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Everything that we send to this world comes back. Creating a tangerine tree at home, a person will spend a lot of effort, especially growing tangerine pits at home. The goal will be to get tasty fruits and give them to loved ones. In addition, each fruit will contain one of the promises - harmony, balance, abundance, love. A man together with a tree promotes the well-being of his family and the world around him. Good motivation!

Why Mandarin Brings Good Asd to the House

Back in ancient China, a guest who arrived gave the owner two mandarins as a wish for well-being. No matter how valuable the main gift may be, tangerines have always been accepted with gratitude. But the departing guest to the hosts was gifted with a pair of mandarins.

According to the theory of Feng Shui in a prosperous home, everything matters and is responsible for the karma of the inhabitants. Tangerine tree in the south-east side of a clean home is a symbol of good luck in business, well-being. It combines green with orange, this combination symbolizes gold. And as the tree grows and is alive, it is a symbol of increasing well-being. How to plant and grow homemade happiness with their own hands?

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Mandarin tree growing technology

Japanese Unicio or Satsuma mandarin can be used for growing under indoor conditions. They grow in the south of Russia. Growing mandarin at home is to get the plant inoculated or grown by layering. Seed they have almost no. But a seedling can be obtained from any variety, and it is to plant a sprout from a cultivated home tree.

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The technology how to grow a tangerine from a stone is simple. First, wet seeds that have been taken from the fruit should be wetted. If there will be many, it does not matter. Not all emerge, only the strong grow. The science of how to grow tangerines from pits is simple. A fertile, loose earth is being prepared. In the conditions of the city, the purchased substrate “Rose” or “Biohumus” will be suitable. The rest of the soil mixtures contain peat and are not suitable for this crop. You can prepare your own composition for growing seedlings and for young plants in the following proportions:

  • sod land - 2 parts;
  • river sand - 1 part;
  • humus or compost -1 part.

For adult plants, they increase the content of garden soil, instead of using humus, use fresh mullein and add some clay.

The whole land is subject to decontamination, including purchased, the dishes also require thorough disinfection in order not to introduce pests to the young ones.

Sow the swollen seeds in a pot with a wet substrate, put in a warm bright place, covering the dish from the evaporation of moisture. Sometimes the surface of the soil slightly moisturize and wait for the emergence of shoots that will be few.

If you need to grow an ornamental tree with small and tasteless fruits, further care is to timely watering, creating optimal light and humidity. If you will create a cultivated plant with your own hands, you will need to leave a few plants, because it is not known whether the vaccination of mandarin will turn out at home. Video how to perform this operation can be viewed on the page. Of the several experiments one is sure to be successful.

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The stock should be two years old and have a thickness of a simple pencil. The sequence of vaccination operations.

  1. Apply a T-section of the bark on the stock root trunk, if budding is done, or split, if the graft is a sprig.
  2. The stock should be young, and recently cut, so that the cambium layer is alive.
  3. After aligning the living tissues of two plants, they are fixed and the resulting plant is closed on top to create a constant air humidity.
  4. After a month, check the status of the stock and gradually begin to train a weak plant to the air, remove the fixing bandage.
  5. After the grafting was successful, remove the remnants of the old stem of the seedling( during budding).

The entire procedure must be planned in advance. A sharp sterile instrument is conveniently at hand. The workplace is clean. Vaccination is done only during the period of intensive sap flow, in April-May and September.

If such long-term cultivation with hand-grafting seems too difficult, you can buy ready-made grafted wood in the store.

Mandarin Care

A young tree begins to grow in a container with a diameter of 7-10 cm, each year during transshipment, increasing the volume of the pot. You can not immediately put in a large bowl, as the roots will turn sour and the plant will die. After 8 years, transplantation is done in a year. Difficulties in transplanting tangerine tree at home in the first years of life does not occur. Later, they try to create such a container so that it is possible to open the bottom and replace the soil partially.

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Top dressing is best applied using special ones designed for citrus plants. At the same time they fertilize at the beginning of summer, thereby achieving an improvement in the taste of mandarins. Fertilizer is applied only to wet ground. For trees that are already impossible to transplant fertilizer irrigation done once every three weeks, including organic fertilizer.

Watering mandarin, the guarantee of his health. In the summer, watering is done several times a day with warm settled water. In winter, you have to water up to three times a week, depending on the condition of the soil.

Mandarin lighting should be at least 12 hours a day, even during the winter months. Therefore, artificial lighting is welcome.

To increase the humidity, frequent spraying with a fine spray is applied, placing near the aquarium or just a container with water. The plant must be bathed in the shower, while it is small. Obligatory procedure will be to remove the dust from the leaves, interfering with the absorption of solar energy.

The pest of the tangerine tree is a red spider mite, whitefly, scythe. You can get rid of them with the help of special preparations, but not by spraying, but by wiping with the composition of each leaf and parts of the trunk and branches. In order to avoid flies and other inhabitants in the pot from frequent watering, the land should be more often loosened and sometimes a weak solution of potassium permanganate should be used for watering.

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