How to open the washing machine during washing

  • The easiest way: the Pause button
  • How to stop if there is no Pause mode
  • How to open if the drum is full of water
  • How to drain the water immediately
  • What to do if the door jammed after the emergency shutdown
  • the right way in critical situations

How to turn off and open the washing machine during washing? There are six ways to do this, but you need to resort to them only in really urgent cases. If you just forgot to report something, it is better to wash this thing next time, since reprogramming on the go is fraught with a rapid failure of the computer board( control module).But let's consider all existing options in order.

The easiest way: the Pause button

I must say that all of the following methods are for front-loading machines, since, in horizontal mode, there is no such problem in principle. There you can open the lid at any time.

So, how to stop with a pause? This function is on almost all models of washing machines, but it is not separate. The “Start” buttons, as a rule, are called to “turn on and off” and temporarily suspend, depending on how you click on it.

If you hold for a long time, then the machine will turn off, but in order for the “pause” mode to work, you need to press once and not for long. But, there are cars with which this button is located separately, which is very convenient.

After you press this button, a minute usually passes and the lock clicks. But what to do if such a function is not provided at all? Read on.

How to stop if the Pause mode is absent

Then you will need to shoot down the program on the go. Rotate the round mode button to zero. That is, put it as it stands before the launch of any washing program, to its original position.

Then turn off the washing machine from the network and wait for the lock to click. But, these two options are good if there is no water in the drum yet. When the water has already arrived in large quantities, then you first need to drain it, otherwise it will all spill out onto the floor.

How to open, if the drum is full of water

In this case, you need to use the “Drain” mode first, and only after the water has left, you can press a pause.

In the event that such a mode is not provided by the manufacturer, Spin mode will help you.

But, sometimes it happens that the buttons do not work at all. But in this case, there is an option how to open the washing machine during washing. An emergency drain program will come to your rescue.

How can I drain the water immediately

This is done manually, and the water is drained through a filter into some kind of container. This hose is located in front of the machine, under the hatch, but it is hidden from the eyes by the bottom panel. It is necessary to remove it and you will see the hose, which is closed with a stopper and lies in a special socket, in a collapsed state. Remove it, remove the cap and drain the water into the container.

If there is no hose, then there is a plug in any case. Of course, the hose is much more convenient, and without it, the water gets on the floor, therefore, you need to spread a rag in advance.

And, of course, after such a manipulation, the program gets lost and will have to be re-exposed. Therefore, use this method only in cases where it is extremely necessary. For example, a valuable thing was discovered in the drum, or one that can fade and spoil the color of the rest of the linen. Or, quite a terrible case: a pet fell into the drum and you turned on the wash. ..

In any case, in order to remove a coin from the wash, you should not do all of the above.

What to do if the door is jammed after the emergency shutdown

When you knock the program down, the door is often jammed, even if the water is drained and the modes are set to stop. In this case, you will come to the aid of a special emergency cable, of course, if it exists at all.

It is located in the same place as the emergency discharge hose: under the decorative panel on the front of the machine. Usually it is bright and it is impossible not to notice it. Just pull it and the door opens. You can not even say "Sim Sim open", should work without it.

If it is not, then the matter is much worse. In this case, try to open the lock with a thin spatula, certainly flexible and thin. It must be inserted into the gap between the door in the place where the lock is located( usually where the hatch handle is attached) and try to press.

If this did not help, try opening the cord. To do this, throw it around the perimeter of the hatch, take the two ends and squeeze. Will open in the event that the design of the lock is made in such a way that the tongue on the side of the case. And, if on the contrary, then you have to remove the entire top panel of the machine.

The surest way to deal with emergency situations

So, how to open a washing machine during a wash if nothing helps?

Removing the panel, perhaps the best and fastest way for all models. But here there is one "but"!In very rare cases, it is fastened with standard bolts. As a rule, you need special keys TORX, and, for each model - its size. But, as a rule, these are the numbers: T15, 20, 25.

Before you unscrew the panel, drain the water and unplug the device from the network. Unscrew the bolts, remove the cover and remove the lock with your hands.

So, if you do not have special keys, it is often necessary because of such trifles to call the master. Therefore, it is worth buying such keys, just in case. The farm is all good.

But, fortunately, the latter method is used in very rare cases. Usually, the above options are enough. Now you know exactly how to turn off the washing machine during washing and we are sure that you will have no problems with it.

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