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Continuing our acquaintance with technical and table grapes of different ripening terms. Among the huge number of different in appearance and taste of berries presented to your attention, you will definitely pick up something for your

suburban area. Grapes Lily of the Valley

The hybrid form of grapes Lily of the Valley has recently appeared at the disposal of gardeners from Ukraine and Russia. Parents of this table grape became Kishmish Radiant, well-known for its high yield and quality of berries, as well as the talisman, which already gave the growers a lot of interesting hybrids.

In the conditions of the Krasnodar Territory, the Lily of the Valley is ready to be harvested in the last days of summer, in rare cases the ripening of the mid-early harvest is delayed until mid-September.

Plants during the year give a friendly growth, the aging of the shoots is good, but due to the lack of winter hardiness the bushes must be covered for cold weather. From common diseases and pests of grapes Lily of the valley requires additional processing, its own resistance at an average level.

The mass of brushes ripening on this hybrid form is in the range of 500–700 grams. The shape of the clusters is conical or cylindrical. Berries weighing up to 13 grams, markedly elongated, yellow in color. Under the dense skin of grapes Lily of the valley hides the juicy-fleshy flesh, excellent taste and bright nutmeg aroma.

Hybrid gives consistently high yields, ripe berries do not crumble, clusters can be transported and stored for a long time.

Grapes In Memory of a Teacher

EGPavlovsky obtained a hybrid form of an extremely short period of maturation from the crossing of Talisman and Cardinal. Grapes in memory of the teacher gives a very massive, wide-brush brushes already at the end of July or in the first week of August. The weight of medium dense or loose varies from 800 to 1000 grams, often larger ones.

Grape Bushes In memory of a teacher, they give a plentiful increase, but due to the novelty of the hybrid, it is difficult to judge frost resistance, aging of shoots and resistance to grape infections.

Over the years of study, the hybrid has proven to be high-yielding, quite resilient, and yielding excellent commercial quality. The very large berries of this grape have an oval shape, a dense texture and a commendable taste with light nutmeg notes.

Grapes in Memory of Negrul

The parental forms of the Datie de Saint-Valle and Corn nägra grapes gave Moldovan breeders a magnificent grape in Memory of Negrul, remembered for its elongated nipple berry of thick blue-violet color.

This table grape has an average ripening period, and from a large number of such varieties stands out for its increased resistance to the cultural dangers as well as frost. With a good yield of grapes in Memory of Negrul, it can be further raised with the help of agrotechnical techniques. The culture is responsive to care, the bushes mature quite well by autumn and give a decent growth.

The clear advantage of the variety is spectacular loose or medium dense brushes with berries weighing 5– grams and up to 30 mm long. With a length of 20 cm, the average weight of the hand varies from 350 to 500 grams. The tasting evaluation of the grapes of the Memory of Negrul is always high, as are the commercial qualities and the transportability of the grapes.

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Grape Charlie

Charlie's grapes ripening for 105–110 days is a new hybrid, obtained by crossing Hope AZOS and Victoria. At the moment, there are active tests of the hybrid form, which has already managed to show high yield and disease resistance.

Charlie’s grape plants tolerate cold temperatures of –24 ° C, but even with high growth maturity, the bushes require shelter for the winter.

Grapes form vigorous bushes, on which heavy ripening weighing up to 800 grams about 30–35 cm long ripen by August. For more friendly and large-fruited harvest, rationing of the hands and cutting of the stepsons are recommended. The berries are almost black in color, oblong-oval in shape and weighing 8–10 grams. Since then, the grapes are not seen pea and cracking berries. Unripe Charlie grapes have a taste of nightshade, which disappears as the fruit is poured and stained.

Grapes Pleven

A table variety of Bulgarian selection Pleven was obtained by crossing Italy and Amber grapes. Ripening of table berries falls on the first half of August. The apparent lack of a strong-growing grape variety Pleven is the low resistance of plants to harmful fungi, phylloxera and frost. The variety is distinguished by high yield and readiness of young shoots for winter.

The average cluster of conical shape weighs 300 grams, has an average density or less. Large green berries of Pleven grape weighing 3-5 grams, get an amber tan in the sun, quickly accumulate sugar and, with a slight acidity, have a good taste and a dense, crisp texture.

Taking the best features of this variety as a basis, breeders created a nutmeg, European and sustainable variety. As a result, both new varieties and grapes, and the “old Pleven are in demand by growers and are cultivated in various regions of the country.

Viking Grapes

The very early harvest Viking hybrid grapes obtained as a result of selection work carried out by Ukrainian amateur Zagorulko V.S.The parent pair for this variety is Codreanka and AIA-1.Berries of the original nipple shape with a clearly pointed tip on the vigorous well-ripening Viking bushes can be expected in 110–120 days from budding. At the same time on the bushes are formed medium density bevel brush weighing from 500 to 750 grams.

The berries in a bunch of Viking grapes are even, of a blue-violet hue with an average skin thickness and pronounced harmonious taste. The aroma is weak. The flesh is thick, less often with prevailing juiciness.

Athos Grapes

A table hybrid received from parental forms of Talisman and Kodryanka for a superb maturity of maturity Bondarchuk V.K.was called Athos. From the disclosure of the kidneys to the onset of ripeness of berries takes 95-100 days.

The growth rate of Athos grapes is close to high. In this case, for the winter shoots ripen almost 100%.The hybrid form is distinguished by increased frost resistance and good resistance to diseases affecting culture.

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The grapes ripening on the vine have a beautiful conical shape and consist of even, without any signs of pea, berries of average weight up to 10-12 grams. The berries are oblong, oval or nipple-shaped with a rich purple or almost black color. The texture of the fruit is crispy, juicy. At the use of fresh grapes of Athos, the skin is almost not felt.

Grapes Raisin

Breeders from Ukraine from a pair of Cardinal and Chaush varieties obtained grape Zest table appointments with spectacular pink-purple berries of elongated shape. With a maturity of 100–110 days, brushes can be removed in the first week of August.

During the years of study, the variety showed not very high resistance to infectious diseases of grapes. Grape bushes Zest require mandatory shelter, and in the middle lane can grow only in protected ground.

The weight of the brushes does not exceed 550 grams, the clusters have an average density and consist of large elongated-oval berries, up to 34mm in size and weighing up to 7.5 grams. Fruits have dense tasty pulp with a weak aroma.

Grapes Murom

Bred to them. I.V.Michurin grape variety Muromets refers to table varieties of early aging. Parental forms used for crossing are Victory and the Northern variety. The strength of the bushes in this class is high, with Muromets being distinguished by the almost complete maturation of the shoots and high, to –26 ° C, winter hardiness. The Muromets grape is highly resistant to powdery powdery mildew, and full-scale vine processing is needed against oidium.

The cluster of the Muromets variety weighs 350–400 grams, has a wide conical shape and low density. The berries are round or oval, perfectly accumulate sugar. Under the dense purple-red skin with a thick pruine there is a fleshy, odorless pulp.

In favorable years, the Muromets grape harvest has high marketable qualities, is used fresh and in the form of raisins. In wet summer, you can wait for the cracking of the berries or the formation of "peas".

Grapes Richelieu

Hybrid grapes of early ripening, Richelieu gives a crop in 115-120 since the beginning of the growing season. Richelieu's grapes are distinguished by powerful vigorous bushes with high-quality ripening annual shoots.

Hybrid is prone to the formation of a large number of ovaries, therefore, to prevent overloading of the vine, it is important to carry out the rationing of brushes and shoots. Plants respond well to attentive care and are highly resistant to attacks of pests, diseases and frosts down to –22 ° C.

Bunches of Richelieu grapes are very large. The average brush weight is 600–800 grams, the berries of dark, almost black color reach 30 mm in length, have an oval shape, a thin skin of medium thickness, a juicy-fleshy consistency and decent taste. In the harvest, peas are not seen, wasps are slightly interested in ripe tassels.

Grapes Chameleon

Ukrainian breeder N.P.Vishnevetsky received a Chameleon grape with a very short maturation period of 100–110 days from multistage crossing of known varieties and high-yielding hybrids.

The frost resistance of this new hybrid grape does not exceed –23 ° C, plants are rarely affected by rot and known fungal infections of the crop.

On the vine, very large, weighing up to 1700–2000 grams of hand, covered with elegant very sweet berries, even in rainy years not prone to cracking, are laid and matured. The skin of the berries is of medium thickness, light pink attractive color. Chameleon grapes give high, up to 30 kg from the vine yields.

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Having high commodity-taste qualities, ripe berries can remain on a bush for a long time without any loss of properties, be transported and stored.

Grapes Sphinx

From the parent grape forms Timur and Strashensky V.V.Zagorulko obtained the Sphinx hybrid grape, giving ripe berries 100-105 days after the start of the growing season.

The cuttings of this hybrid root well, and adult plants resist diseases quite well. Moreover, the grapes tolerate frosts down to –23 ° C, in Russian conditions the bushes need shelter for the period of winter frosts and frosts in the autumn. Vine Sphinx grape-growing, well-ripening.

Cylindroconic volumetric clusters are loose or loose, their weight ranges from 600 to 950 grams. In some cases, brushes weighing up to 1500 grams are formed. Egg-shaped oblong berries of Sphinx grapes have a weight of about 10 grams and a length of up to 30 mm. Grapes have crispy pulp, harmonious taste with a high sugar content and bright aroma.

Grapes Kras Nikopol

At the end of July from the Krasav Nikopol grape bushes in the Kuban region, you can harvest dark pink or purple oval berries harvested into conical medium-loose brush weighing about 500 grams. For ripening this proven variety of winegrowers takes about 105 days. At the same time, Nikopol Beauty has sufficient immunity to powdery mildew, and from mildew the vine is better to work twice a season for preventive purposes.

Berry weighing up to 5 grams is quite dense, sugary, has a thin skin and a pleasant taste. The Krasa Nikopol grape is considered one of the best for cultivation not only in traditional vine-growing regions, but also in central Russia, in greenhouse conditions. The brushes have a beautiful appearance, high transportability and ability to store.

Grapes Riddle of Sharov

This early grape variety has been known to Russian winegrowers for more than 40 years and for these has spread from Kuban to the North-West and the Far East of the country. Riddle of Sharov takes only 110 days to ripen loose, strongly branched grape brushes, and due to its unpretentious Far Eastern ancestors, the variety received an enviable, to –32 ° C, winter hardiness and good protection from pests.

In the middle belt, plants of this variety sometimes do not need winter shelters, and they actively bear fruit every year. The bushes form medium-sized, weighing from 110 to 500 grams of a bunch. The berries are rounded to 2.5 grams in weight, with a dark blue skin, covered with thick pruinom. Grape variety Mystery Sharov quickly and efficiently accumulates sugar. As a result, ripe berries have a pleasant taste with a slight "fox" shade and pronounced aroma. The consistency of the fruit is melting, dense, with a high content of juice. After collecting the clusters are stored without loss of quality for up to three months.

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