Stone Persimmon at Home - Cultivation on the Window Sill

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date plum, date wild, heart fruit. Can there be a potted culture of a bone persimmon? At home, the cultivation of exotic is possible, but associated with the observance of a number of conditions. Tropical plants require a special microclimate throughout the year. In winter, the plant sheds leaves, requires rest and low temperature. The fruits of the home tree are useful. Self-cured varieties Hachia and Giro - to help the gardener.

How can I get planting material

More often at home, growing conditions, persimmon is obtained from the stone. It is important to choose a fruit from a self-pollinated variety. Berry must be ripe, without damage. You cannot take a frozen fruit, the seeds are no longer viable. If there are leaves with mold next to the fruit, the seed should be discarded. To make the persimmon warm in the heat, it can be held near the radiator.

Take out seeds to hold for 2 days in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Only sank bones are suitable for sowing. Next, carry out seed treatment with a growth stimulator, stratification for 2 months at + 5 ° C, after a week hold it near the heating battery. Before sowing the seeds file hard ribs with sandpaper.

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In parallel, you can sow the seed of persimmon simply:

  • eat the fruit and remove the seeds;
  • immediately put to a depth of 1.5 cm in a pot with loose soil, cover, put in a warm place;
  • to irrigate the surface from time to time, to air, a sprout should appear within two weeks.

You can buy a ready-grown seedling in a nursery, it will not be cheap to buy. On your own seedling can be vaccinated against fruit-bearing home trees.

Requirements for planting persimmon, care for seedlings

The soil for sowing seeds should be light and lean. A mixture of sand and peat in equal parts. At home, a persimmon of a seed is germinated in a small container, covered on top of evaporation. You can not use a battery as a source of heat - the earth will dry out quickly. You need to build a minitplic. Sprouts are difficult to get rid of the halves of the seed, it should be helped by moistening it with a spray bottle and placing the pot in a polyethylene sheath overnight. As soon as the seedlings give the first true leaves, they should be planted, or one, the most powerful seedling should be left. Pass the plant into the prepared soil:

  • meadow humus;
  • peat;
  • river sand.

To add useful properties to the composition, you can add EM-1 Baikal to it, but only 2 weeks before landing.

At home, the cultivation of persimmon from the stone without transplant can be up to 3 months. The seedling grows quickly, filling the roots with a small container. Each next pot should be 3-4 cm more than the previous one. No more - the free land will sour. From the moment the lateral branches were formed, the tree should be pinched so that the branches would bush, and the crown would be spherical.

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Grow a persimmon from the stone as an ornamental plant is available from any fruit. But you can get a harvest only from a grafted plant. Inoculate a persimmon with a small cutting from a fruiting, self-bearing tree. Such a graft can be taken in a botanical garden, in a nursery or from good friends. It is important that the tree is healthy. If vaccination is performed on an annual seedling, fruiting can be expected in 5 years.

Agricultural machinery homemade tomato tree - persimmon

Growing a house persimmon is associated with the creation of plant "tropical" conditions. This means:

  1. A potted plant needs a lot of diffused light, in spring and autumn, with an illumination of 2-3 hours. The persimma does not tolerate direct sunlight, on a clear summer day the window should be covered with gauze.
  2. In summer, the plant likes fresh air, but without wind, shaded.
  3. Watering a tree should be in small portions, without creating stagnation and dirt in the box.
  4. Daily spraying on leaves is necessary.
  5. During the rest period, the tree sheds leaves and can be stored at temperatures as low as -15. Usually, +5 -10 degrees in the dark underground is enough, with occasional moistening of the clod.
  6. During the growing season, moderate supplements are needed, transplanting or renewing the upper layer of the substrate.
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Home care for the persimmon from the stone to produce a fruitful tree is associated with maintaining a balance of stressful and favorable conditions. This is how trees are forced to bear fruit in conditions that are unusual for them. Limited doses of fertilizers do not allow the vegetative mass to grow, otherwise the roots will not cope. But, artificial lighting and the lack of draft is comfortable for persimmon. Regular crown formation inhibits the growth of the ground part and helps the roots.

How to water persimmon is a special science. If the tree is standing in a bright room with a high temperature, the leaves are dried out. Watering the plant with warm water should be more often, but do not create dirt, in which there is no air, the roots suffocate. Everything needs moderation. Watering can not replace the daily sprinkling, creating mist in the crown. Spraying the leaves are carried out several times a day during hot weather. To increase the humidity put near the aquarium, saucer or tray with pebbles and wet moss.

How to grow persimmon from the stone - video in 3 parts

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