Seal for the refrigerator: replacement or repair?

  • Worn old seal: what to do?
  • How to choose a sealing rubber to replace
  • Replacing the seal for the refrigerator

The life of some parts of the refrigerator is not always the same as stated. Often wear items such as seal. Its replacement will not require much time and money if you make repairs yourself. How to change the sealing gum on the refrigerator, we will describe in this article.

Why do you need sealing rubber for refrigerators? A compactor is an elastic by means of which the door of the refrigerator is pressed tightly against the refrigerating chamber so that the air does not penetrate inside. If air gets inside, the refrigerator starts working for wear. Damage to the seal can be determined by the fact that inside the refrigerator ice begins to freeze, which usually accumulates on the back wall, and also if the door of the refrigerator does not close tightly. The slit can be visible even with the naked eye.

Wear old seal: what to do?

The gap in the refrigerator is determined using a regular sheet of paper. To do this, it must be inserted into the slot and move. If the sheet moves freely, then it is necessary to replace the gum, otherwise everything works correctly.

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In some cases, you can quickly restore the seal for the refrigerator with your own hands. Of course, if the seal is torn or rotted, you will have to change it. If the sealing rubber is slightly deformed, to restore it with your own hands, you can use this method: heat the deformation site with a hair dryer, change the shape with your fingers and strongly press the door, holding it for some time. Minor damage during such manipulations are corrected. With significant deformation, the gum should be dipped in hot water, and then inserted into place.

But sometimes it is enough just to adjust the door of the refrigerator, with its loose connection. In this form, you do not need to change anything, just adjust it. When there are gaps in the structure, it is worth checking how they were formed.

How to choose a replacement sealing rubber

Sealing rubber for a refrigerator can be of various types and can be fixed in different ways. Products are one and two balloon. They can simply be installed in the recess, or attached with glue to the surface, or installed with self-tapping screws.

Also need to pay attention to the part that will be glued, it should fit tightly. In some models of refrigerators special grooves are provided for insertion into the groove gum. This greatly simplifies the whole process, then there will be no need to glue it, you just need to insert it into the groove, and the removable design is easier to wash.

If you fasten the structure to the screws, this method can damage the door or the seal itself. You can glue, but it will be difficult to tear it off later. Therefore, it is better to choose a suitable gum to the model of the refrigerator.

Replacing the seal for the refrigerator

If the repair did not bring the desired result, you will need to buy a new sealing rubber for the refrigerator. The replacement process takes place in several ways. This mainly depends on how the seal was originally installed. Consider a few ways to replace the sealing rubber:

  1. First you need to remove the door of the refrigerator and put it on the surface. Cut the old seal in the places of its connection with the door and tear it off. We cut a new sealing rubber, so that its edges do not go beyond the door. A new seal can be put on a double-sided tape.
  2. To remove the old seal, you need to take a spatula and, lifting the seal, carefully remove it from the groove. So remove all the old stuff. New sealing rubber is installed in the grooves, for this you can use a screwdriver. Also, in order to make the seal safer, it can be glued to the superglue.
  3. If the sealing rubber was planted on the mounting foam, then you can use a chisel or knife to dismantle it. First, remove the door of the refrigerator and settle on a flat surface. Cut the seal and tear it off. Thoroughly clean the door from the foam. In order to secure the new sealing rubber, holes for the self-tapping screws are drilled around the perimeter of the door. Cut the rubber of the required size and put it on the screws. The seal is attached loosely, without tension. The door is installed in place and adjustable with canopies so that it fits snugly and evenly to the refrigerator.

So, repair or replacement of some elements of the unit is able to save it. There is no need to immediately throw away the refrigerator, you can repair only one part in it, and it will work as before.

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