Relentless care for the sleeping garden in December


To protect fruit trees and shrubs in the garden from low temperatures, you can take gifts from the sky. One of them is white and fluffy snow. If the first month of winter is marked by heavy snowfalls, it is important to try to make of it a warm blanket for plants. For this, it is necessary to have fallen snow, while it is light and fluffy, lay around the root area of ​​trees and bushes. So that he does not scatter, he should be thoroughly trampled.

Especially in need of a snow cover, young seedlings, which are not yet 5 years old.

A dense layer of snow will protect fruit trees from rodents and hares, who like to eat fresh bark. In addition, as soon as December comes, it is necessary to prepare a protective "armor" for the trunk. It consists of the following elements:

  • manure;
  • clay;
  • carbolic acid.

Manure and clay are taken in equal proportions and 1 spoon of carbolic acid is added there. This mixture is carefully superimposed on the trunk of the fruit tree and serves as a reliable protection against long-eared neighbors.

Another way to protect - the use of thick paper, treated with nitrafen. Some wrap the trunks with a ruberoid or cover them with pine needles. You can even put a fence out of the grid. Covering the snow, you can protect from plantations frost strawberries or strawberries, as well as decorative bushes.

If there is a lot of snow in December, it is important to visit the garden to shake it from the trees. Crown of young seedlings can not stand and break. We do this carefully, beginning with the lower branches, gradually moving upwards.

If the winter came without snow

Often December comes unnoticed and without snow. In this case, during this period, it is wise to prepare for possible precipitation. To do this, digging out transverse grooves to keep snow or melt water in the future. Also, an artificial barrier is made from tall, annual plants or cut off branches.

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When the gardener is ready for snow surprises, it's time to inspect the sleeping fruit trees. You should pay attention to the fact whether they have different cocoons, which left insects, for example, spiders.

On the trees, sometimes there are dried fruits or leaves. They should be removed, because there may be wintering numerous garden pests. To provide young seedlings with a comfortable wintering, it is advisable to cover their marshmallow circles of mulch or to feed them with fertilizers.

The layer of mulch should be no less than 10 cm. Otherwise, the tree may suffer.

In the first month of winter, it would be nice to hang out the feeders for feathered friends in the garden and feed them regularly. Within a few months the birds will get used to the territory, and in the spring they will be thanked, destroying pests.

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If in the garden there are dug young seedlings, they need to be systematically inspected. If necessary, cover with an additional layer of soil. Some garden plants require watering in December, it is important not to forget for them, thinking that they are in hibernation.

Chlorosis-damaged trees during this period can be disinfected with zinc sulfate. The solution is prepared as follows: in 10 liters of water, dilute 100 g of the preparation. In addition, at the beginning of winter gardeners try to perform such work:

  • clean and fix tools;
  • to repair greenhouses or greenhouses;
  • prepare containers for seedlings;
  • digging pits for new seedlings;
  • cut fruit bushes.

It will not be superfluous to treat stone fruits with copper sulphate mixed with lime before the stable frost begins. This procedure protects the tender kidneys from freezing.

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Fruit bushes, for example, raspberries, in December, you can thoroughly fertilize mulch. A gooseberries sprinkle with a solution of potassium for fertilizing. To protect the currant from damage, it is recommended to collect its branches in a bundle.

Berry crops - strawberries or strawberries, it is desirable to cover a layer of fallen leaves. In case of severe frosts, prepare an additional "blanket" to immediately use it.

When in December there is quite a warm weather, some gardeners remove old or sick fruit trees from the plot. Thanks to this, the place for young seedlings, which will be planted in spring, is vacated.

It is important in the beginning of winter to inspect their storage of vegetables and fruits. If necessary, iterate over, removing corrupted copies. When planning to harvest in the new season, we do not forget about the correct storage of the seed. The best option is a dry cool room.

Apparently, for the present gardener in December still it is a lot of work. Therefore, while the garden rests, wise people work. And in the new season they are waiting for a reward - delicious fruits.


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