Pear variety Autumn Yakovleva decorate your garden and delight you with delicious fruits

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A very tasty Autumn Yakovlev pear, the description, photo and planting which will help to grow this healthy fruit with the healthy autumn Autumn Yakovlev pear, the description, photo and planting which will help to grow this healthy fruit with the healthy autumn Autumn Yakovlev pear, the description, photo and planting which will help you grow this healthy fruit and produce this autumn fruit Yakovleva, which will help you to create this healthy fruit, and also help you to create this healthy fruit with a good pear, autumn Yakovleva, and you will be able to grow this healthy fruit with a healthy harvest. The tree is famous for a large number of crops and the absence of various diseases, if properly care for them. A new variety of fruit was obtained in 1974 thanks to breeding work on the crossing of the Bergamot Esperen + Daughter Blancova. The authors of the work were well-known professors P. N. Yakovlev and S. P. Yakovlev. Autumn Yakovleva gained popularity since then, and every second household plot pleases with its juicy, not tart fruits.

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The tree reaches 15 meters in height and has a rounded crown. The density of the foliage is large enough, exactly the same as shoot formation. This fact leads to a heavy crowding of the crown, which requires, subsequently, frequent pruning. Brown shoots are wide in size, slightly arched. The leaves are large blades directed upwards. They have a wedge-shaped base and elongated stem.

Fruits originate on the fruit twigs and collar stalks. The description, a photo of a pear Osenayaya Yakovlev, confirms that this variety produces a stable large-scale harvest. The volume pear-shaped form of the fruit has a light emerald color, the sunny side of which is always browned. Medium-sized peduncle thick enough to withstand weight up to 170 grams. Open cup. A tiny saucer has a faint ribbing. Egg-like big heart with closed chambers, having large brown seeds.

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Long-stored Autumn Yakovleva pear variety. Its exposure can reach 75 days at a cool temperature.

The second half of August is famous for the rich yield of the pear under consideration. Stability and abundance of fruits can be hedged by planting several pollinators alongside. Lada and Avgustovskaya - varieties most suitable for this case.

Autumn Yakovlev is so prolific that pears are formed even on thin stalks.

Planting and care

Planting and caring for Autumn Varna Yakovleva pears needs to follow certain actions to grow healthy and fruitful trees.

March is the month of crown trimming. This type of care is needed to curb the growth of tree branches, as well as to stimulate the formation of new buds and fruits.

End of April is famous for spraying, which helps get rid of pests and fungi. Inta-vir, Fury will help to cope with this task. In May, the tree asks for additional feeding, the role of which is perfectly fulfilled by urea, nitrate, nitrogen, copper sulfate, and boric acid. In the summer time, especially in hot weather, pear plants need to be watered abundantly. In September, the trunk of the tree must be painted with iron red lead, in order to avoid some diseases.

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To prevent fruit-tree diseases, such as scab, you need to buy quality seedlings or cuttings. Prophylactic treatment with mustard mortar around the trunk is also recommended. To do this, 50 grams of powder should be dissolved in 10 liters of ordinary water. To fill in the received medical means the earth.

Scaby fruits and leaves should be burned, and the ashes should be buried as far as possible from the garden.

When to plant a pear Autumn Yakovlev? The most acceptable time for planting is spring and autumn. If it is more convenient for you to make a landing in the fall, then this action needs to be done about a month before the onset of frost. The size of the pit for planting should be 70 cm deep and 100 cm wide. It is advisable to fill the bottom of the pit with walnuts with wooden shells and add mineral fertilizers. Pour fertile soil over the fertilizers, and only then plant a seedling. It is impossible for the roots of the future tree to come in contact with fertilizers. Planting a pear is not recommended next to corn, sunflower. Such plants are able to take all the utility from the soil itself. The presence of groundwater near the planted tree will lead to its death.

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Disadvantages and advantages of

Autumn Yakovleva pear, description, photo and grown fruits make it known that, like any other variety, it has advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Frost-resistant( up to - 25 degrees), but requiring wrapping before the onset of cold weather.
  2. Drought resistant.
  3. It has a predominantly pleasant taste compared to other varieties.
  4. High Yield.
  5. Stable fruiting.
  6. Long stored after the breakdown.
  7. is fortified.


  1. Ductile scab.
  2. Requires frequent pruning of the crown.
  3. Late fruiting.
  4. Large tree sizes.

Pear Autumn Yakovlev, reviews of which are numerous, and mostly only positive. Gardeners who have this variety on their possessions recommend growing it with a special scrupulous approach. And only then can you enjoy the fruits of this beauty.

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