DIY Infrared Heater

Let's see how to make an infrared heater with your own hands. The choice of two methods: heating the conductor with electric current or using the energy of the combusted gas. Both methods are used by amateurs to achieve a result.


Infrared heater is quite useful for lovers of water hunting.

Task setting

Obviously, it is difficult to carry heavy loads, you have to forget about the diesel generator and 230 V on ice. Correct to burn gas. For those who want to use blue fuel outside the apartments, two types of containers are sold filled with a combustible source of energy:

  1. Threaded.
  2. Collet.

The first ones are similar to small-size fire extinguishers, cylinders with rounded tops and threads for wrapping nozzles, for example, a burner. The gizmo weighs in order, it is not cheap, I don't want to take a fishing trip.

Collet resemble a bottle of dichlorvos, small, light, each with 400 g of gas. Enough for 4 hours. Consider how to use the product in the composition of the infrared heater, made by himself.

In the store you will see the burners in the form of special tips on the cylinder. Include:

  • pipe with flange;
  • divider convex hemispherical shape;
  • perforated saucer( burner);
  • four thick steel wire brackets for fastening.

The product is intended to warm water, fishing, light a cigarette. It gives plenty of heat, the standard models have a power of 1 kW, in the form of a heater will not fit. Close-close, you will need to bring your hand to the side to make the heat felt. Heat goes up with the air flow.

Creating an infrared heater

An infrared heater works in a known manner. The main part is a body heated to a high temperature, radiating waves invisible to the eye, giving heat to surrounding objects:

  • halogen or quartz lamp;
  • steel pipe;
  • ceramic grille.

We offer to use a homemade mesh design. In the store, buy a ready-made infrared heater made of steel in the form of a nozzle on the balloon, today we will try to make an analog yourself. You will need:

  • a piece of galvanized steel, for example, from a window sill;
  • tea strainer;
  • cut steel mesh with small mesh;
  • pair of hose clamps;
  • copper bus a couple of centimeters wide;
  • a dozen rivets;
  • of tool: hammer, pliers, metal chisel, scissors, screwdriver, drill and drill.

Let's be equal to the factory version. The cylinder with a height of 10 cm and a diameter of half is provided with side walls made of steel mesh, the base of the same material, a hole for the entrance of the flame is cut into the bottom. Inside stands on the "floor" "tea strainer", turned upside down. It remains to repeat the product.

We cut out from the galvanized steel the bases slightly larger in diameter than the sieve. With the top just - a circle with four small petals, equally spaced from each other in a circle. In the future, they will be bent down under 90 degrees for attaching to the rivets of the side wall.

Bottom base of a much more interesting shape. There are four petals, later they will be bent upwards at 90 degrees for fixing the grid, plus four small troughs evenly spaced between the petals, which should not be bent. Each is a copy of the petals with slightly curtailed edges. These petals will be needed to attach the fixture to the burner for the four steel brackets made of wire, already mentioned.

In the lower base a circular hole is cut in the center for fire. The strainer is fastened in different ways. Make a petal inside, turn up and use the rivet. It now remains to put the parts together, the infrared heater is ready. We are testing.


The connection scheme of the infrared heater is as follows. We fasten the burner on the four brackets, turn on the gas, ignite, enjoy the heat. It is easy to see that the cylinder will freeze in winter and stop poisoning gas. Useful clamps and copper bus. We fasten it so that it touches the cylinder, adjoins one end of the burner, not allowing the gas to freeze. For the complete set we buy a stand for the collet cylinder. Inexpensive infrared heater ready.

A vertical and horizontal burner can be used. In the latter case, wear a woolen old sock on the balloon to keep the gas out of the cold.

Comparison of

In the stores we will meet a portable infrared heater from China. What is not suitable heater:

  1. weighs over 2 kg in the collection.
  2. gas freeze protection.
  3. Takes a lot of space.
  4. Uses expensive threaded cylinders, when freezing, siphon propane into the tent.

If you are carrying a fisherman's box on yourself, it is more logical to make an infrared heater yourself.

Infrared heaters for home

Today it is fashionable to create branches of heating that are independent of central heating systems. The owners go in three ways:

  1. Traditional water heating with a boiler, a pump and radiators.
  2. Air heating, combined with a branch of ventilation.
  3. Thermostatically controlled infrared heater kit.

Experts believe that infrared heating is relatively safe. Quartz lamps are considered the only type of devices that do not heat, giving off heat due to radiation.

Rumors about the creation of a new generation of heaters. Transparent semiconductor deposited on glass, with the passage of electric current, the element begins to emit in the infrared range. The technology is similar to LCD monitors, where the tracks driven by the sweep signals are transparent. This is a true breakthrough, the creators are already dreaming of possible applications.

Having bought similar glass, we will replace stained-glass windows, glass of cases, partitions. Represent - the house where warm rays go everywhere. Infrared heaters for placement do not require space, are easy to assemble and dismantle, do not spoil the interior appearance. The difficulty is only in the creation of rotating contacts - since the doors are constantly opening and closing.

This is difficult, we will try to make an infrared heater for an aquarium based on the products described. You will need glass, glue for it and invented elements for a pair of walls. Dignity - the ability to heat the fish in complete darkness, equip the device with a thermostat to maintain the climate in automatic mode.

So, we glue an aquarium out of glass pieces; we equip one or two walls with heating elements with electrodes to the outside, and if necessary, we coat them with waterproof varnish. It remains to connect the wires, adjust the thermostat, run the fish. Infrared radiation is also useful for living organisms. Fish and the owners will be satisfied.

Information about infrared heaters

Not all infrared heaters affect surrounding objects. Using the energy of the burning gas act on a different principle. The heating element of the infrared heater is heated to a high temperature until it becomes warm around. In the presence of a mediated scheme of heat transfer:

  • with energy to the central element;
  • with a central element of the surrounding objects.

By the way, a heater designed for a tent is of a light type, with open flames visible. The main benefit, however, lies in the steel mesh. We will see dark infrared heaters, where fire and hot products of combustion move inside the steel pipe. A distinctive feature is the relatively high temperature. We will not call infrared heaters central heating radiators. The temperature is relatively low, the lion's share of energy is dissipated by convective means. Do not try to make dark infrared heaters on their own, it is not safe. It is better to experiment with water pumps and heating elements.

Some people mistaken for infrared heaters underfloor heating. We love the Heat-insulated floor - heats legs when walking, not at a distance. Infrared radiation has nothing to do with it. A significant role is played by convection, which blows warm air from the floor upwards.

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