Repair thermopot do it yourself

Objectively asserting, seeing the minimum price limit of the device is 1300 rubles( Eldorado), repairing a thermopot with your own hands you consider it ungrateful. Products rarely break, new ones are supplied with a guarantee( store, manufacturer).For those who wish to repair the thermopot with their own hands, industry, making a living, repair, suppliers will provide spare parts separately for various modifications of the device.

The metal body that protects the thermo-sweat must not be heated by water. The serviceable product is equipped with a pump, controlled by a mechanical button( trivial pump), or electric. Thermopot modes function properly for any duration of operation. These signs characterize a properly working modern analogue of a samovar. Deviations show thermopot breakage. Even a sticking button.

The power supply fee for the Vitek thermopot costs over 800 rubles. Textolite carries:

  • transformer;
  • diode bridge;
  • several resistors, capacitors.

A typical getinax substrate is supplemented with a pair of active elements, mainly transistor switches. The new VT-1187 thermoblock costs 2,000 rubles, 1,500 rubles for control and power boards( 25% difference).A pump at the price of $ 30 will shake the will of a seasoned repairman as solid as a rock - an uneconomical event. Remained a strong desire to carry out repairs thermopot own hands? Let's start by inspecting the power cord.

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Power Cord

Thermopot housing is fastened with several screws: unscrew the fasteners by first unplugging the plug. Inside the block is detected, we begin by visual inspection. Burnt parts inside the thermotube accurately indicate the location of the breakdown. The cord is carefully separated, called by a tester( diode mode).Revealed wire malfunction thermopot repair will not delay.


A typical thermal circuit contains two printed circuit boards:

  1. Power.
  2. Manager.

Both master will inspect, revealing the presence of swollen capacitors, burnt resistors, unusable fuses, broken tracks. Defective radioelements are replaced with new ones, soldering, contacts are restored by tinning.

The first study concerns the presence of fuses, the integrity of elements. If the replacement fails, a new element burns out - the problem is caused by electronic stuffing. Thermal shock is affected by a short circuit( sharp uncontrolled increase in current).

The resistor rating is defined by color bars. A typical problem is to detect the beginning and end of marking.

Hint: there are special sites containing tables of various types of resistance designations. Get access to the resource by filling the search engine with the simple phrase "marking resistors online."The direction of the stripes is determined by the fact noted: a fixed set of colors are found on one edge.

Electrolytic capacitors damaged notice easier - the cylinders swell. Beginners looking for ways to repair a thermopot are interested in the appearance of a broken tank. The answer will come automatically, only a faulty capacitor will be caught. The appearance of the cylinder is thought: barrel 100% swollen. Especially the sidewall bulges( imported cut crosswise).

It is more difficult to test with diodes, but the semiconductor burns less often( silicon keeps temperatures below 150 degrees Celsius).Vypayayte element, ring out on both sides. The arrow marking indicates the direction of flow of positive charges( lean against the positive probe of the tester).

The broken board tracks must be sandpapered, scraping off varnish. The shiny surface is tinned( soldering iron), joined in, covered with solder. Will serve for decades. Mechatronics master repair and works. ..


Thermal pump pump serves the purpose of supplying water through the faucet. Manual, electric modes are possible. The design formed by several simple windings will not present riddles to experienced electrical engineering. In pairs, contacts are ringing, otherwise for the mentioned Vitek 1187 you will have to pay out $ 30, looking for a new pump. It will not be superfluous to check the pump removed from the thermal fleet for suitability by setting the necessary voltages to the control windings. Remove the required 12V from batteries, car battery.

The required voltage provides computer power supplies.

Heating elements and thermal switches

Flat sheets of metal, equipped with terminals, are not recommended to try to replace with homemade ones. The cost of heating elements on the shelves starts at $ 45.

Protection against overheating is provided by bimetallic type thermal switches. Thermopot characteristics are determined by the control part. Usually several thermal switches, one controls the parameters of water, the second - protection against the inclusion of an empty tank. In the latter case, the heating element acquires a temperature above 100 ºС, opens the power circuit.

The surfaces of the tank, the flange of the temperature switch are in contact. To improve the contact, a special paste is used, similar to the covering area of ​​a PC processor cooler.

The principle of the sensitive element is as simple as possible. Noting the fact that the controlled medium has reached a certain temperature, the contacts of the thermal switch open. The parameter value decreases( 15 - 30 ºС) - the conductivity is restored. The type of components is difficult to find, once having read the description of the thermotube, the part body is marked accordingly. The latter will allow to find the right spare part.

More often than not, the manufacturer is not satisfied with the above protection scheme, supplementing the equipment with thermal fuses: small cylindrical parts, tightly pressed to the tank wall with strips( brackets) glued. Having fixed the achievement of the critical temperature by the metal capacity of the thermotube, the fuse blows, further work is impossible without replacement. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully inspect the product for similar damage.

The serviceability of a bimetallic contact( room temperature) is checked by a dial. Drop out the part before the procedure. Normal conditions leave contacts short-circuited.

Typical problems

Most thermopots operate a battered electrical circuit, allowing you to isolate typical trouble signs for units:

  1. The device does not turn on, there are no signs of life. Checking the health of the power cord, fuses, thermal switches.
  2. The water does not boil when poured, the re-boiling button is operational. The bottom thermal switch broke.
  3. Reverse situation: the reboiling button does not work. The elements of the electronic filling are to blame. It is necessary to trace the circuit, starting from the power source, to the circuit earth.
  4. There is no main heating, order with auxiliary. The heating element, or the electric circuit feeding the supply circuit, has burst.
  5. Dumb supply of water. Two options:
  • Blown additional heating element, the situation is diagnosed by the absence of standby heating.
  • Faulty pump motor.

What are the thermosweets

To top it off, we want to introduce the reader to the varieties of thermal pots. We will discuss models that the search engine stubbornly hides, ignoring the apparent attractiveness of the product. The costs of SEO-promotion unfairly distribute the issue.

Ceramic thermopots look a little( and material) from the teapot from baked clay. VC-3230 with a volume of 1.2 liters, the traditional three temperature conditions, a convenient stand that accommodates the control panel. Why does the manufacturer use the services of potters, making the body thermopota? Environmental friendliness. A popular word today. More harmless materials are unknown to mankind than the shards of burnt clay used for millennia.

Thermopots are designed for small gatherings. Water boils in seconds. Minutes are enough, get 1 liter of boiling water. The option is ideal for housewives who squatted to forget household chores.

Japanese manufacturer Zojirushi will help those looking for an elite thermo sweat: it presents smart models with teflon-coated heaters, microprocessor-controlled. The kettle will please the host with the desired water temperature, in the morning heats up the liter in advance, controlled by the timer team. Electronics achieve convenience thermopot, a lot of energy is saved.

Thermopot Delta is a representative of budget options. For $ 39, I will be glad to warm water, to serve as a portable thermos. The model provides global properties of the considered class of household appliances, including water dechlorination, three temperature regimes, a removable cover.

In the mid-price segment, the typical representative is the Hotter thermo sweat. Covering a niche of $ 80, models are perfect for offices, apartments.

Taking the tool

. The internal structure of household thermopots is different. But the simplest models are surprised by the similarity and simplicity. Scarlet thermopot repairs can be performed according to the standard scheme, while the Zojirushi microprocessor technique will not tolerate interference.

It is necessary to soberly assess your own strength, do not try to solder a microchip that requires a heat gun with a 150-watt soldering iron. It is necessary to master the main techniques of working with electronic components that are afraid of static electricity, high temperatures.

Performing work will require tweezers, a tester, a voltage-voltage screwdriver, a soldering iron. The minimum list will kindly prompt on any forum of radio electronics. In the same place, ask for advice on correcting the identified defect.

As it is impossible to grasp the immensity, it is impossible to list with one review recommendations for all cases of how to repair a thermopot with your own hands.

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