Cooking options for canned eggplant like mushrooms

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;unusual taste canned eggplants like mushrooms. This appetizer is great as a side dish for potatoes and cereals, and some like and just like to eat her a bit of sugar with bread.

Before proceeding with the preparation of eggplant, it will not be superfluous to recall the features of their processing. They are common to all recipes, among the ingredients of which are blue. As you know, these vegetables contain corned beef, giving them a bitter taste. To eliminate the bitterness eggplants should be pre-processed. There are two processing methods:

  1. With salt. Vegetables are sprinkled with salt and allowed to stand for two hours.
  2. With salted water. Prepare a saline solution at the rate of 2 tbsp.lsalt 1 liter of water and pour eggplant to them for at least an hour.

In both ways, eggplant is allowed to sap, with which bitterness stands out. All liquid must be drained and rinsed well in vegetables under running water so that salt does not remain, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the taste of the finished product. Then lay the eggplants in a colander and let the excess water drain.

Better to use not very large, young vegetables - they have less bitterness.

Boiled eggplants like mushrooms

Among the recipes for eggplant with the taste of mushrooms for the winter is the fastest in the way of cooking. This, however, does not affect the taste of the finished product. Calculations of the ingredients listed on 7 jars with a capacity of 0.5 liters.

Three kilograms of eggplant cut into large pieces and let bitterness come out in one of the ways mentioned above.

Prepare marinade for cooking vegetables:

  • pour 3 liters of water into a large saucepan;
  • pour 1 tbsp.lsalts;
  • throw a pair of lavrushek;
  • at the end pour 150 g of vinegar.

When the marinade boils and the salt dissolves, add eggplants to it in batches and cook for 15 minutes. Vegetables are transferred from the pan immediately to sterilized jars.

While vegetables are boiling, finely chop the garlic with a knife at the rate of 2 slices per jar. For lovers of spicy snacks in each jar, you can put a few pieces of chopped chili peppers.

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Add garlic to the eggplants in jars and pour boiling marinade in which they were boiled. Roll up, wrap up.

In order for eggplants to resemble mushrooms even more, before serving, chop fresh onions into a salad and sprinkle with vegetable oil on top.

Eggplant Fried in Oil

One of the most popular recipes for canned eggplants like mushrooms will also require very little time. The special taste of vegetables gives a short heat treatment in boiling water, so that eggplant retains its shape with further frying.

To prepare four half-liter jars of “deceit mushrooms”, two kilograms of eggplant should be washed and cut into equal pieces of arbitrary shape( diced or thick cubes).Sprinkle with salt or place in salted water to make bitterness. Rinse and leave to drain.

Meanwhile, prepare the garlic and hot peppers. Two small heads of garlic peel and skip through the garlic.

Finely chop two hot peppers with a knife.

In order to keep pepper away from the skin of your hands, it is advisable to wear disposable plastic gloves when working with them.

For a marinade in which vegetables will boil, take:

  • water - 2 liters;
  • salt - 150-200 g;
  • Vinegar - 300 g.

Pour the vinegar into the marinade after boiling water, and bring it to the boil again.

In an boiling marinade, lower the eggplants and boil for no more than 5 minutes, until soft. Throw back in a colander.

Pour 200 g of refined oil into a deep frying pan or a small cauldron, let it warm up well and fry boiled eggplants.

Add pepper and garlic to eggplants, simmer for a few minutes and immediately spread on sterilized jars. Roll up, wrap a warm blanket and leave to cool completely.

Eggplant jars are stored as mushrooms for the winter in a cool dark place or put into a cellar. If you want to try them immediately, it is better to do this a few days after preparation, when the snack is infused.

Pickled Eggplants with Onions

Such a salad is prepared in two stages. First of all, you should marinate the onions so that he has time to soak while the vegetables are being cooked. To do this, 300 g of onion( it is better to take large onions) cut into rings and pour 100 ml of vinegar.

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powder While the onions are pickled, you can proceed to the second stage of eggplant preservation like mushrooms. Young blue( 3 kg) cut into sticks, release the bitterness and fry in a pan until golden brown.

Put eggplants and pickled onions into a common bowl, add 3 heads of garlic, passed through a press, salt to taste and mix well.

Immediately expand the billet in containers, roll up and wrap. Pickled eggplants like mushrooms before eating should stand for several days. This time is enough to soak the vegetables and get a mushroom flavor.

Sterilized spicy eggplants like mushrooms with greens

From the quantity of products specified below, 5 jars of 1 liter snack should go out.

Cut eggplants( 5 kg) into cubes, release bitterness.

Pour 3 liters of water into a large saucepan, pour 4 tbsp.lsalt and let it boil. Pour 250 ml of vinegar into the marinade and bring to the boil again, then boil eggplants in it( no more than 3 minutes).Put the finished vegetables in a large bowl.

Chop a large bunch of dill( about 350 g), and chop 300 g of garlic with a knife.

Add garlic, greens and 300 ml of oil to boiled eggplants, mix and spread on jars.

Dip the jars in a container of hot water, pre-bedding on the bottom of an old towel or folded gauze. Sterilize 20 minutes. Roll upWrap up

Canned eggplants as mushrooms for the winter using the sterilization method is necessary in order to be able to store the roll-in even in apartment conditions: on the mezzanine or under the bed. Double heat treatment and the presence of vinegar in the salad will save the winter billet from swelling.

Eggplant as mushrooms for the winter with mayonnaise

Another eggplant salad recipe, rolled up using sterilization, is almost no different from mushrooms. For a brighter taste, ordinary mushroom seasoning is used. A high-quality, without any additives, mayonnaise will make a snack satisfying.

To make eggplant with mushroom seasoning for the winter, clean 5 kg of blue ones with the aid of a vegetable cutter from the skin and cut them into equal cubes.

Boil eggplants in salted water for 5 minutes and drain in a colander. When water is drained, fry the vegetables in oil.

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Finely chop the onion( 5 kg) and also fry separately from the eggplant.

Put fried eggplants and onions in a bowl, add 1 small pack of Mushroom seasoning and 800 g of fatty mayonnaise. Mix well, if necessary, a little salt.

Spread out the harvesting of the salad in jars, sterilize for 20-30 minutes. Roll up, turn upside down and cover with a warm rug.

Fried Eggplant Mushrooms

The secret of eggplants with the taste of mushrooms lies in the very process of their preparation. It is roasting in vegetable oil, without pre-boiling, gives vegetables a special taste, reminiscent of fried mushrooms. And the addition of onions and garlic completes the flavor composition.

To make blue ones more like mushrooms, the peel should be cut off.

Fried eggplants like mushrooms can be cooked for the winter, subjecting it to additional sterilization. And if long-term storage is not planned, after mixing all the components, the snack is placed in the refrigerator, where it can stand for up to 7 days.

So, first clean the 6 kg of eggplant from the peel, cut into cubes( or circles) and sprinkle with salt.

While bitterness comes out of them, pickle onions:

  1. cut 600 g of onions into rings.
  2. Pour onions 200 g of vinegar.
  3. Let it brew for half an hour.

Wash the eggplant cubes under running water and gently squeeze out the excess liquid with your hands so that the vegetables are almost dry. Fry in butter until golden brown and place in a separate bowl.

Six heads of garlic( small), peeled, skipped through the garlic and put to the eggplant. Add the pickled onions.

Finely chop a large bunch of parsley and also send to a bowl of vegetables. Stir the billet and arrange in jars, a little “trampling”.

Fill the jars with a lid and sterilize:

  • 10 minutes - container, with a capacity of 0.5 liters;
  • 15 - container, with a capacity of 1 l.

Roll up, wrap and leave to cool.

Canned eggplants like mushrooms will not leave indifferent any of their lovers of these healthy vegetables. Adding spicy greens of dill or parsley to salads, or filling it with mayonnaise can only emphasize their mushroom taste. Surprise your loved ones and guests with an unusual snack, cook with pleasure, enjoy with an appetite!

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