Which heater is better to buy

The article will review the main types and types of heating devices, having analyzed in detail the principles of their work, the composition of the devices, their price category and safety class. After reading it, any freezing in the home appliance store will go, clearly realizing and choosing a model that fits the necessary requirements.

Modern heater

Gas and electric modern heaters

It should immediately stipulate the power - how many kW required. Large heating area - more power is required. Private houses, of course, the area of ​​more apartments, and hence the heating costs will be more. Owners of large private cottages are familiar with the concept of "consumption quota".The number expressed in kW is ordered according to the electrical project( energy supply) of the house - the owner must not exceed the heating quota. Exceeded( above the quota) value of energy consumption at home is charged separately. It turns out - to heat the house with electricity is too expensive. Arguments:

A 30 kW capacity is required for an average 300-square-meter house( according to regulations).

In order to establish a comfortable room temperature for a similar house, 40 to 50 convectors will be needed.

30 kW - this is a big figure - the state will not give such a quota of consumption. For comparison, the three 65-inch plasma panels consume 2 kW.

Even if you take a Side-by-side refrigerator, a personal computer, a home theater, a speaker system, a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher and a washing machine, together consume a maximum of 10 kW of energy. Now remember how much we will pay for the new project of energy supply to the house, how much they take for each extra kW / h that is spent in excess of the norm. The above calculations show that it is unprofitable to heat a private house with electric heaters.

The question immediately arises as to which gas to choose - gas heaters are produced for natural and liquid blue fuel. Heating with liquid gas does not require a yellow pipe to enclose the house - the stroke is expensive and unaesthetic. Natural gas, if there are yellow pipes circled around the house, will be cheaper. Now houses are often heated by boilers - they work on any fuel.

The leader among heating materials today are coal and wood. Problem areas of the house for heating wiring, equip with infrared ceiling heaters - work well, saving energy and lighting the space. In this case, the priority of the selection of fuel is:

  1. Natural gas.
  2. Electricity.
  3. Liquid gas.

Ceiling heater

For heating problem areas of the house we recommend not convectors, but infrared heaters installed on the ceiling.

Selection of heater power

Now for the choice of power. We have an energy project of the house, where the quota is written in kW.We consider the total consumption of household appliances, and we take into account devices that turn on periodically: vacuum cleaner, stove, iron, microwave, convection oven, etc. When subtracting the total energy of electrical appliances from the quota of the energy project, we obtain the value of power that we will spend on heating. The rest of the area is heated with gas, firewood - anything!

For example, take a look at the Yandex Market and take there a fine fireplace for 20-30 thousand rubles, where you can also cook food. This miracle of technology is fueled by forest firewood and gives a heating power of ten kW.

You can choose inexpensive models of fireplaces that heat a room with liquefied gas for occasional use. One should take into account the high cost of liquefied gas - however, entrepreneurs who pay a higher price for electricity should compare the price of liquefied gas with the tariff for electricity and choose a profitable one.

Oil heater for home

The above described applies to the apartment, but the limit of the shield, laid down by the project, look in the documents on the apartment. The procedure for calculating the power of the heater is the limit of the distribution meter minus the total power of the instruments.

With regards to the type of devices, infrared will save space and energy, because they have the ability to be mounted to walls and ceilings, and also, in addition to heating, provide space lighting. We remind you that in the middle lane there is 100 W of heating energy per 1 square meter of a room. The refined figure depends on the project and the operating conditions of the building. The figure fluctuates. For the southern regions it is 90 W, for the Far North - 200 W.

What type of heater to choose

It is easy to identify the best manufacturer of heaters by visiting Yandex Market. On the right side of this popular online catalog are the best brands of manufacturers of heaters. Catalog data is based on statistical data - which brand of heat appliances is bought more often. Word of mouth in action.

The oil radiators heat the room efficiently, however, after heating with an oil radiator, the air becomes dry, which adversely affects health. Why the oil radiator dries the air - the simplest fact is to blame: the oil heater, like a heating radiator, is endowed with a pronounced infrared component of heat transfer. The issue of excessive drying can be successfully solved by a modern oil heater with a chimney effect. Humidity increases due to the capacity of water - with increasing temperature, the specific gravity of the vapor increases.

Electric heater

In addition to oil heaters, there are many other types of heaters - convectors, wind blowers( fan heaters), oil heaters.

For residential premises we recommend to buy a household heater with a humidifier. By the way, electric fireplaces belong to the infrared family, we do not exclude that it will be possible to find a device with a humidifier. The question is - what kind to choose.

  1. For accelerated space heating - convectors or fan heaters.
  2. For zone heating - ceiling mounted infrared heaters.
  3. For drying things - oil heaters.
  4. For the benefit of health and home comfort - mikatermicheskie heaters.
  5. For long life, buy a plate-type room heater.
  6. Fireplaces will delight in the form of decoration, and no one denies practical properties.
  7. Gas creates a lot of heat and requires the discharge of combustion products.
  8. Finally, the warm floor and warm ceiling do not spoil the appearance of the situation.

These are the main types of heaters for the home. See and think which heater is best to buy. As for the garages, cold cottages, nature, autonomous equipment dominated by diesel or blue fuel dominates there. Buy outdoor heater will have for picnics, get-togethers, night cafes with tables outside. Please note that the selected species can not be called a cheap option. It is allowed to use also furnaces which are issued in pleasant decorative registration, heated with firewood.

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