Characteristics and description of early ripe varieties of tomato Muscovite

Moskvich Tomatoes belong to the early ripe, cold-resistant, high-yielding and determinantal varieties. The time of ripening of the crop from the first shoots is about 3 months. The bush reaches a height of 30-40 cm in open ground, and under a film cover up to half a meter .The variety has become very popular in those regions where there is a short and cold summer. A detailed description and characteristics of this tomato can be found in this review.

  • ContentsCharacteristics and description of the variety Moskvich
    • Moskvich is grown in the open and closed ground .
    • Moskvich is recommended to start planting tomatoes to inexperienced gardeners, since they are not whimsical with , do not require , and easily cope with the vagaries of the weather.
    • Fruits of medium-sized , a rich red color, have a juicy and fleshy flesh with a small amount of seeds. With all the rules of care, one bush can collect about 3 kilograms of fruit.
    Early ripe variety of tomato Moskvich
    • Muscovite - this is medium variety , the weight of one tomato is 60 grams.
    • The ripened fruits of have juicy pulp with a loose and not hard skin. Taste - rich and sweet.
    • Variety Moskvich well transported .
    • The unripe fruits of successfully reach at home.
    • Tomatoes are used in salads, used to make juices, sauces, and are also ideal for preservation.

    Pros and cons of the variety


    1. Grade - determinant, short and cold-resistant .
    2. Suitable for preserving , cooking salads, sauces and juices.
    3. Does not require staking and does not need the garter.
    4. Moskvich resistant to diseases and climate change.
    5. Ideal suitable for inexperienced gardeners .

    There are no deficiencies in the variety.

    Growing Tomatoes

    1. Seedling can be grown in the ground brought from the garden ( after sterilizing it) or sowing the seeds already in the ready nutrient soil.
    2. Seeding carried out in the middle of spring.
    Planting tomato seeds in a container for
    1. seedlings For quick seed germination, you need to create greenhouse conditions , maintain the required temperature( 22-24 degrees), keep the air humidity and provide sufficient lighting.
    2. In order to obtain strong and healthy seedlings, it is necessary to to seed it in separate pots in a timely manner after the appearance of two true sheets.
    3. It is necessary to plant seedlings to a permanent place. is only after hardening. To do this, it is left in the open air for 5-10 minutes, this is done only after the top layer of the earth completely dries out.
    4. When the frosts pass, the dive and hardened plants are transplanted to the beds.
    5. Get the first harvest possible on 100 day after emergence. Productivity lasts until the end of August, depending on climatic conditions.

    Rules for planting seeds and seedling care

    Before sowing, planting material must be prepared. To obtain healthy and strong seedlings, seeds are first soaked for 20 minutes in a weak solution of manganese, and then treated with a growth stimulator, dried and planted in a nutrient soil.

    Before planting, tomato seeds are soaked in a weak solution of manganese.

    About 6 days can pass from sowing to germination.

    For good seed germination you need:

    • Make micro greenhouse .
    • Place the seed box away from the drafts on the well-lit area .
    • Watering is carried out from a spray bottle with water at room temperature.
    • After emergence, seedlings are opened, taken out to a warm place, and are watered once in 5 days .
    • The seedlings are picked at the growth stage of several true leaves. Dived plants watered only after the upper layer has dried.
    Picking tomato seedlings into separate pots
    • At the time of active growth, the plant needs organic and mineral supplements .Organic fertilizer can be prepared from eggshell.


    • crushed egg shells
    • into the jar 1/3 pour out the souvenge of all your homemade food with all your foodTomatoes

      In order to get a rich and high-quality crop, you need to follow the basic rules of care:

      1. Tomatoes are a heat-loving plant. The planting of is carried out in partial shade or in a sunny fertile place.
      2. The best predecessors are: onion, cucumber, corn.
      3. This variety does not need a garter, , as the bush is short.
      Tomato bush Moskvich with fruits on the bed
      1. It is necessary to ensure that the fruits do not come into contact with the ground .
      2. For a good yield of the , you cannot make a close landing of the .The optimal distance between plants is 30-40 cm from each other or 4 bushes per square meter.meter.
      3. Every two weeks, fertilizing plants with mineral and organic fertilizers.
      4. Tomatoes varieties Moskvich do not need to be staved , which has a positive effect on the yield of the bush.
      5. Watering should be done exclusively under the root, not with cold water, in the morning or evening.
      6. Weeding is necessary for weeds, which quickly “clog” the fragile seedlings.
      7. To ensure good air exchange, conduct a constant soil accumulation rate.
      Only hardened seedlings and exclusively in well-warmed soil are planted in the open air.

      Disease of tomatoes and methods of their control


      Phytophthalosis of tomatoes

      A disease that often affects tomatoes. Formed due to high humidity and with a constant change in air temperature. After watering, the water evaporates and settles on the leaves as drops. With no treatment, the disease spreads rapidly throughout the bush, damaging the leaves, fruits and neighboring plants.

      For treatment use: Fitosparin or Barrier.

      Spotting dry

      Dry spotting( macrosporioz) tomato

      The disease is caused by - microsporosis. Fungus infects tomatoes due to high temperature. Sick at once the whole bush. Dark spots appear on the fruit, and the green begins to dry. It is possible to cure a bush only by treating the plant with preparations containing copper.

      Tomato necrosis

      Symptoms of tomato stem necrosis

      The disease affects the stem of the plant, forming numerous cracks on it. If you do not begin to save the plant, then it dies before the fruit ripens.

      One can get rid of the necrosis of tomatoes by spraying the solution of Fitolavin.

      A tomato bush can become infected with all sorts of diseases when it is planted early and if the rules of care are not followed.

      Preventive methods

      Protect the bushes from all sorts of diseases by spraying the plants with the following solutions:

      • A half-liter of wood ash can be poured into half a liter of water .Bring to a boil and strain. Pour water into a separate bucket, add ½ a piece of laundry soap and boil for a few minutes. Mix everything thoroughly. With the constant treatment of the bush, the risk of damage to all sorts of diseases is sharply reduced.
      Treatment of tomato bushes from fungal diseases
      • In 10 liters dissolve several tablets of Trihopol and add a glass of milk ka. Prepare the prepared solution to thoroughly treat all plants.
      • Also for the prevention of diseases, recommends removing leaves that grow before the first ovary, as they are primarily infected with fungi and viruses.


      Each tomato variety has its advantages. After planting tomatoes Moskvich in your garden you get a generous crop of with minimal effort and time.

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