Marking of washing machines Ariston: interpretation of symbols

Deciding to buy a washing machine, you are eager to learn as much as possible about its design and functions. In addition to the instruction, manufacturers place special stickers on the body - the marking of washing machines "Ariston".

In the encrypted code, information is hidden that allows the buyer to choose one or another model. In this article, you will learn how to properly decrypt the coding of the Hotpoint Ariston.

Marking of washing machines Ariston: interpretation of symbols

Content of the material:

  • 1Marking of washing machines "Ariston interpretation of symbols
    • 1.1Models "Ariston" Digital Motion
    • 1.2Ariston AQUALTIS Series
    • 1.3Classic Ariston models

Marking of washing machines "Ariston interpretation of symbols

What is the serial number on the body of the washing machine? They can vary depending on the type of SM.


Initially, the washing machines of the Merloni concern were produced under the brand Ariston. But after the merger with the company Hotpoint, the brand was to be renamed. Since in Russia and CIS countries the "Ariston" stilalkas were in high demand, the name did not begin to be removed, so today one can meet the machines of Hotpoint Ariston.


Models "Ariston" Digital Motion

As an example, consider the encodingRST 703 DW.

  • The first letter R denotes the type of engine. In this case, it is a direct drive motor Direct Drive. The engine is attached directly to the CMA drum, so the noise level is reduced, the vibrations are minimized. The service life of such an engine is several times that of a collector. The absence of a drive belt reduces the number of repairs. Therefore, pay attention to this when buying.
  • The next letter S denotes the depth of the enclosure. This is a narrow model of the washing machine. If you specify the letter P, then the depth of the shell is standard.
  • The third symbol T: the presence of a display and the corresponding electronic type of control.
  • The number 7 denotes the capacity of the drum. You can load up to 7 kg of laundry at a time. If 5 or 3 is indicated at this point, the download is appropriate.
  • The last two letters DW indicate the design of the machine.

Ariston Digital Motion Models

Ariston AQUALTIS Series

A more perfect range of washing machines with enhanced functionality. Explanation on the example of the modelAQS0F 05S CIS.

  • The designation AQ indicates a series of stylals - AQUALTIS. It can also be QV.
  • The next S symbol means that the sponge body is narrow. Unlike standard models, narrow ones have their advantages. They can be installed in rooms with limited space. However, it is believed that closely located inside the parts wear out more quickly.
  • The number 0 means that the capacity of the drum is 6 kg. The same value is the number 1. In other cases, the symbols exactly correspond to the load volume. For example, 7 means 7 kg, 8 - 8 kg, 9 - 9 kg, 10 - 10 kg, 11 - 11 kg. 86 = 8 + 6 kg (including drying), 97 - 9 + 7 kg (drying), 107 - 10 + 7 kg and 117 - 11 + 7 kg (drying).
  • The letter F indicates the type of control of the washer.
  • The combination of the 05S symbols denotes the design of a specific model.
  • Letters at the end - CIS - prompt the country producing the AGR. In this case it is Russia.

Consider another example: the Ariston modelQVSE 8129 U CIS.

  • QV, as you understand, means a series of AQUALTIS releases.
  • Next comes the letter S. As in the first case, it indicates the depth of the shell. This is a narrow washing machine.
  • Then the differences begin. The symbol E indicates the method of controlling the washer (electronic, mechanical).
  • The number 8 indicates the degree of loading of the drum. This model can accommodate 8 kg of dirty laundry.
  • The number 12 will tell you the spinning power. In this case, it reaches 1200 rpm.
  • The number 9 denotes the design of this series.
  • The letter U indicates the color of the loading hatch.

Ariston AQUALTIS Series

ModelAQ XX MD 12 9 HS HA, where:

  • AQ - as always a model, a series.
  • XX - capacity, kg (X - 6 kg, G - 8 kg, S - narrow on, kg).
  • M - the presence of drying. Maybe LF is an auto detergent for detergents.
  • D - LCD display, L - LED, F - digital display.
  • 12 - spinning power 1200 turns.
  • 9 - Super Silent. There can also be 5 - No Super Silent, 8 - 3-phase motor and tank lighting.
  • H - additional box.
  • S - silvery color, PI - pearl.
  • On - the brand Hotpoint Ariston.

In addition, new characters may appear in this series, depending on the functionality:

  • D - Touch LCD.
  • 4 - spin to 1400 revolutions. 8 - 800, 0 - 1000, 2 - 1200, 6 - 1600 revolutions per minute.
  • 2 - energy saving A 20%, 1 - A 10%.
  • W - load sensor.
  • B - the screen in Russian.

From the new series there are such markings:AR M XX D 12 9 S .L.

  • AR - a new aesthetics.
  • M - drying, T - vertical loading.
  • XX - capacity, as indicated above.
  • D - LCD display.
  • 12 - speed of revolutions (multiply this figure by 100 and get the maximum number of revolutions).
  • 9 - quiet work.
  • S - silver color.
  • .L - assembly in Lipetsk, .R - assembly in Poland.

Classic Ariston models

Here are the washing machines of the past years of production. Usual drive motor and equipment. The marking indicates the type of loading the machine.

Let's decipher the value of the codeWMSF 6080B CIS.

  • The first two letters of WM indicate the way the laundry is loaded - the front one. If AR is specified at the beginning, then the load is carried out vertically.
  • The combination of the symbols S and F, as before, is unchanged: a narrow SMA with a certain type of control. For example, F indicates a small display, L - LED, G - large screen, D - LCD display.
  • The figure 6 denotes the load volume of 6 kg. It can be from 4 to 10 kg. Also there are such indicators: 86 - 8 +6 kg (with drying), 97 - 9 + 7 kg and 107 - 10 +7 kg with drying.
  • The next two digits of 08 are the number of revolutions per minute. This model is capable of pressing laundry at 800 revolutions. Still there are indicators 06 - 600 rpm, 0 - 1000 rpm, 2 - 1200, 4 - 1400 and 5 - 1600 rpm.
  • The number 0 indicates the design of the body of the stylalki - white. S - silver, K - black, B - white with a black hatch.
  • The penultimate letter B denotes the color of the hatch. For example: X - stainless steel, BS - white with gray hatch, BX - white with stainless hatch.
  • The last letter combination of CIS indicates that the machine is manufactured in the Russian Federation.

Now you can navigate among the symbols and numbers. When choosing the Ariston technique, pay attention to its marking.

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