How to make homemade cherry wine

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The intoxicating berry - cherry has long been the basis of recipes for liqueurs, liquors, wines. Homemade wine made from cherry is simple, does not require significant financial costs. This drink is especially popular with summer residents in the countryside, where cherry grows in almost every yard. The availability of cherries and ease of preparation allow you to enjoy the taste of wine everywhere.

What kind of berries should be used

The flavor and ripeness of the berries affects the taste of the drink. How to make a cherry wine at home delicious and fragrant, with rich color? For a good result, you should consider a few nuances.

Sweet varieties will give the appropriate flavor to the final product. Sour varieties will make the wine more "male".In addition, for the preparation of a drink of these berries will need more sugar. For high-quality wine must be selected ripe, not spoiled cherries. Hoping that all the same, ferment the berries are not worth it. Rotten cherries hopelessly spoil the taste of the wine.

If you clear the berries from seeds, the drink will be soft and gentle. If you leave, the taste of wine made of cherries with stones will become more saturated, a little tart.

Some experts leave the stalk to speed up the fermentation process. It doesn’t matter, and without stalks the wine ferments well, tastes good.

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What you need

Drink from berries is not difficult to prepare. The recipe for homemade cherries wine is simple and even an aspiring cook can handle it.

To make a drink, you need the following accessories:

  • fermentation tanks;
  • gauze;
  • cap with water seal or medical glove;
  • tubules for draining;
  • dishes for settling;
  • wooden spoon for stirring.

To make cherry wine at home, you will need products: 3 kg of berries, 4 liters of water, 1.5 kg of sugar. Cooking ingredients, dishes.

Before starting work, all the dishes are thoroughly washed and dried.

You can make a wine from cherry juice, but you can not complicate the process, but make a drink from

berries Make a drink

Step-by-step recipe for cherry wine at home:

  1. Wash berries, dry.
  2. Heat water to a temperature of 25-29 ﮿ С, dissolve 1/3 of sugar in it.
  3. Put the cherries in a container with a wide neck, pour syrup, cover with gauze and leave to ferment for 3-4 days. At this stage, characteristic bubbles appear on the surface of the liquid, the mass begins to sizzle slightly. Periodically stir the mass with a wooden spoon, avoiding flaking of the berries.
  4. After this period, pour the liquid into the tanks for primary fermentation. On the neck we install covers with a water seal or a rubber medical glove. The main task is to prevent air from entering the liquid. If this happens, the end result is not wine, but vinegar.
  5. After 4-5 days, add the remaining sugar to the bowl. This should be done carefully. It is better to drain a small amount of liquid, dissolve the sugar in it, and then pour the resulting mass back into the container.
  6. We reserve cherry wine for 30 - 60 days for complete fermentation. Time depends on the temperature at which the process occurs. The higher the performance in the room, the faster the process will be completed.
  7. Periodically check for water in the hydraulic seal. If it has evaporated, water is added.
  8. During this time, the liquid gradually becomes transparent, a precipitate appears at the bottom of the tank.
  9. Lightening of the wine indicates that the fermentation process has ended, the release of gases from the tank stops. A layer of sediment is clearly formed at the bottom.
  10. Carefully pour the contents into a clean dish for subsequent infusion. It is better to do this with the help of a straw, in order to avoid precipitation in the resulting product.
  11. At this stage, adjust the taste of wine. If necessary, it is additionally sweetened. To strengthen the drink, alcohol or vodka is added to it.
  12. Liquid is poured into dishes and sealed. This wine is stored in a cool place.

The longer the homemade cherry wine infuses, the brighter its taste.

. Storage.

. It is good to put dishes with young wine in the cellar, where there is a constant low temperature. From time to time, the presence of sludge in the tanks is checked. When found at the bottom of the sediment, the wine is poured into another dish, preventing the ingress of sediment into the liquid. Good wine is infused for at least 12 months.

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After this period, the finished product is bottled and stored in a sealed form.

Homemade drink will cost much less than the store. The big advantage of self-preparation is that the person himself chooses his strength, in the process uses natural ingredients. What kind of wine to cook - soft, from berries without stones, or make homemade wine from cherries with stones to choose each, depending on preference.

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