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Infrared heaters are popular, there is a choice. There are many modifications. If you need a mobile floor option for two people, fit mimatermichesky, close enough space for a dog - like animals electric heaters. Infrared heat is harmless, spreads in a straight line, does not affect the air. You can’t warm yourself from a central heating radiator at a distance, so the main feature of infrared heaters is the radiating surface. More often the plane, in gas lattices from steel, ceramics are used. The choice of infrared heater depends on the place, purpose of application.

Features of infrared heaters

Before choosing a good infrared heater, study the theory. The radiation propagates in a straight line, the power flux density depends on the body temperature. The body is colder than the environment - will not radiate. The body in nature absorbs energy, radiates. Equilibrium is formed. For infrared heaters is the last case. The optimal temperature of the radiator for normal conditions of an apartment, garage, residential, non-residential premises is 500 ºС.The subject dimly glows, the peak of power falls on the infrared spectrum.

For most bodies, the power flux density on the graph looks like an asymmetrical mountain, the left side( towards the lower frequencies) is steeper. For the sun, the maximum is green. Green calms the psyche, it is recommended to paint the walls in kindergartens in the salad. Red infuriates bulls, not all colors are distinguished, not recommended for bed linen.

Glowing spirals of infrared heaters is a side effect in an effort to get the peak of the spectrum at the desired wavelength. Humanity sees the right slope falling on the glow. The main part of the energy is felt by the person tactile, skin, body surface. Infrared radiation penetrates the pores. At 5 centimeters penetrates the heat of a person, it is useful. Grandchildren were treated according to the recommendations of the grandmothers, sitting in front of the portal of the Russian stove. The heat is unbearable, difficult to resist. Runny nose takes a couple of sessions. The rays of infrared energy penetrate the skin, enter the nasal cavity, heal tissue, improve blood flow.

It is used in medicine. The use of infrared heaters is definitely helpful. The impact measure depends on the degree of heating of the body. The hotter, the greater the power flux density, the peak is higher in frequency. Peony Ceramics do not glow, but quartz heaters will allow you to find a given direction at night. Another aspect of fragility: lamp models are relatively easy to beat. Peony Ceramics are equipped with a metal radiator, which are not afraid of shocks.

Today it is considered to be fireplaces as an ornament, in fact gas models are invented, where there are ceramic grates for radiation of heat. The fire heats the clay, the clay - the room. In apartment buildings it is impossible to do. Installation options are teeming with recommendations for the installation of through coaxial pipes into walls. Residents of the first and last entrances to the rooms bordering the side of the building have a chance to achieve permission, the other inhabitants have little chance.

What are good infrared heaters

Technical characteristics of infrared heaters shine unprecedented efficiency. We are accustomed to counting how much we spend on gas, but it is forgotten that the combustion device doesn’t yield even 95% by the principle of operation. The best engines are not capable of this, the heat is thrown out. In fireplaces, the temperature of the combustion products is needed to create thrust. In condensing boilers, there is not even close efficiency of 96.5%, which is produced by a quartz lamp. When the combustion products give up heat and condensate flows into the tank, the energy will be spent on the rotation of the blades.

Get ready to overpay compared to the calculations, the stock is difficult to predict. Plus fireplaces in the high lattice temperature. Heats in the cold and in the heat. Fans of imitations are encouraged to purchase a steam generator on a piezoelectric element. It does not give heat, but in reality the fire is difficult to doubt even from close range. Fireplace imitations do not refer to infrared heaters( like real ones).Inside there is a spiral blown by a fan. A warm stream exits through the slots on the front side of the heater.

We want to convey to our readers a brilliant idea:

Infrared heaters radiate heat like the sun. You can put an aquarium between you and the device and still feel the heat.

If the reader used aerogrill, this is a typical example of an infrared heater. Although cooking is convection, when the relay clicks, the skin of the chef feels the heat through the glass. An infrared emitter under the hood conveys the rays to a person. Efficiency decreases. Convection oven creates sensations arising when cooking roast on a fire.

Infrared heater carries the rays. Why do not we feel the body heat of the film ceiling, Peony Ceramics? The power flux density is low due to the low temperature. Gradually, the impact is on. This applies to heating objects, therapeutic effect. The invisible effect from the point of view of recovery is more useful, the device acts slowly, creating a powerful basis.

Manufacturers of infrared heaters often go too far, creating a fantastic picture. It is necessary to study the effects of equipment on the animal, human organism. Pay attention to the healing effect when choosing an infrared heater. The possibility of heat stroke should be taken into account. Infra-red heaters with a hot emitter, a reflector, create a strong directional heat flow, which upon prolonged exposure:

  1. Disagreeable for a healthy person.
  2. A select circle of people is dangerous.

Locate infrared heaters so that the main radiation power passes away from the permanent location of people. The devices are relatively hard to regulate: zero inertia, thermostats measure the air temperature. Will print the head imperceptibly. Advantages of infrared heaters:

  1. High efficiency.
  2. Low inertia.
  3. Directed Properties.

Different types of devices are endowed with qualities differently. The quartz lamp is an ideal representative, the inertia of the fireplace is small, the efficiency is less than 90%.Micatermic devices give the lion's share of heat due to convection, resembling oil heaters. Ceramic plates are used, the body creates channels, the heating element is cut to increase the area of ​​contact with air. Remove the cover - you get a mikatermichesky heater.

Disadvantages of infrared heaters are conditional. Be clear on the application of the device. Household appliances are always endowed with virtues, if you bother to see the pros.

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