How to choose spare parts for a washing machine

When you need to buy spare parts for washing machines, sometimes you can not find the right one. There is a task - what to replace. For the answer, you need to know which units the washing machine consists of, how the parts function in a single complex. Today we will talk how to choose spare parts for the washing machine. We will not touch the codes, the concept is known to few. In addition, getting the original is not always possible.

Complete set of the washing machine

Surge filters of the washing machines

A power filter is located at the power supply circuit at the input of the washing machine. The detail protects the internal units a little, rather, it protects the external circuit from arcing of the collector engine. If you look further, the electronic unit is protected by its own filters, now from the sparking of the own engine of the washing machine. The block in question is a cylinder insulated from moisture.

However, it was possible to see a power filter, where the four terminals are plate-shaped, and the slot for the fifth is left in a sealed end, but the wire instead of the terminal is removed separately. Strange humor. From the sealed block got a leaky trough.

The filter is often located in the far right( upper) corner, away from moisture. It is often fastened with a nut to the case, includes the removal( fifth wire) of the ground. With it comes the voltage of 60 V directly on the chassis of the washing machine, it is not dangerous. Especially if the equipment is properly grounded. A light bulb was connected between the 60th frame and the ground. Did not catch fire.

If you find a similar phenomenon after replacing, do not be intimidated. So that the hostess does not kill, do the grounding terminals zero in the socket. This removes potential from the hull.

Information for buying a washing machine filter:

  1. The device diagram of passive elements is drawn directly on the case. Therefore, it is permissible to try to restore, repairing an existing part or assembling its own.

    Surge filter of the washing machine

  2. The washing machine works without a surge protector, the home network is at risk. Especially expensive electronics.
  3. It is not necessary to buy exactly the same mains filter as the previous one. It is permissible to build his characteristic in special programs or ask on the forum. Details are made for 220 V supply voltage and typical frequencies.
  4. The surge protector looks like a decent sized cylinder made of steel or plastic.

Belt washing machine

Belt transmission and still used in the manufacture of washing machines. On the tank, the pulley detects a large diameter, on the engine - a small one. The drive shaft is equipped with circular protrusions for two purposes:

  • increasing the area of ​​contact between the belt and drive;
  • position adjustment along the front axle of the washing machine.

When removing the top cover of the washing machine, the belt with the pulley of the drum is visible. See if the gear is centered, it’s easy to tweak if necessary, moving it from the tubercle to the tubercle of the shaft. If the belt is crooked, it is likely that the depreciation system of the washing machine gave up the slack. This happens gradually.

It is possible to buy a belt for a washing machine in the store. The main thing is that the length is exactly the same, and the profile coincides with the old one. Readers ask whether it is permissible to put the engine a little further. Crooked motor is able to work properly for some time! Tension is easier to determine: compare the length of the belt when worn and removed. Focus on the values ​​obtained when installing the engine.

Belt washing machine

The cost of the belt is 180 - 1100 rubles.

Engine washing machine

In washing machines used collector engines at about 10 - 11 thousand revolutions per minute. This ensures stable operation even in the spin mode. It is easier to buy brushes for the washing machine, graphite electrodes with springs. It is permissible to grind a part to size, gently sand. Gradually, the brushes grind in, wear off after years. Badly pressed, they cause increased sparking and excessive noise.

engine collector. A key feature is the shaft under the ribbed belt, those bumps and pits that help not to slide at high speed. In principle, we can use any engine for the required number of revolutions, which detects two modes:

  1. Low revolutions for washing.
  2. High spin speed.

Often the number of revolutions per minute on the body is not written, it is possible to indirectly calculate by measuring the diameters of the pulleys and estimating the gear ratio. Then look at the maximum spin mode - this is the rotational speed without a cutoff at the maximum. As for washing, do not be lazy to make a video, allowing to evaluate the parameters. Perhaps, the engine of any similar model with the specified gear ratio on the pulleys and spin speeds is suitable. Here it is difficult to give advice, evaluate yourself.

Engine for washing machine

Oriented and power. Indicated on the motor housing for washing and spinning. On the new motor, choose numbers not lower. Power is calculated based on the gear ratio of the pulleys, the diameter of the drum, the maximum load. If the engine at the previous speed does not develop the required number of watts, it is not recommended to install a replacement part.

Most of all, replacing with an alien model arises difficulties when docking. The engine is not designed to mount with the standard units, you will need, sorry for the expression, prisobachit.

Talking about the engine, we mention - there is thermal protection inside. The washing machine will not energize the windings if the fuse is blown out. Often visible right on the magnetic core. Call the appropriate contacts before searching for a new replacement engine. An additional pair of contacts belongs to the tachometer, sold as a separate part. The fault is fixed by the error codes or a special LG system based on the use of a smartphone.

Electronic Board of an

Washing Machine If it is not too expensive to buy a pump for a washing machine, replacing an electronic module can cost you a pretty penny. This cost is sometimes comparable to a new product, especially if you take home appliances for the stock. The electronic board contains a typical switching power supply unit, a relay and other parts that the sensible radio amateur can test for operation.

Add, the electronic board will have to buy the original, a set of programs and modes is unique for washing machine models. Much easier to deal with old models, where there is a timer-programmer. This is a clock, according to the readings of the set of gears, which close or open the required contacts. The mechanism is amenable to repair, if there is experience in setting up hours.

For search, please note that the part is capable of being called a block, a board, and other synonymous words.

Not every dealer places the code in the catalog according to the manufacturer’s designation; you don’t need to think that the modules are unusable. Other electronic boards are sold under the firmware: it is required to lay the programmer inside. Depending on the indicators, the module will work in the selected washing machine. Therefore, before choosing a spare part for a washing machine, specify the details. In selected cases, the dealer will agree to independently record the program in the device’s memory using the serial number of the equipment.

Buck and drum washing machine

Buck washing machine determines most of the settings. Dimensions:

  • engine;
  • weighting;
  • connecting hoses and clamps;
  • cuff;
  • TENA.

If you can’t find the original spare part, it is recommended to choose the product where the heating element will be. The distance of the motor shaft from the center is adjusted according to the products before replacement. Before you buy a drum for a washing machine, make sure that the part will fall on the crosspiece. The shaft is clamped by two bearings: front and rear. Everything must be worn tightly, disassembled with light blows of a mallet( or a hammer through a plate).To buy bearings for the washing machine will have to learn how to use a caliper. Often dealers deviate from the standards of the Russian Federation, however, lead decoding of their own catalogs. For example, three digits through the separator X denote the inner, outer diameter of the bearing and height.

TEN washing machine

TEN washing is required to exactly fit the installation dimensions. There are several temperature regimes; a thermocouple or thermal resistance is used as a sensor. This is easily determined, for the selection of non-original spare parts you will need to measure the readings in all washing modes. For example, 30, 40, 60, 90 degrees. How to do this, think for yourself. The temperature sensor of the new heating element must be identical to the old one.

Do not forget to choose the right power. This is not so important, but we believe it is better not to risk it. Now readers know how to choose and buy the heating element for a washing machine.

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