Is induction cooker harmful to human health?

  • What it is and how it works
  • Is it harmful to health
  • Advantages of induction hobs
  • How to reduce harm from an induction hob

Induction hobs have an elegant, sophisticated look and add a touch of modern style and good taste. Many people prefer this option, but there is a part of society that has concerns about the safety of this stove. Let's see what is induction stove? How does it work? And is it harmful to human health?

What it is and how it works

Induction hob - a kind of hob. Their efficiency is almost 90 percent, approximately 50 percent in gas stoves, and 70 percent in electric stoves.

The principle of its operation is as follows. From the power source( outlet) to the plate current flows. The flow of current passes into the inductive coils, as a result of which an electromagnetic field is generated around their windings. Thus, when the dishes come into contact with the surface of the induction cooker, they are heated. However, there is a special requirement for the dishes.

For the implementation of heating, the bottom of the dishes must be made of ferromagnetic alloys. Due to the contact of the plate with the bottom of the dish, heating takes place.


harmful to health? The Japanese were the first to start a discussion about the dangers of this technique, among which this technique was the most common. Of course, the question was publicized and was widely heard. Many scientists processed this information, in particular, the Swiss progressively worked.

From scientific research, it follows that with proper and proper use this technique cannot harm or be more dangerous than other similar devices. Of course, such recommendations apply to all technology. Non-compliance with the terms of use is dangerous to human health.

Follow the instructions and recommendations for use. They need to be carried out, as with any other household appliances. For example, it is impossible to heat food in a microwave oven in a metal or gilt dish. For the purpose of fire safety, it is not recommended to leave the iron on, etc. Induction cookers are no exception, just follow the manufacturer's recommendations and there can be no question of any health hazards.

Of course, there are cases when the equipment, although to a lesser extent, can cause a negative impact on the condition of a certain category of people. These are specific cases where, due to a disturbance in the body, the doctor may recommend that certain instruments be avoided.

Advantages of induction plates

The modern appearance of the plate is not its only advantage. Proof of this is a couple of very significant benefits.

  • Energy Saving. If we talk about energy consumption, the induction cookers spend one and a half times less than electric cookers, and the heating rate is much higher. And also there is an automatic shutdown mode after stopping cooking.
  • Safety in operation. It is hard to even imagine, but in the process of cooking you can not be afraid of getting burned, the surface of the plate does not heat up. Recall the exchange of energy occurs between the hob and the dishes. At the same time, since the moment the dishes were removed, the hotplate will be warm for a few more minutes, and after that it will cool completely. And also there is no risk that the stove remains on as you forgot to turn it off. If you remove the dishes from it, it turns off automatically.
  • Environmentally friendly and minimal heat dissipation. In the process of cooking does not emit combustion products, as in the case of a gas stove, as well as the fact that the stove surface is not heated in the kitchen will not be so hot. This is an important point, because sometimes the kitchen during cooking turns into a very hot room. Under such conditions, cooking becomes absolutely not comfortable.
  • Easy to care for. Imagine that in order to wash it you do not need to remove any gratings, or wait for the stove to cool for a long time. Just arm with a rag with washing and light movements wipe the surface.

Sometimes, in the formation of persistent pollution, you can apply special tools and scrapers that will cope with the task delicately and without damage.

Of course, depending on the models and firms, different plates have a number of features that help in cooking. For example, such as a timer, auto power off and so on.

How to reduce the harm from the induction plate

To prevent a negative effect on the body, scientists recommend to follow these rules:

  1. Choose the right dishes. If metal utensils with a ferromagnetic bottom are provided, then this should be used. On the packaging or on the bottom of the dish should be special marks about the possibility of its use.
  2. The bottom of the dish should completely cover the burner. Then the energy output will be only between them.
  3. Do not use containers whose bottoms are convex or damaged.
  4. The distance of a person from the panel is recommended no closer than 20 cm, which will save from radiation. Studies have confirmed that at this distance the magnetic field is equal to zero.
  5. Proper selection of inventory. Better spoons, shovels to choose wooden, plastic and discard metal.

In this case, we can conclude that this technique does not create a real risk. And all the talk about the dangers to human health - this is more a myth than a reality. And if you follow the recommendations for its operation, the myths are completely dispelled.

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