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No one will deny that you can get used to good things quickly and easily. Automation of the washing process has released a lot of free time among people and allows you to make this process more qualitatively. But there is one important, but, you will not be able to use a typewriter machine in places with no centralized water supply. You may have a question, how to connect a washing machine without plumbing , we will try to answer this in this article, because surely many spend their precious holidays away from the bustle of the city.

Let's talk about the operation of the washing machine automatic

In modern devices, almost all operations are automated and controlled by the software built into it. You only need to load dirty laundry into the machine, add powder and conditioner, select the desired program and click on the “Start” button. After that, the unit itself will begin to collect the amount of water it needs, mixing the powder into it and from the bunker in which it is located, heats the water and erases things without your direct participation.

The rinsing process is the same as the washing process. In addition, the air conditioning is taken from the container, although you can do without it. Dirty water is drained by the system, thanks to a special pump down the drain.

Everything sounds good, but the companies that produce these units did not think about the fact that not everywhere in the expanses of our large immense homeland there is a connection to the centralized water supply. The problem is that during the start of the washing process, the controller sends a command to open the electromagnetic inlet valve, through which water flows into the washing chamber under pressure. In the absence of water, many models of washing machines will give an error and simply will not be washed.

From this the conclusion follows: a washing machine without water connection simply will not perform its functions. To your happiness, this problem can be solved with the help of additional devices that can ensure the operability of the unit. There are several ways to connect a washing machine without plumbing.


Mechanical models of washing machines when operated without plumbing work much better than models with more complex automated controls.

Consider options for connecting

As mentioned above, we will tell you about how to connect a washing machine machine in the absence of plumbing. The choice of the connection method is yours, we will only list them.

  • The first method is the “manual” water supply to the powder bins. In no case will this method harm your typewriter, but its use is not convenient enough. After each cycle, you will have to repeat the operation with a watering can or a hose, thereby obtaining a semi-automatic machine.
  • You can upgrade the method described above and fully automate it by setting the tanks on high ground. However, in order to create the necessary pressure, you will need to place the container at a height of about 10 meters.


You can do the following. Mount the tank a little higher than the washer, insert the gate valve into it, and direct the hose from it straight into the powder chamber. However, during the wash you will need to be close and periodically open or close the valve, depending on the filling of the washing machine.

  • If you have a pumping station, then all questions about how how to connect a washing machine machine without running water instantly come to naught. Even a small powerful unit is able to provide the necessary pressure for a washing machine. The only disadvantage that this system possesses is the price of the device, its market value starts from five thousand rubles, without taking into account additional peripherals, such as filters or fittings.

Pumping station is an indispensable item of management in rural areas, in the summer this unit provides high-quality watering of the garden, as well as produce water to the house.

Installing an intermediate pump

Before connect the washing machine machine without running water , you will need to prepare a few things. The first will be a container for the liquid. The best solution, which is popular with all summer residents, is to install a two hundred liter barrel near the washing machine. Units with the presence of economical washing systems can do with a hundred-liter barrel, but the water supply will never be superfluous.

The second important thing that will be necessary for you is a small water pump. If you are not aware of this type of technology, we recommend that you contact the specialized points for the sale of this equipment, they will be able to suggest which pump to buy, and help you choose a drain pump. It is recommended to purchase a pump of the same company as your machine.


It is worth noting that many experts recommend the use of ordinary aquarium pumps. The price they have is much lower than the above units, and you will need to send the hose straight into the powder chamber.

In order not to overload the aggregate system, it is recommended to embed the ball valve solely on the base of the barrel. It will be from him that the hose will go to the inlet of the washing machine.

You will need to connect the pump to the power supply while doing this so that it is activated only when necessary. The solenoid valve operates from a normal network - 220V and will remain closed when not in use. To open it, you must apply voltage directly to the coil. To do this, you will need to dismantle the top cover of the washing machine while connecting the pump to the inlet solenoid valve.

You can do it right on the terminal of the valve itself. Or, find where the cable is laid and connect the valve with the pump to the terminal block, most often it is located at the bottom of the unit, you can do this with the help of pliers.

After all the operations, you will receive an absolutely working washing machine that does not need to be connected to the water supply.


In this article, we looked at how to connect a washing machine without running water and set it out for you. The most economical way will require from you about one thousand rubles, the most expensive will cost you about seven. After these operations, your machine will be able to ease your life more than once.

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