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  • refrigeratorsIt is difficult to find a family that would not appreciate this wonderful unit. The low temperature in the chambers of the refrigerator allows you to preserve the freshness of the products for a long time, and therefore save the family budget.

    However, the benefits of the refrigerator will be only in the case when the correct mode of operation is observed. Many experts in the field of home appliances to this day argue about what the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer will be optimal. It is rather difficult to give an exact answer to this question, because each manufacturer sets its own norms and rules based on the design features of its model.

    Why is the temperature in the fridge different?

    In the technical standards applied in this area, there are certain standards that are used by all manufacturers without exception. This means that the consumer is allowed to regulate the regime both in the freezer and in the refrigerator compartment, but within reasonable limits. Each refrigerator has its minimum and maximum temperatures, beyond which the controller simply does not work.

    Why is this happening? It turns out that everything is very logical. Each food product has its own storage temperature and the manufacturer can guarantee its freshness only when the temperature is not disturbed. Moreover, for different foods there are different storage temperatures. For example, such:

    • milk and dairy products( sour cream, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.) - from +2 to +6 ° C;
    • eggs - from +2 to +4 С;
    • raw vegetables - from +4 to +6 ˚С;
    • fish - from - 4 to - 8 ˚С;
    • meat - +1 to + 3˚С( no more than 36 hours);
    • seafood - from -18 to -24 С;
    • sausages - from +2 to + 5˚С.

    Of course, this is not a complete list. If in doubt, at what temperature you need to store a particular product, carefully study the packaging. The manufacturer must take care of you and provide the necessary information.

    Refrigeration manufacturers are showing the same concern for consumers. To provide the buyer with the opportunity to store products in accordance with the requirements, refrigerators have several storage areas, each of which is subject to an individual regime.

    Storage areas depending on the temperatureThe lowest temperature in the refrigerator freezer is used only for shock freezing. The optimum temperature is accepted at the level of -18 С.That is exactly the number of degrees that the vast majority of manufacturers install in freezers.

    The temperature set in the freezer depends on what is stored there. To determine the lowest possible temperature of the unit is very simple. Almost every refrigerator has snowflakes or asterisks on the temperature control panel or anywhere else. Each of them means a range of 6 degrees. Considering the number of snowflakes, you can determine the lowest possible temperature that your refrigerator is able to maintain.

    Freshness Zone

    This compartment is not present in every refrigerator. Its presence is an advantage of newer models. The freshness zone is a special place in the common cooling chamber. It maintains a temperature close to zero. This is the optimum temperature in the refrigerator, at which the development of various microorganisms is significantly inhibited. And, means, products remain much longer.

    There are 2 types of “Zones of Freshness” arrangement:

    • Unpressurized drawer.
    • A separate insulated chamber in which a certain temperature and humidity are autonomously maintained. In this case, the “zone of freshness” is often divided into two more compartments. In one of them, humidity is maintained at about 55%, and in the other - 95%.The first is used to store fish, and the second is vegetables.

    The temperature in both compartments is set at 0. .. + 1˚С.At such t ˚С food products do not freeze completely and best of all retain useful properties.

    In the "zone of freshness" is usually stored:

    • fish, meat, meat semi-finished products( not more than a week);
    • sausages;
    • cheeses;
    • any dairy products, except cottage cheese;
    • vegetables and fruits, except tomatoes and bananas;
    • greens.

    This refrigerator compartment can also be used for quick cooling of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. But beer and kvass and natural juices should not be placed there. For them, a higher storage temperature is provided.

    Other compartments

    Pay attention to the upper shelves, as well as the nearest branch to the "zone of freshness."The temperature regime in this part of the refrigerator chamber is maintained in the range of + 2. .. + 4 ° С.On these shelves you can put eggs, cakes and pies, convenience foods, dairy products. Meat and fish here can be left no more than 36 hours.

    Middle shelf. Here the normal temperature fluctuates at the level of + 3. .. 6 degrees Celsius. In this part of the refrigerator is best to put soups, sauces, ready meals and other products.

    Lower shelf and vegetable compartment. By standards, a properly installed t ˚ in this compartment cannot exceed 8 ° C.However, in practice there is usually +6 ° C.You can put as many products as you like that you don’t intend to store for long.

    Types of refrigerators by the method of regulation

    All household refrigeration units primarily differ in the method of control. Depending on the model, the temperature controllers can be electronic and mechanical.

    • Electronic. Everything is very simple. On the front of the refrigerator there is a special touch panel. With it, you can correctly set the desired temperature.
    • Mechanical. Inside one or both of the chambers of the refrigerator there is a mechanical shift knob. By turning it clockwise or in the opposite direction, you can set the desired mode.

    If you are not sure what temperature should be in the refrigerator installed in your home, look in the passport of the product. It contains all the modes that are optimal for your model.

    Features of temperature regimes of different models of refrigerators

    Many models of modern refrigerators allow not only to regulate the operation mode of the refrigerating and freezing compartments, but also to set their own temperature for each shelf separately.

    Electronically Controlled Models


    Refrigerators of this brand have electronic control, as well as separate control in the freezer and refrigeration compartment. In addition, Liebherr have several special modes:

    • SmartFreeze - super fast and high-quality freezing. In this mode, increased air circulation is activated in the freezer compartment. This allows for a short time to freeze as much food as the hostess needs.
    • CoolPlus - mode allows the refrigerator to adapt to the ambient temperature. When the air temperature in the room decreases, the compressor will start to work intermittently.

    Mechanically controlled refrigerators


    Refrigerators of this brand have mainly mechanical controls. To regulate the temperature regime here it is proposed using the thermostat knob, which has 7 positions. Position "1" sets the highest temperature, position "7" - the lowest. If the thermostat knob is moved to the number "0" the compressor will turn off.


    Like the Atlant brand refrigerators, these units most often have mechanical control. The thermostat knob here has a smooth switch from the Max position to the Min. The first mode is proposed to be used in a room with an ambient temperature of less than + 16 ° C.And in rooms with temperatures above 25 degrees, it is worth switching the regulator to a minimum. How much to put can be solved independently, but the optimal position is considered to be the middle position - the ECO mode.


    Another brand of mechanical refrigerator. The thermostat of refrigerators of this company has five positions:

    • "1" - high temperature;
    • "5" - the lowest t ° C.

    Refrigerators with separate control modes


    Refrigerators of this company have two thermostats independent of each other. Each of them has five positions from the smallest to the largest. Also in the freezer there is an additional mode of supercooling.


    Most models also have separate temperature control cameras.


    In almost all units of the Samsung brand, the temperature in the freezer and the refrigerator compartment is regulated separately.

    • A temperature of +3 ° C is initially provided in the refrigerating chamber. If you want to change the mode, you need to press the "Fridge" button the appropriate number of times. The adjustment range is from +1 to +7 degrees Celsius.
    • In the freezer, the temperature mode is set similarly, and the control range is from -14 to -25 ° C.Also in the freezer has a quick freeze mode. It can be activated for 72 hours, after which the refrigerator will return to its original settings.


    Refrigerators of this brand are regulated approximately the same way as Samsung. In addition, there is a mode "Supercooling".After 6 hours of operation, the temperature is set smoothly at +2 degrees.

    Using the refrigerator correctly

    After you have determined the optimal temperature in the refrigerator of your brand, it is not necessary to be on duty near it with a thermometer. The mode specified in the passport is supported by the refrigerator automatically. The spontaneous change in temperature in any compartment of the refrigerator indicates its malfunction. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow some simple rules for using this household unit:

    • . In no case do not place warm and hot products in the refrigerator. Be sure to wait for cooling to room temperature.
    • Close the doors of the refrigerator tightly and monitor the quality of the seal installed around the perimeter of the doors.
    • Do not put in too many products at the same time. The air in the chamber must circulate freely.
    • Try to put packaged foods in the fridge. This will prevent unpleasant odors and drying out of food. Plastic or glass containers are best used for packaging.
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