Harvest and unpretentious strawberry variety Baron Solemacher

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Among the summer residents, barber Solemacher is gaining popularity with every passing year. The description of the variety, photos and recommendations for simple care will convince you to become a fan of this sweet forest berry. After all, it's not for nothing that since 1935, when the variety was bred by German breeders, and so far it has been in the lead in the ranking.

Description and advantages of the variety

Strawberries Baron Solemaher is remontant, which means that she blossoms and fructifies several times during the season.

It grows dense small semi-spreading bushes, which reach a height of 20 cm, are compact enough and well lined. Occupies little space, many gardeners even use the plant as a curb during the design of flower beds.

Leaves are a slight light green hue of medium ribbing and wrinkling. They are characterized by gloss, convexity, pubescence and the presence of sharp jagged edges.

It blossoms early (in the central part of Russia flowering is already observed in mid-May). Blooms and fruits from June until autumn frosts. Flowers are small, located on short peduncles. Variety Baron Solemacher is characterized by oboepoloe blooming.

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Berries are small (up to 5 g), beautiful conical shape, dark red, sweet and very fragrant, like real forest strawberries.

Strawberries Baron Solemacher has several advantages:

  • stable high yield;
  • equally well fructifies both in the garden areas, and on the balconies, loggias, and even on the windowsills;
  • good seed germination;
  • resistance to frost and hot periods;
  • the crop ripens earlier than most other varieties;
  • endurance in relation to diseases and pests.

Equipment for seedlings

This sort of antennae does not give (only short stems with small rosettes), so grow strawberries Baron Solemaire from the seeds. The procedure is quite painstaking, but fascinating.

Seed sowing begins from the second half of February or early March, in order to have time to transplant seedlings before the summer heat.

The following inventory and materials will be required:

  1. Capacity for seedlings. Preference should be given to plastic boxes, as the tree is rotted, infected with bacteria and fungal spores. Ideal - special ready cassettes for seedlings with drainage holes.
  2. Polyethylene film (in extreme cases, you can use a culinary film).
  3. Drainage (expanded clay, pebbles, shards of shingles).

For watering seeds and shoots, you can use a rubber pear (small) or a large syringe.

Soil preparation for seedlings

When growing seedlings of patchy strawberries Baron Solemaker from seeds, special attention should be paid to soil mixtures.

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Her preparation begins a few weeks before sowing. It should be fertile, decontaminated and quality soil. You can prepare it yourself by combining the following components:

  • 1 part peat and sand with 2 parts of turf ground;
  • 3 parts of peat (low acidity) and 1 part vermicompost and coarse sand.

Adding biohumus will make any soil more fertile. Its rich mineral composition (humic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and potassium) provides seedling with a supply of nutrients, improves survival, improves growth.

In the soil add wood ash and overgrazed manure, after which 30 minutes steamed in the oven and give time for recovery (2-3 weeks).

Growing seedlings

There are no difficulties in planting strawberry seeds of Baron Solemacher variety. The process and photos are described below:

  1. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in a solution of "Humata" or "Epin" (growth stimulant).
  2. After that, they are dried a little and planted on the surface of abundantly moistened soil.
  3. To maintain optimum moisture, the container is tightened with a film.

During the whole period of cultivation it is necessary to maintain the temperature regime (+18 degrees).

Landing in open ground and care

On a permanent place in the garden seedlings are planted in late May - early June. The site should be chosen high and most illuminated. When disembarking, the distance between the bushes is 30-35 cm.

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To strawberries fructified for a long time and abundantly, it is necessary to perform the basic care measures:

  1. Regular and abundant watering (preferably with warm water). Especially the plant needs irrigation on the eve and after flowering, at a time when berries are tied and poured.
  2. The introduction of fertilizers (in the spring period, in the phase of green ovaries and after the last harvest).
  3. Weeding and loosening of the soil. The amount of propolis can be reduced by using organic mulch, in addition it will improve the air permeability of the soil.
  4. Additional fertilization with wood ash (1 glass per 5 fruiting bushes) is carried out after loosening the soil with rakes.
  5. Preventive spraying of bushes with 1% Bordeaux fluid (early spring, during the period from the beginning the growth of leaves before the extension of peduncles, after the beginning of bud separation, flowering and harvesting harvest).

Interested in the description and photos of strawberries varieties Baron Solemacher? This plant is worthy to occupy a site in your dacha. With proper care, every year it will please the generous harvest of berries.

Strawberry Baron Solemacher on the site - video

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