Can I wash in a washing machine pillows from bamboo

  • When it comes time for washing
  • The drying time has come
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bamboo cushion In order to have the strength to "conquer the tops", we mere mortals need a good sleep. After all, sound sleep is a guarantee of health. Of course, you can in the old-fashioned way to score a mammoth, lie down on a pebble and fall asleep under the murmur of a stream. But the yard is still the XXI century. And without a good pillow is not enough. For example, bamboo. How to wash a pillow from bamboo, so that it retains its presentation as long as possible? Let's try to find the answer to this question together.

When it comes time for washing

In the crazy world of modern technology, you want to at least be “natural and comfortable” at home. And this desire is fully justified, because whatever one may say, the instincts take their own. With pillows the same. How to wash your favorite bamboo pillow? It turns out nothing is easier.

When washing is unavoidable, feel free to open the washing machine and load your favorite pillow. Choose a program where the washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, and press the "Start" button. And now with peace of mind, go about your business.

Bamboo bedding is not whimsical. You can wash them in any powder. The only requirement - do not use bleach and conditioners. So stop wondering if “Can you wash bamboo pillows in a household washing machine?”, And feel free to act and enjoy the result.

Even easier if the pillow is covered with a cover. Take it off, wash it and that's it. The filler remains safe and sound, and the product will serve you even longer.

The drying time of the

has come. If the washing of bamboo pillows does not cause any discomfort, then things are different with the drying. It is important to know that pressing the product in the washing machine is strictly prohibited. Why? Because it is so gentle and airy that after intensive pressing it can turn into. .. In general, you know, yes?

So, the washed “object of adoration” is taken out of the drum of the typewriter, straightened and placed on a horizontal surface. You can dry it in the sun or under a fan. But it is worth remembering that the temperature of the room where the drying takes place should not exceed 30 degrees.

If you ventilate

In general, washing bamboo cushions in a washing machine( and not only) is not necessary. Sometimes it is enough to air them. Bamboo material has amazing properties. It does not trap dust and does not absorb foreign odors. But regular airing still does not hurt.

There is nothing complicated here. Take a pillow and lay it on the balcony in a horizontal position. Ventilated one side, then the other, and then lie down on it and see beautiful dreams.

How to properly store an

bamboo cushion Of course, washing and drying are the main issues that arise for all pillow owners. For example, if it is wrong to wash your favorite bamboo pillow, then soon it will turn into a “rag”.The same can happen if it is improperly dried.

Have you ever thought about the storage of a pillow? Indeed, how much time she “lives” with you depends on your relationship with her. Exactly. Therefore, we leave the lyrics for dessert and proceed to the search for the answer to the most important question: “How to store a bamboo pillow?”.

You bought a pillow. Immediately release it from the packaging and whisk. This way you will “revive” the bamboo fibers and help them “breathe” to the fullest. Remember that sometimes even new things need washing.

To maintain home comfort, try to carefully take care of things related to your vacation. It doesn’t matter if you keep a sleeping item in a typewriter or in a washing machine. It should always be stretched and protected from moisture.

Fulfilling these four simple rules, no washing, drying and ironing is not terrible for you. Now your rest will be 50% more comfortable, and the products will last you at least 2 times longer.

Therefore, it’s enough to bother with the question: “How to wash bamboo cushions in a washing machine?”.Save this article and use it if necessary. And do not forget to leave a comment and share information with friends! See you again!

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