Description A detailed description of the variety of apples.

White filling - one of the most famous apple varieties among gardeners. These apple trees bring tasty fruits among the very first, when the rest of the trees are just beginning to shape the future harvest. The apples are soft and juicy, many gardeners canned them in sweet syrup.

Table of Contents

  • History of Appearance and Description of an Apple Variety White Filling
    • When do white apples ripen?
    • Benefits and harms
  • Planting young seedlings
  • Primary care and fertilizer
  • Forming apple crown
  • Pest prevention
  • Gardener reviews

The origin and description of the apple variety White filling

The variety has a long history. Its appearance is associated with popular selection. It is assumed that Bely pouring appeared in the Baltic countries and soon spread throughout Europe, but there are also adherents of the theory that it is an old Russian variety.

The trees at the White variety of apples are medium-sized and rarely exceed 4-5 m. At first, the crown resembles a pyramid in shape, but becomes rounded over the years. The bark also has its own characteristics, which makes it possible to distinguish a variety from others, even when there are no leaves and fruits on the tree.

The bark is usually light gray in color and rather rough, but sometimes it is smooth, but only in young trees.

The leaves are of medium size, shaped like an ellipse. On the lower side, the leaves have fluff, and on top are smoother. Their color is gray-green, but the leg is lighter. When flowering, there are large white petals with pink splashes. Due to the large flowers can be well pollinated by the wind without the help of insects.

Apple fruits differ according to age.

In young trees, they are large and reach 120-150 g each. When the tree grows old, the apples become shallow and are about 60 g. The fruits themselves are rounded at the tail and gradually taper under the cone to the calyx.

They have a green color, which with ripening begins to look more like white. If the crown is illuminated by the sun, then a pink blush appears on the fruits on the south side. On one side of the apple, there is a characteristic seam from the tail to the calyx. After the ovary on the fruit appears a whitish bloom, which persists until harvest, it is easy to wipe or wash off.

Apple harvest White pouring on the tree

The skin of the fruit is thin and slightly acidic in comparison with the soft pulp. White filling apples are valued in making jam, jam, juice and wine. For cooking you need less sugar than other varieties, because they are not very sour. Fruits contain:

  • 10% pectin;
  • 9% sugar;
White filling tolerates winter well and can preserve the ovary during late spring frosts. But it is not so cold-resistant to maintain yields in cold climates. In the northern regions, the tree is doomed, and growing does not make sense.

When do white apples ripen?

The first fruits of the White variety of the apple tree after filling the seedling after planting begin to grow after 5-6 years. The average yield of a young tree is about 200 kg. Full ripening of apples occurs by mid-August. But it is uneven, therefore harvesting should be carried out at least twice as far as the appearance of ready-to-eat apples appears on the crown. The first time I eat is held in early August 5-10 numbers, and the second in the middle or last numbers.

If an apple overrides, the pulp becomes cottony and mealy. The juiciness is lost, although the pleasant aroma persists for a long time. The fruit is very tender, especially when it ripens, any scratch leads to the appearance of rotting and deterioration. For storage, only manual harvesting is allowed; when shaken, fruits break and turn brown at the point of impact.

Storing apples under the condition of careful removal rarely exceed three weeks. Every day after the breakdown, the fruits lose their excellent qualities, except when they are harvested a little unripe, but then rotting can also occur.

Harvest is difficult to transport. It is not recommended to be stored in a high container, since the lower fruit is crushed and brown areas immediately appear under the skin, from which rot will disperse. Despite such delicacy of fruits, the variety is very much appreciated among gardeners aimed not at the sale, but at the use or quick processing.

. Harvest of ripe apples. White filling.

. Benefits and harms.

. The benefits of White filling are early ripening and good yield. The taste of apples also positively influences the popularity of the variety. The tree itself has a high survival rate and can grow on different types of soil. With poor care without watering, fertilizing and pruning, the apple tree will still produce a small crop.

Deficiencies in the variety can be counted in several pieces. In the first place - it is poor transportability and softening of the fruit pulp during storage. Apples get smaller as the tree gets older. The last important shortcoming of the variety is its impossibility of growing in cold climates. Harm to the body is also not detected.

Planting young saplings

Seedlings are purchased and planted in early May. For this, a suitable place is chosen, preferably away from buildings creating a permanent shadow, but if there is a desire to have a tree under the window, then Bely pouring is quite capable of growing in such conditions.

The main thing is that nearby there are no roots of other trees capable of drawing moisture and useful substances for the apple tree from the soil. The distance to the crown of a nearby tree should be at least 4 meters.

Bely poured on an ancient variety that has gone through a long period of adaptation, therefore, it is able to survive on almost any soil. Of course, fertile or medium soils will be better, but residents of regions with clayey soil will also be able to get a good harvest.

For planting, a hole sized 45x45 cm is dug out, at the bottom of which you need to fill a bucket of humus in the form of a slide. On top of the fertilizer sprinkled with a few centimeters of soil removed from the top layer of soil. The seedling is set at the center of the embankment, and its roots evenly spread along the slope.

Apple seedlings grown in the nursery

Holding it in this state, the earth is poured on top and slightly rammed. The root neck should be above the soil level. After landing, the hole will not be completely covered so that a small step remains. This will make it easy to water the tree, and the moisture will not spill to the side. When planting will need 10-20 liters of water.

Care and fertilizer at the initial stage.

The first thing to ensure for the growth of a seedling is moisture. It is necessary to alternate soil moistening and time for pouring it. Excess moisture adversely affects the root system and causes the appearance of rot. The upper layer of the earth must be periodically loosened to ensure unhindered access of air to the roots.

It is better to immediately tie up a sapling, this will protect it from the strong wind and allow you to adjust its shape. In the early years, it is important to ensure that the tree does not start to bend. If this is neglected, then when the crown gets stronger, it will be impossible to correct its growth direction.

To accelerate the onset of fruiting, it is possible to contribute to the development of the roots, for this potassium and phosphate fertilizers are used, as well as urea. This can be started from the second year after landing. In the spring, urea is added to the calculation of 2st.spoons of 10 liters of water for each tree , in the fall of its use is undesirable because it will impair the ability to winter. In September, you can add a solution of water and superphosphate, in the same proportion 2 tablespoons per bucket of water.

Apple jam White filling

Formation of apple crown

To give the tree the form of a single tying is not enough, and you need to resort to annual pruning. The young seedling is initially cut at a height of 80-90 cm. This forces the lateral branches to develop, which will contribute to the formation of a rounded crown.

When the crown develops, side shoots appear far in the direction of the trunk, they also need to be cut at a distance of 50-70 cm. White filling feels better with a rounded crown, so you need to cut off the top shoots that grow at an acute angle in relation to the trunk.

Branches that grow correctly, also need to be shortened, but only on the third kidney. Sanitary pruning is needed in early spring, before the sap in the tree begins its turn. At this time, you need to remove dry and excess branches.

When a tree blooms, several small apples appear in each bunch. In order for the fruits to be large, you can remove the central apple from each bundle. In addition to increasing the size of the fruit, this will help avoid excessive depletion of the young tree, which leads to crop failure in the next season.

Prevention against pests

White filling is subject to the same diseases and pests as regular varieties. It may suffer from:

  • powdery mildew;
  • apple scab;
  • aphids;
  • apple fruit;
  • leafworm;
  • apple tree beetle and others.

The condition of the trees should be monitored and special symptoms of should be used when symptoms occur. In respect of young trees, the treatment is carried out simply, because their growth allows you to apply a full spraying. With large specimens, full control measures are difficult to implement.

Apple compote

Therefore, you need to notice the problem and eliminate it before spreading. When parasites appear, you can sacrifice a branch, which you should immediately burn, than to spray a 5-meter tree.

The variety Bely filling has a number of advantages, the most important of which is early maturation. But the low rate of storage and transportation makes it a pure grade for its own use or quick processing. A negative indicator is the reduction of fruits with increasing age of the tree.

Gardener's Reviews

Kristina: I’ve been growing in the dacha for 15 years now. I’ve been pouring for 15 years. Every spring there is a lot of ovaries, most of which fall in a few weeks, although the tree doesn’t seem to be ill. Most likely, fertilizer and watering should be given, but what’s left is enough for me.

Nikolay: Yes, about poor storage, I agree, just press a little and the skin has a tendency to burst and juice flows out.

Makar: Productivity through time, it happens too much and do not have time to collect, and sometimes not enough. I would like something medium and permanent.

Gregory: "White filling" - this is my favorite summer variety. An old tree grows behind my house, almost reaching the top of the roof. Last year I planted another new one, because it most likely dries out in a year or two. I don’t bring any fertilizers in the summer; I watered it three times, when there was no rain for a long time.

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