What is the freshness zone in the fridge?

  • How do foods in a freshness zone last longer?
  • Dry and wet freshness zone - what's the difference?
  • How to understand that sellers are replacing concepts?
  • . Cons of refrigerators with a fresh area.
  • . What do popular manufacturers of equipment
  • call a freshness area? How to store products in a freshness area?

Freshness zone in the fridge - what is it? Really useful thing or another advertising move? Opinions of people about this feature vary dramatically, but we will try to give you the most biased answer.

How are foods stored in the freshness zone longer?

Saved, fact. And you don’t need to listen to skeptics and homegrown gurus who chuckle: “This was invented. .. What else is the zone of freshness? And then the rest is what? A zone to ignore? ".

In this compartment, the temperature is maintained at 0 ° C, whereas, in the usual compartment of the refrigerator, the cooling range is from +4 to +7, and in the freezer it is already below-zero temperatures.

The freshness zone can be compared in functionality with the showcase of a butcher shop, there is the same degree of cooling. It allows you to keep food fresh, preventing the decomposition and development of bacteria, while not a single drop of freezing.

If the degree is slightly higher or lower, this result will not work, no way. There is also an opinion that there is no need in the freshness zone. Say, expose the total temperature of about +1 - + 2 and you get a zone of freshness, not overpaying, and, moreover, not one box, but the entire refrigerator.

So - this is nonsense. If you do this, the refrigerator will “order you to live a long time.”Well, it is not intended to constantly work at too low temperatures. There is an optimal “plug” for it - +5 - + 6 degrees, and all the other functions are calculated from it: autofreeze, power consumption, engine depreciation. ..

Therefore, of course, you don’t cost anything to “save” in this way. Only very soon you will need to buy another fridge. So count how much you will save in the end.

Dry and wet freshness zone - what's the difference?

Manufacturers offer refrigerators with such functionality in two versions:

  • Dry freshness zone
  • Wet freshness zone

Some units are equipped with one of them, and some with two at once. Of course, those with both zones are much more expensive. But with one, too, the refrigerator will cost more than usual by 50%, no less.

So is it worth overpaying?

In our opinion, it is worth. Let's first consider these two zones in practice, then you can see for yourself that the advantages are obvious.

Wet zone of freshness - designed to preserve vegetables, fruits and greens in their original form for quite a long time. Even green onions lay, not turning yellow, for at least 1.5 weeks, whereas, at normal temperature, on the third day it begins to turn yellow, and on the fourth day - to rot.

If you put washed vegetables in there, they are also well stored, but in the usual way - they dry out instantly or the process of decay begins.

Dry zone of freshness is a compartment for raw meat and fish. In the usual refrigerator, you know, literally on the second day, the meat begins to become covered with a sticky layer and deteriorates. Immediately - no! You can put the purchased piece of meat and do not rush to cooking, it will not disappear in a week. And it will not be necessary to freeze, thereby, deteriorating the taste and depriving it of moisture.

Or, for example, a frequent case: I thawed a piece of meat, planning to cook, and then, suddenly, the plans suddenly changed and there was no time left for cooking. And you have to put the product in the freezer again. And after double defrosting, there will be no meat at all.

And on such cases, a freshness zone falls to the courtyard.

Buyers, who have such a function in their fridge, unanimously agree that this is a convenient invention. Maybe out of a hundred percent, only one did not appreciate the benefits and does not often use this compartment. And this is not a study of British scientists, and opinions from open access on the Internet: forums, blogs. That is, they are not biased and in no way resemble the bragging tricks of marketers.

How to understand that sellers are replacing concepts?

Perhaps skeptics say it is based on the fact that they had to deal with the pseudozone of freshness. Yes, there is.

Taking advantage of the fact that this is a popular innovation, in some stores they unscrupulously refer to the freshness zone as ordinary boxes for storing vegetables, which are located, as a rule, below, closer to the freezer. And due to the fact that the boxes are more or less closed and are in the coldest part of the unit, the vegetables are stored there better than in the upper compartments.

But, this has nothing to do with this zone of freshness! And put there a piece of meat, it will disappear as quickly as in other places of the refrigerator. Even faster, due to the fact that there is poor access to air, but not a vacuum, not at all.

So, how do you determine that the seller is making a pang, calling the zone of freshness is not at all what you want? However, it may be that he himself does not really know. Therefore, as they say: trust, but verify!

Purchase of a refrigerator is a purchase not momentary. Therefore, we recommend that you first go to the store, look at the model, remember the characteristics. And already at home, find the official website of this brand and read real information on it. On branded sites they will not lie and embellish; this is not at all to their advantage, since an honest name is undermined. A store to lie, as we sneeze. So, check and check again.

But besides this, you should know exactly what a real refrigerator with a freshness area looks like.

  • It is never removable
  • . On the back wall you can see separate outlets.
  • Some models regulate the temperature in it.
  • It looks like a tightly closed drawer
  • As a rule, everything is located in the middle of the refrigerator

That is, you must understand that this section is notdepends on the temperature of the refrigerator itself and for it there are separate openings for the supply of cold air.

Cons of refrigerators with a zone of freshness

Of course, it was not without drawbacks. But, in our opinion, these disadvantages are also conditional. Since, they are felt only if you choose the wrong size.

A container with zero temperature takes up quite a lot of space. And, in the place where the door touches it - there are no shelves. This, of course, reduces the usable area of ​​the refrigerator. Pots and jars of any kind will fit less.

But, this drawback is noticeable only if the refrigerator is 1.80 in size. If you take a two-meter, then there will be another, an additional regiment, and you will not have to hardly cram provisions into the chamber.

Another disadvantage of a refrigerator with a freshness zone is the price. But this is already, you know. ..

For the rest, no matter which side you look at, it’s difficult to detect cons. The presence of the freshness zone does not affect the overall energy consumption or the overall operation of the refrigerator.

. As a freshness zone, popular manufacturers of equipment

. Freshness zones are called differently for each brand. First, the foreign manufacturer mainly in our market and the translation of the name is not entirely accurate. And secondly, they, apparently, deliberately invent unique names for better memorization.

So, how do different companies call this function?

  • Liebherr - Biofresh
  • AEG and LG - Fresh Zone
  • Hotpoint Ariston - Fresh Box
  • Electrolux - Natura Fresh
  • Indesit - Flex Cool
  • .

    How to store products in the freshness zone?

    If these are fruits, they can be stored completely unpacked. Moreover, you can put a plate with a salad in the clear. And they will be fresh, not even decay!

    But in the dry zone, intended for the storage of meat or fish, it is necessary to wrap products. Since the temperature is dry and low, a small snow crust may form on the meat and, although there will be no freezing inside, it still draws excess juice from the meat during thawing. It is better to wrap, then this frost will settle on the package.

    Now you know what a freshness zone is in the fridge. And now you will have something to answer in response to the skeptical opinions of "experts".

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