Electric heaters

Infrared heaters are considered economical. We will discuss the possibility to spend as little money as possible on the solution of a specific task. In this context, we consider electric heaters economical. As can be seen from the text, for different cases the answer varies.

Economical Infrared Heaters

It is known that infrared heaters are economical. Let us take as an example a number of situations when the statement is appropriate. It is believed that the efficiency of the infrared heater exceeds 95%, which means that the same amount of heat is obtained from the supplied power. And it does not mean heat. Electric power consumption by a heater is a secondary matter, efficiency and application features are connected to the case. Infrared suspended models are used in the Smart Home conglomerates due to their safety and suitability for regulation by external teams.

The most economical heater for the bedroom.

A person wants to lie on the bed in the bedroom to be warm and cozy. The rest of the room doesn’t care much for the sleeper. Doctors say that going to bed at 22.00 is useful when the temperature in the bedroom is 18 - 20 degrees. At the same time the humidity in the room should not be in the range outside 40 - 60%.These indicators are favorable for humans, blocking the growth of mold, which reproduces better at 70% relative humidity. The electric circuit of the heater includes a nichrome or ceramic helix placed in an inert gas medium and supplemented with a reflector on the back side. It turns out ultralight, but fragile product.

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In the case of a bedroom, a ceiling or wall-mounted infrared heater is better suited. If you hang the unit above the bed so that it covers the required sector with an emphasis on the legs, the temperature of the bed will rise. The bed will be warm, the air will remain cool. Of course, it will heat up due to secondary convection from pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets, but only slightly.

Immediately advise: take bed linen of a dark color. Indigo( color of the summer sky), azure, burgundy, brown, black, emerald. In such materials, the absorption spectrum is much more powerful than that of traditional white.

Heard, how climbers get water on the top of the mountain? In the mountains of wood, you have to use a spirit lamp or gas appliances. Equipment drags on the back, the smaller the better. It is enough to scatter the ashes along the slope facing the sun, so that the snow immediately began to melt and release moisture. How to collect in a pot - is the second thing. Invented irrigation canals for irrigating mountain fields, arranged in a similar way. To avoid avalanches, snow cap knocked down by explosions. Planes fly over a dangerous area and scatter ashes. The snow cap melts on its own.

What is the cause of these phenomena, what is the connection with economical infrared heaters. Absorption spectrum of materials is not the same. Snow reflects the lion's part of heat and dissipates. It is necessary to sprinkle snow with dark ash, as the lion's share of solar energy begins to be absorbed. As a result, thawing is provoked. In the bedroom with an economical infrared heater is exactly the same. The darker the color of the bedding, the more energy the bed will absorb, the rest will dissipate. Note that the power of an economical infrared heater can be further reduced if you smartly buy pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers. You should not try to heat a non-thermally insulated water mattress, the fluid has an incredible ability to absorb energy.

The first energy saving advice given is to take dark underwear on infrared heaters on the bed. In addition, heat is saved when we light only the bed with the device. There is an effect - the humidity in the room decreases not so rapidly, which means that it is easier to sleep. Infrared heaters show low power consumption, help appliances do the work, choosing the right bedding and limiting the lighting sector. When energy is transferred by radiation, the reflector concentrates heat in a small area of ​​space.

An infrared heater in this context( bedroom with bed) was compared to an oil radiator of equivalent power. The first coped with the heating of the bed faster, plus the air turned out to be colder. This is consistent with the advice of physicians. Remember the recommended air temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Doctors do not prohibit to warm the bed.

The most economical bathroom heater

The bathroom has restrictions on the use of electrical equipment and heaters.230 V socket is prohibited. Often used in the bathroom washing machines, but the products are made by a special technology that minimizes the risk, for example, Americans put these appliances in the basements and kitchens. Special measures are taken to prevent leaks. And always carrying is out of reach of water.

Note! Electrical appliances with a power of 230 V AC are placed no closer than 60 cm from the boundary of the aquatic environment( sinks, bathtubs).Sockets connect through differential automatic machines.

What to do in the latter case. The heater is specifically designed for use in a wet environment, there will not save. A line of electric plinth heaters has been launched; there is no alternative today. The housing and the ceramic heating element of the devices are made taking into account the risk of water ingress. Not just individual drops, but a significant amount of liquid. Of course, with the purchase please specify. Firstly, because of the presence of fakes, and secondly, they produce imitations.

Electric plinth heater looks like a long package, which easily includes a fluorescent fluorescent lamp. The body is made of steel, a series of holes are cut so that the warm air rises up. Such devices are advised to save on the insulation of external walls, however, the method seems doubtful to us. After all, sometimes electricity is turned off. Savings on building materials will go sideways builder.

Look for the meaning. Imagine a wall of arbitrary material. In the media separation region, a temperature gradient arises( the direction of increasing magnitude).It looks like this:

  1. Outdoor air.
  2. Outer part of the wall.
  3. Interior wall.
  4. Inner Air.

Heat goes in the opposite direction of temperature increase - from the inside air to the environment. The process of trying to fix the insulation, violating the gradient, raising the temperature of the outer side of the wall to the inside. When exposed to the condition of energy loss violated. Manufacturers of electric plinth heaters have come up with an outlet:

  • If electric skirting heaters are placed along the perimeter of the outer wall, due to natural convection of warm air vertically upwards, the inner surface of the building will begin to heat up.
  • This will break the uniformity of the temperature gradient given above, the inner surface of the wall, equipped with electric baseboard heaters, becomes warmer, as the air in the room is even warmer. Consequently, the leak is eliminated.

Here is the savings due to electric plinth heaters. Construction materials, labor of workers cost money, considerable. It is estimated that electric plinth heaters will spend much less energy over a number of years than the cost of the factors described.

We believe that the calculations are doubtful:

  1. It is not known how much heaters cost, the cost should be included in the consideration.
  2. When installing electric baseboard heaters, calculate that the freezing point is outside the wall. At the slightest negative temperature it is almost impossible to do. Insulation retains heat in the house and extends the working life of the wall. Each material is tested at the factory for a frost resistance indicator, on which the durability of the structure directly depends. Warming the building, the builders take out the zero point of temperature beyond the supporting structures. Otherwise, constant freezing and thawing cycles undermine the strength of the structure. Using electric plinth heaters, it is possible only to try to reduce the heat insulation layer and save on this.

Innovative Ideas:

Economical Electric Heaters A rumor recently spread that a new electric film heater was invented. These have already formed the basis of the complex Underfloor heating, sometimes hanging on the walls in the form of panels. Feature of innovation - the product is transparent. So, it is possible to make the system Warm window glass and Warm mirror in the bathroom. Heat even gives furniture, if they solve the problem of supplying electricity through the hanging hinges of the doors.

Considered the demanded types of electric heaters from the point of view of economy. We add that for garages and country gatherings useful gas infrared heater. Be careful with fire!

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