Electric kettle with thermostat

When it comes to the electric kettle with a thermostat, people ask - how does the device differ from the thermopot? Both devices maintain the desired water temperature, bring it to a boil.

10 differences between an electric kettle and a thermoburn

  • Any thermoblot is positioned as a portable device. There is a wonderful pen, for which the owner is able to grasp. The wire is usually retracted in a niche or wrapped around a special ledge.
  • Thermopot is constantly supposed to be transferred from place to place, because the container is sealed. Slight tilts will not cause water to splash out. On the contrary, electric kettles with a temperature regulator are equipped with a convenient side fixed handle to easily pour water over the edge.
  • Drain thermopota arranged in a special way, reminiscent of a samovar. Substitute the bottom of the glass and fill with boiling water. Electric kettle with thermostat does not differ from the standard product.

  • Water from an electric kettle is discharged naturally by tilting the container. In thermopot installed pump. Two whole - manual and electric. Initially, the drive was installed from a push button, later progress took its toll. The pump is duplicated, which means it has increased reliability.
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  • The thermopot is made as a single unit, an electric kettle with a thermostat often consists of a tank and a stand.
  • In a thermopot within three temperature control programs, this is rather the rule. Electric kettles are much more diverse. For example, Vitek models show 5 thermal conditions, each one is labeled, for which tea is better to use.
  • The shape of the case of a thermopot resembles a cylindrical one with a cut out segment under the cup. The devices look like brothers, resemble a bucket with a lid. Most have a scale for assessing water levels. Electric kettles are much more varied, it is possible to find models with a glass case that do not leave a plastic aftertaste in tea.
  • The rate of water boiling in a thermopot is usually small, the device is more likely aimed at maintaining heat, rather than quickly heating water. The electric kettle is much more advanced in this regard.
  • Thermopota body is made like a thermos, it stably keeps heat. As for electric kettles, instruments have a typical design.
  • The profitability of a thermopot directly stems from the previous feature. This is a kind of electric kettle-thermos, saving energy spent on heating water.

The principle of operation of the

thermo-bathsA number of key elements are monitored:

  1. temperature meter with sensor;
  2. memory block with recorded sequences of actions;
  3. control panel for setting modes;
  4. printed circuit board containing electronic components that ensure the interaction of these components.

According to a given program, water is heated. For manual control is an electronic touch panel, located on the stand under the kettle.

Vitek VT1113

The transparent body of heat-resistant glass allows you to see a fascinating picture of boiling water. This design attracts environmental friendliness in the first place. There is a known case when a plastic or metal kettle leaves an invincible taste in water. There are no formaldehydes or nickel here; for allergy sufferers, the Vitek VT1113 electric kettle will be the recommended choice. Glass - the material from which the dishes are created for a long time, discourage health concerns.

Naturally, there is no heating scaling inside. Instead, it flaunts a flat metal bottom, an extra plus. Such electric kettles are durable. At the spout is an additional filter for water. If it interferes or is simply not needed, it is permissible to exclude the indicated composite element from the structure.

A convenient scale of divisions on the glass case allows you to pour the right amount of water. The sturdy, curved handle is made as one piece from the plastic insert, and the special shape of the container simply will not allow such a solid construction to fall out. Tapering up walls securely hold the structure.

In Vitek VT1113 there is a regulation of water heating in the kettle. To do this, the stand is equipped with a touch control panel with six modes:

  • temperature maintenance;
  • white tea 60 ºС;
  • red tea 70 ºС;
  • green tea 80 ºС;
  • black tea 90 ºС;
  • boiling.

When turned on, the keys light up, which is convenient in the dark. Note: tap water should be boiled before drinking. The next time you want to drink white tea is not required to bring the kettle to boil. Naturally, it is unprofitable to measure the temperature with a thermocouple, but even by simply triggering yes-no logic you will not get by. How is the evaluation mode, the description of the kettle does not say. It is hard to believe that this is a standard thermocouple, to accurately measure this type of sensor, you need to know. .. the temperature at the cold end, and this is the second sensor.

It is difficult to say how exactly the algorithm is implemented; it is possible that the process is constructed using thermal resistance. In this case, to know the climatic parameters of the room is no longer required. The temperature of the water in the kettle will change the value of the current flowing through the meter.

It is permissible to press the buttons several times at a time. If at the same time press down the maintenance of temperature and any mode of tea, the specified parameters will be maintained indefinitely. This is convenient when you periodically come to the kitchen to drink a cup, and time is limited.

Rolsen RK3509G

Electric kettle with a thermometer embodies incredible ideas. The Rolsen model allows you to brew tea, coffee, any herbs. To do this, a special filter is built under the cover of the electric kettle, where the raw material is poured.

The further scheme of work resembles a geyser coffee maker with one exception. The water in the channel is pumped. So, the liquid is brought to the required temperature - and for the exhibition there is a special touch control panel - then water passes directly through the special opening into the filter. The lid is made of transparent glass, you can see how a hot jet hits coffee or tea leaves.

In contrast to the previous model, it is permissible to set the temperature with a certain step, but there is a limitation. The specified mode is maintained for only 20 minutes. It makes sense. The glass case of the electric kettle preserves the taste, but keeps the heat far from the best. With prolonged operation, energy consumption will be large.

With a capacity of 1 liter and power of 2200 W boiling occurs quickly. A durable handle allows you to comfortably use an electric kettle. Due to the circular contact, the product rotates 360 degrees around the axis.

Electrolux EEWA 7500

In this curious model, the control panel is located on the handle. A relatively small stand is equipped with only a 360 degree circular contact. The rest of the electric kettle is located on the handle. The touchpad turned out to be supercompact. There are three buttons and a digital indicator. The range of operating temperatures of 50 - 90 degrees.

Under the thickened knob there is a scale with backlight showing the water level. This is convenient: during the boiling period, the electric kettle glows green, when water reaches 60 degrees - blue, after 80 - lilac, 95 - red. At the same time, numbers are flashing indicating the value on the indicator. When the water is boiling, the electric kettle signals the end of an acoustic signal, squeaking thinly three times. The display goes out.

The instrument case is made of stainless steel with plastic inclusions. An ordinary stand, if the element breaks, you will not have to buy a new electric kettle.

The cord is retracted into the base, the spout is equipped with a water strainer.


Thermostats for electric kettles provide a general list of functions: boiling, heating to a certain temperature and maintaining the resulting state. In this case, the controls are often placed on the stand, but there are exceptions, as shown slightly above.

Such models will not be able to compare with thermal losses in terms of efficiency, however, in terms of speed, these devices overtake. Electric kettles are not aimed at saving, they are intended to drink a hot drink and go about business further. In most models, the time to maintain the temperature is limited, sometimes calculated in minutes. For comparison, thermopot is able to store boiling water for days. This is considered normal.

This information is enough to decide which kettle with thermostat to choose. Or get a thermopot.

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