Can I put hotter in the fridge?

  • What happens to the refrigerator, if you put hot food in it?
  • Why this is exactly how the device of the
  • refrigeration unit goes? Which refrigerators can not be hot-placed
  • Tricks for quick-cooling

products? The little son came to the father and asked the crumb. .. “Why can't I put the hot in the refrigerator? My mother forbade putting jellies! And I want it to quickly cool! In the fridge, it will quickly freeze, Dad! ”

The father, as a rule, weightiestly says:“ Because it will break! ”.But, this explanation does not satisfy the child, and he simply decides that he will cook jelly next time, when there are no extra eyes at home. To explain to the child what will happen to the refrigerator, it would not hurt to know for sure why this happens. In this review, you will learn why it is impossible and what will happen if you put it hot in the fridge.

What happens to the refrigerator, if you put hot food in it?

It is possible that every adult knows that hot food cannot be put in the refrigerator. But the children - do not know! And every now and then they strive to put hot food into it. If adults have time to notice - well, if - no, then the chamber will have a notorious cup with, just now, boiled jelly, for example. ..

And, if this is a one-off event, then global consequences, of course, will not happen. But if this happens on a regular basis, then save up for a new unit!

Here is a list of the problems that cause such negligence:

  • The operation of the motor of the refrigerator for wear and quick failure
  • The formation of condensate, which gives off a stale smell
  • The formation of ice crust that prevents the operation of the condenser
  • Excessive power consumption

As you can see,the last point is just nonsense compared to the first three. Below we will explain to you in detail why these consequences are obtained, since, one thing is just to know, and another is to understand.

Why this is exactly what happens with the device of the refrigeration unit

In this block we will not consider the most up-to-date systems in which the hot in the chamber is permissible. Such refrigerators exist in nature, but due to the high price, not many people can afford this convenient thing.

So, how does a regular refrigerator work?

  • Compressor - and in Russian, the motor that drives a special fluid in a circle that cools the products. That is, all known freon.
  • Freon is a special refrigerant that, moving in a circle, pulls on itself the heat from the inside products.
  • The condenser is the part of the refrigerator behind that removes heat to the outside.
  • Evaporator is the rear, inner wall of the refrigeration unit designed to direct heat directly to the condenser. Yes, exactly where a crust of ice forms, if you forget to slam the door or put a hot one.

Surely, you have already become a little clearer, why exactly the overload occurs. Freon, he is simply not able to cool products not at room temperature in the period of time that he was given on the idea of ​​engineers.

As you know, the fridge is not working around the clock. It works in small intervals of time and the motor starts only when the temperature in the chamber exceeds the set standard, say, 2-5 degrees.

Then the motor comes into working condition, drives the freon in a circle, it in turn pulls the heat on itself, gives it to the evaporator, the evaporator leads it to the condenser and the compressor, with a calm conscience, turns off. This whole process takes 10-15 minutes, not more.

And what happens if a hot product gets into the chamber? The temperature inside the chamber rises excessively, freon begins to ply back and forth, but the temperature still holds. He runs and runs, but the temperature does not think to fall. .. And instead of 10 minutes, he is forced to run in a circle for many hours! What kind of motor can withstand it?

And in the end, the life of the motor is reduced very quickly. In addition, from hard work, on the back of the refrigerator, that is, the evaporator, ice crust is formed. And the ice crust, if you remember, keeps the heat like a thermos! That is, it does not lead it to the condenser, but keeps it inside the chamber. And because of this, the motor overheats and the winding starts to burn. ..

Can you imagine the scale of the tragedy and what does your refrigerator have to go through? So, we hope, now the question "Is it possible to put hot in the fridge?" You will not have.

In which refrigerators it is categorically impossible to put hot

Naturally, in refrigerators produced by the USSR.This is, first and foremost. But, they are not so much left, mostly people have already managed to get a more modern samples.

But, modern refrigerators are divided into those in which it is possible to put hot, and in which it is impossible to categorically. The most common version of modern refrigerators - "drip system".That is, it is when condensate flows down the back wall of the evaporator. So, putting hot in them is prohibited!

Also, there are refrigerators in which it is possible to put, but, exclusively in some one, specially separated chamber. The rest of the space will react to the increased temperature in exactly the same way as the good old Soviet refrigerator.

In which refrigerators can you put hot dishes

In those that are made in a cunning way that does not release heat to the outside. Such systems are called like this:

  • Westfrost
  • No Frost
  • Grub

If you don't have anything like that written on your fridge, then don't be tempted to put hot soup for only 5 minutes! If it is written - then put the warm soup in the fridge, but also without fanaticism. It's one thing to put a small bowl of soup, and another thing - to put it in a hot pot.

Small tricks for fast cooling of products

In the summer it is especially important. In the heat, cooked food, while it cools, has time to sour three times. So that this does not happen, after cooking it is necessary to place the pot in a basin with cold water. As the water warms, replace it with a new portion.

But, the soup is not so interesting to your children. .. How can you quickly cool a jelly cup? Since there is no handle on a glass and it is not convenient to put it in a large container, the best way to cool it to room temperature is to dip it into a hot liquid. .. frozen teaspoons!

Keep in stock 5-6 frozen spoons, and notify the child about this, having previously popularly explained to him: "Why not put it hot in the refrigerator".

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