Gardener's work in garden beds in August

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video In August, summer comes to an end, but works on country cottagesfar to completion. Vegetable garden happy harvest of vegetables, which will soon become blanks for the winter. Ahead of autumn crops, preparation of the site for the next spring and, of course, caring for plants whose vegetative period is not over yet.

Harvesting on garden beds in August

Tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplants and asparagus beans, cauliflower and savoy cabbage. This is not a complete list of garden plants, giving crop about the second half of summer.

For many plants, it is important that the collection is regular. If reddened tomatoes remain on the bushes for a long time, they inhibit the filling and ripening of the next. You can increase the yield by removing the fruits that are just beginning to blush. They are excellent, they will ripen without loss of quality, if they are decomposed into a single layer or hung out in a dark dry place. In this way, it is possible to save tomatoes collected from bushes infected with blight. To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatment for late blight, using the most safe means for the ovaries.

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Eggplants do not change color like tomatoes. If you miss the moment, their seeds will harden, the flesh will lose tenderness, a noticeable bitterness will appear in its taste. In addition, the delay in harvesting inhibits the emergence of new ovaries. But the peppers are cut only after full coloring. In this case, their walls will be as thick and juicy as possible.

Early cabbage appears on the summer cottage table in June or July. In August, the beds are gaining weight forks of Savoy and mid-season white cabbage. Dense, white cauliflower heads are hidden in the depths of the outlet. So that because of the sun, the buds do not turn green and do not bloom prematurely, fast-growing cabbages are additionally covered with broken sheets.

When the cauliflower head is cut, the rhizome is immediately removed. Broccoli is another matter.15–20 days after cutting the basis of the head, small inflorescences up to 6 cm in diameter are formed on axillary shoots, which will be a pleasant addition to the harvest.

While the cabbage is not harvested, it needs protection from pests and regular watering. To prevent the reproduction of putrefactive bacteria and fungi, weeds, dead and dried leaves are removed from under the forks.

The beginning of August is the time to nip shoots of pumpkins, watermelons and melons. If the squash squashes and squash fruits fruit tirelessly, then the long-seasoning fruits of their immediate relatives need help. Therefore, each plant leaves the largest ovary, the rest, along with the ends of the whips are removed.

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Sowing in August

In August, summer cottages are gradually released, and the gardener has a choice:

  • to carry out the early autumn sowing of herbs, green crops and early vegetables;
  • prepare plots for next spring.

Peking cabbage, leaf mustard, salads and spicy greens are the types adapted to the shortening daylight hours. August is a good time for sowing radish, radish, early ripening varieties of daikon.

It is useful to sow the remaining rows with green manure. Until autumn, the plants will have time to rise, give greens and cope with their main task. If the garden is planted with legumes, mowing is carried out after flowering, when the rhizomes accumulate enough nitrogen. In addition to wiki or alfalfa, oilside radish, mustard, rape, phacelia, and grains are sown as green manure.

August at the cottage: all attention to greenhouses

The nights in August become cold, so the summer residents get their main crop of cucumbers from greenhouses. To prolong the fruiting of plants will help the treatment of downy mildew and rot, as well as fertilizing with potassium, useful for the root system. As a preventive measure and in the early stages of the disease in the greenhouse use safe soap-ash solution of 500 grams of wood ash, 10 liters of water and a couple spoons of liquid soap, which will improve the adhesion of the liquid with the foliage.

The foliar application with nitrogen at the rate of 0.5 tablespoons of urea per bucket of water will support the growth of cucumbers and the formation of greens.

Over the summer, the soil under the cucumbers compacted, and the roots at the base of the stems became bare. Abundant soil mulching with peat or loose substrate will help solve the problem. Above the ground sprinkled with rotted sawdust, chopped grass. This saves moisture and protects cucumbers from the spread of harmful fungi.

Like soil tomatoes, plants in greenhouses are also treated for blight and pruned. From the main stems and strong stepsons remove the lower leaves to the first brush and greenery, which is directed deep into the bush.

Country cares in August

Vacant beds in August:

  • clean of plant residues;
  • digging up, if necessary using means to combat soil pests;
  • is watered so that the weeds remaining in the soil come up and be destroyed.
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A lot of compost accumulates in the summer months. In August, it is time to pour it once more with earth and water. To accelerate the formation of useful fertilizer will help the introduction of special bacterial additives.

Garden at the end of the summer - video

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