F1203CDP is equipped with a dryer, True Steam is present. Experts felt the function is not so mandatory. Misunderstanding is permissible, look at the price. Baby is available at a price of about 28500 rubles - not cheap. Say business class. When loading 6 kg, the choice does not fit the specified. .. The requirement, therefore, is also optional. Summary: the company is trying to help choose the best washing machine, but if nothing is found according to the criteria, a whole list of things available on the counter is issued. We recommend:

When choosing a washing machine in the manner indicated above, do not overdo it with the requirements. It is more reasonable to make a list, listing all characteristics according to importance, and then begin to ask one or two and watch the results.

With the spin of the washing machine order. LG has decided to circumvent the Samsung and provides a 10-year warranty on the engine. So, advertising is not lying, feel free to take. The good news is a boot detector inside. This equates to fuzzy logic( Fuzzy Logic) - detergents are spent on purpose. The choice of automatic washing machine in favor of the model is correct, but the price bites. To a big disadvantage of the site we assign the system of information submission. In the technical characteristics of the model options are marked with a bold line, similar to a dash. The second on the list of washing machines model F10A8HD5 looks better on a clear and clear table. Lack of localization.

Choosing a washing machine is not easy. According to the specified criteria there was not a single model, hence the long list. We believe that readers will have better luck, we told you how to choose the right washing machine. And ask specific experts about specific options. For example, in the table Foam control refers to the dosing of powder. Sometimes the criterion determines the degree of contamination.

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