Light in the bathroom: the installation of the LED type with their own hands

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Proper lighting in the bathroom and decorates the interior creates a pleasant atmosphere. Increasingly, the organization of lighting using LED devices bathrooms - they are easy to install, safe and cost effective.

Before proceeding to the installation of lighting, you need to learn more about the specifics of electrification wet space, learn the rules of electrical safety, make a wiring plan, pick up lamps and other items system. All these factors are detailed in this article.

In addition, we have described the procedure for arrangement of LED backlighting, outlined the main stages of installation and connection LED-strip.

The content of the article:

  • Electrics and high humidity
  • Design and installation features
  • Useful information about LED Strip Light
  • Mounting illumination mirror
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Electrics and high humidity

A large amount of water, frequent changes in temperature, humidity and hot steam, condensate - all these typical bathroom conditions create an increased risk when using electricity in its within.

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To ensure the safety and the correct operation of appliances in such spaces when mounting electrical apply only protected from exposure to water vapor elements.

Perfect for bathrooms waterproof terminals that are capable of a long time to carry a high moisture content, and thus they significantly facilitate installation.

installation of any junction boxes and units should be carried out strictly outside the bathroom. Inside the bathrooms should be as far as possible, avoid connecting the individual wires.

If for some reason it is still necessary to make a so-called twist, every such place should be possible to carefully protect insulation materials from moisture. Most often the backlight in the bathroom organized with the help of low-voltage systems with a power consumption of 12 W.

Weatherproof terminals

When installing the main and additional lighting in the bathroom it is recommended to use special terminals equipped with additional protection against moisture

Get any danger of electric shock from such an LED lamp, even at high humidity is almost impossible. But this does not mean that security measures can be forgotten. All devices on the LEDs should be to be earthed.

Lighting system must be connected to CIRCUIT BREAKERSWhich operates when a leakage current and interrupts power supply to a specific object.

Light in the bathroom

With the help of LED lighting and Led-tape can significantly diversify the interior design bathroom, providing the required amount of light in the room

Bathrooms recommended to organize a separate power supply line for each object or group of objects. Usually distinguished line of sockets and separately - for lighting.

If the bathroom is supposed to use the powerful technology (automatic washing machine, hydromassage cabin, elektrosauny, etc.), you should make a separate line for each such facility power. And for each of the group of electricity consumption is recommended to install separate RCD.

Detailed instructions for installing power outlets for the washing machine represented in this article.

Residual current device

All lighting and electrical appliances located in the bathroom, you need to be connected to a distribution box through a residual current device (+)

electricity supply to low-current LED systems is carried out through a special step-down transformer. This device must also be installed outside the bathroom, ie away from the moisture source. Virtually all modern LED lamps have a special terminal for grounding.

Do not neglect this method of protection. Even weak currents can be transmitted to and accumulate on wet surfaces. And thanks to a couple of damp and condensation can be any surface in the bathroom walls, the floor, profile design, ceiling, furniture, appliances, etc.

Grounding bathroom fixtures

Each lamp is installed in the bathroom, should be properly grounded. The lack of such protection can bring a lot of problems the owner of the premises (+)

Accidental touch is able to convey to the human body discharge of accumulated electricity that some cases may not only cause discomfort, but also lead to serious electrical accident.

Design and installation features

All points listed above should be considered before you make the design scheme Lighting in the bathroom. Setting LED devices will be taken into account in such a scheme.

Usually, you need to determine the primary and secondary coverage, to provide for their switches, to determine outlet location to connect different appliances.

Junction box

To avoid confusion and correctly connect the ends of electric cables extending into the junction box, it is recommended to use the color-coded

After this a layout plan, determines the location of junction boxes, etc. From with section 2.5 obschekvartirnogo switch board to the junction box bathrooms paving cable sq. mm. It is suitable for light fixtures, as well as for lighting.

Separately, pave more powerful cable designed for large equipment. On different cables are recommended to be color-coded to make sure we do not confuse them. Thereafter paving wire to the switch.

If all lights are included one key, it will be sufficient to use a standard dual wire.

But LED lighting in the bathroom usually include separate from the main lighting. In this case, use the triple cord. If the switch is used for lighting with three keys, ie for three separate groups of luminaires, you have to use two double cable. The cross section of such a wire should be 1.5 kb. mm.

After this, the cabling from the switch directly to lighting equipment. It should be immediately taken into account, it is not recommended to open the wiring in the bathroom, so you have do Stroebe. In exceptional cases the cabling in the plastic box.

Groups auxiliary spotlights can be connected in parallel or in series. In the first case, you will need to bring a separate supply line to each lamp in the second - to connect luminaires in a line one behind the other.

When connected in parallel, at times increases as the cable consumption, and the amount of work. In the second case, all much simpler and cheaper.

But a serial connection in this case has a number of drawbacks. For example, if one lamp burns out, the electricity supply is interrupted to the entire circuit. In addition, there is no possibility to vary the LED backlight control system.

In parallel connection blown element does not spoil the work of the other lamps.

If there is a desire to arrange the inclusion of not all the lamps at the same time, but only some, for example, every second light, then it will need a parallel connection. This allows you to adjust the degree of illumination of the room.

If desired, methods lamps compound can be combined, for example, perform illumination mirror consistent way, and to decorate the ceiling of the bath or apply a parallel connection, etc.

it is recommended to take a flexible stranded wire for this type of lighting. Monolithic cable can hinder the correct positioning of fixtures, changing their position. Installation work, flexible wire is usually easy to perform, but it twist should be carefully solder and insulate.

Stranded wire type SHVVP

SHVVP type multifilamentary wire has strands of copper wire SWEET nestled a PVC plastic coating which protects the construction from the effects of extraneous factors

Typically, fixtures in the bathroom it is recommended to use wires of brands SHVVP, PVA or similar types, which stranded wires firmly covered with a layer of PVC plastic.

Such protection will prevent the spread of fire in case of fire, would prevent the formation of fungi resistant to moisture.

Scheme where lamps

Output wires through the mounting hole in the wall and connecting them to the switch dvuhklavishnomu

Lead-in cable compulsorily placed in a protective corrugated conduit. For systems with grounding terminals using four-wire, if an element is absent, it will be sufficient and constructions of three cores. Under the spotlights in the web false ceiling bore holes of a suitable size.

Of these issues need to be output wires of two segments for each switch button, as well as two more wires to connect back. To facilitate the installation, it is recommended to leave the issues of length of about 15-20 cm. End of the release of the same color must be clean and join in twist.

A mounting hole for mounting spotlights

The mounting hole for mounting spotlights should go at least two wires releases about 20 cm

If you intend to connect to switch with two buttonsThen from each hole will go three twist. One of them is common for all lamps, and the other two - to switch keys.

Accordingly, the first lay attached to each lamp, and the rest - only to those elements that will be managed by a certain key.

Wiring diagram spotlights

One common wire must be connected to each lamp and placed at "zero" (blue line), the other connected to different lamps and is connected to the "phase" of different keys switches. 1 and 2 - a group of fixtures

Common wire in the junction box is connected to the neutral conductor and phase must be It is connected to the switch and is divided into two lines leading to the respective keys for different groups lamps.

Useful information about LED Strip Light

This is an extremely convenient option LED lightingRelatively inexpensive and easy to install. LED strips, which are also referred Led-tapes are polymeric strips that are running miniature LEDs with resistors. Backside strap usually provided with an adhesive layer.

LED Strip Light

Led-tape is a flexible plastic strip, on the one side of which LEDs are installed, and on the other - an adhesive base

Set this tape is very simple: you have to paste an item in an appropriate location and connect it to the power supply. The strip is divided into equal segments, each of which contains a certain number of LEDs connected in series.

for the incision of this design have a special designation. The bathrooms can be used only waterproof Led-tape with the marking IP44. These elements vary in power. There are purely decorative option and strong LEDs that give plenty of light.

Installation of LED ribbon

Separate segments Led-tapes connected by special connectors damp proof, cuts can be performed strictly on a marking deposited manufacturer

Distinguish between single and multi-color Led-tape. The latter are somewhat more complex device: In addition to the overall yield where there are three - one for each color.

Choosing LED Strip, should be considered an indicator such as the density of LEDs, ie their number per meter. Furthermore, the adhesive layer need not always, there are designs without it.

Pike-color ribbon segments are brazed on the principle of "to positive - negative". When installing the multicolor ribbon connect sections certain indices V +, G, R, B. To choose the right power supply and controller, you need to calculate the length of tape and multiply this figure by the power of one meter.

Wiring Led-tape

Installation of LED ribbon just perform. For this it is necessary to fix the tape and connect it to the power supply, controller and mains (+)

If the structure length exceeding 15 m, one will need to use a power supply unit, if the length is more than 30 m - two power supply, etc. Connecting the AC electrical wire is usually performed to the terminals, which are indicated as N and L. For multicolor ribbon is first mounted controller.

If the installation of LED lighting bath with his hands need to bend the tape, it should be remembered that the allowable bending diameter of 20 mm.

Illumination of this type can be connected not only to the normal switch, but also to dimmer for LED-tape. This device allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs. Convenient backlight control option could be a portable console.

In operation, LED tape should be strictly observed polarity, to protect the structure from mechanical damage, to follow the rules of the fire and electrical safety. If it is intended to fix the tape on the metal base, it must first hide the insulating material.

LED strip leaves a wide scope for a variety of effects in the interior decoration.

In addition to its illumination mirrors may be used:

  • to decorate the ceiling around the perimeter;
  • to effectively illuminate a small shelf;
  • for registration of a mirror;
  • to visually identify a bath;
  • furnishing false windows, etc.

If you set the LEDs under the bath, you can achieve the effect of floating structures. Fake window, illuminated by LED strip can be a stylish interior decoration and visually expand a small space. An interesting addition considered glowing tips for tap and shower.

backlight bath

If you put the LED at the bottom of the tape around the perimeter, you can achieve the effect of her boyfriend. Similarly, you can draw and other furnishings

Such elements are easy enough to install, they do not need to be connected to the mains. Of course, use the listed methods should be moderate so as not to spoil the appearance of the bathroom with unnecessary details. When excessive amounts of light elements will simply merge into one obscure spot light.

Mounting illumination mirror

If we planned in the bathroom LED lighting accessories, then ignore the mirror does not. Lights, located around the element, not only decorate the interior, but also to make its use more convenient. For LED illumination mirror is typically used tape, single- or multi suitable length.

Backlit mirror

Illumination mirror can be performed as a means of point LEDs and using Led-tape, and by combining these methods

If the mirror is large, and the tape is longer than five meters, will have to stock up on connectors to connect the individual segments of the tape. Structure connected through the power supply with a power that must be at least a half times greater than the power consumption of LED strip used.

Of course, only Weatherproof LED strip to be used in the bathroom. If it needs to be cut, then it should be guided by special marks made by the manufacturer, otherwise it can just ruin everything. Connect the individual segments using connectors.

The tape can be pasted directly on the surface of the mirror and the wall located behind it, it all depends on what kind of design is planned to get the effect. But in any case, the surface should be degreased before applying LEDs. After that, the tape is simply connected to a power supply.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The series connection of LED lamps described herein:

This video presents the order of the parallel connection of LEDs:

There is shown in detail how to install the spotlights:

LEDs - a convenient and cost-effective variant of the organization of the main and auxiliary lighting in the bathroom. If the deal with all the requirements and instructions, installation of these elements is quite possible to perform independently.

Do you have personal experience in the design and arrangement of lighting in the bathroom? Want to share accumulated knowledge or ask questions on the topic? Please leave comments and participate in the discussions - the feedback form located below.

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