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Our life is becoming more dynamic and saturated, and modern technologies allow us to quickly achieve the desired results and simplify a number of everyday situations. If earlier owners of land plots could not even dream that the lawn in front of the house in one instant would be transformed and from an unkempt gray patch of land would turn into a green lawn, today it is a common reality and helps the lawn from the manufacturer.

What is a lawn in rolls?

It was possible to create a miracle thanks to the use of laying of turf, a natural coating consisting of grass that formed solid grass on a cut substrate of soil. Such an unusual living surface got its name due to the form in which the turf is on the plot where it is to grow further.

Specially grown grass cover before sending it to the customer:

  • is cut in the form of rectangular plates or long strips;
  • rolls up into tight rolls;
  • is sent for further installation.

If the lawn is created using the usual technology, with the help of a seeder and a bag of seeds, then it takes a lot of months to prepare the site, plant the crop, wait for germination and continue to care for it. In some cases, natural lawn acquires density and saturation only one year after its creation, and sometimes requires restoration if the grass is tarnished by frost, rain or heat.

Benefits of roll turf over conventional

Since the plant has a complete root system, and the ground layer in which the roots are located is not disturbed, the roll turf, in the photo, easily tolerates transportation. If necessary, fragments of such a coating can be cut, for example, in order to precisely frame a flowerbed or garden path. The grass in this case does not suffer and, with due care, acclimatizes for 2–3 weeks. This is the most important advantage of the roll of grass over traditional.

To completely transform the landscape, to make the plot green and well-groomed with the help of a turf, it will take many times less time than with the usual sowing of grass grass mixture.

The best time for the purchase and subsequent laying of a roll lawn is spring, when the snow cover completely disappeared on the site, and the ground and the air warmed up to stable positive temperatures.

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When thinking about purchasing a man-made lawn, it is worth remembering that there are many varieties of such coatings. And the prices of lawn in rolls, its durability and properties are directly dependent on the composition of the grass mixture used to create it.

The bluegrass is the base of most common species - an unpretentious perennial grass, which feels great in the conditions of the Russian central belt. Sometimes, to give a covering of softness, decoration or other qualities, fescue, ryegrass or other herbs are added to the bluegrass seeds.

To obtain a lawn sheet, only high-quality plant seeds are used that are adapted to life in a particular area. But no less than them for the success of growing important compliance technology and competent selection of the soil.

So that the forces invested by the manufacturer are not wasted, and the coating quickly settles down after the transfer, certain rules are strictly followed when laying a turf.

How to lay a turf?

The work begins with the mandatory site preparation, which is best done in advance, because the turf does not like long storage and cannot wait until:

  • parcel will be cleared of old grass, roots, stones and other large inclusions;
  • territory will be leveled;
  • , if necessary, humus, sand or black earth is added to the soil, depending on its type.

Coating in convenient rolls does not take work even for an ordinary summer resident, it is unpretentious and easy to handle. Therefore, you can transform the landscape design of the site independently, without the involvement of third-party specialists. With some skill and careful preparation, laying a lawn with your own hands on an area of ​​50 square meters takes only a couple of hours, but the effect of the work will remain for many years.

When ordering lawn turf from the manufacturer, it is important to specify a slightly larger area than shown by calculations. Living material in dry weather has the ability to shrink, and even unforeseen circumstances cannot be ruled out.

The storage time for rolls does not exceed 24 hours, so immediately after arriving at the site, the material for laying is unloaded and laid out on a flat surface, in a place protected from the sun so that the grass in the rolls does not deform.

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When laying the sides of the panels should close tightly together, leaving no gaps. When laying on the ground one roll should go a couple of centimeters to the other. When the grass layer is well applied, the edges are butt-jointed and tamped. On large spaces for such works use special rollers. Appeared during the laying of turf lawn or a little later, the gaps are immediately filled with sand. Soon, when the vegetation gets used to the new conditions, they will be narrow in fresh shoots.

If you want to cut the grass cover along with the turf, it is convenient to use a sharp garden knife, and this work must always be done with gloves and in compliance with safety measures.

After all the work has been completed, according to the technology of laying rolled lawn, the surface is watered abundantly with sprinklers. In the next two weeks, that is, for the entire time of acclimatization, the grass root system should not be allowed to dry out. With constant humidity, plants rebound faster and start growing.

Peculiarities of the care for the turf

According to the reviews of the turf of summer residents who have already appreciated its merits, such a grass covering is not only easier to create, but also saves energy during care.

Professional selection of seeds and their germination in specialized conditions provide excellent winter hardiness of the lawn, its evenness and stable density. Formed root system of grass does not allow to get through to shoots of weeds. This also contributes to the preparation of the soil before laying the turf.

Still, roll turf care is needed. Mandatory measures to maintain the health and decorativeness of the grass cover include:

  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • lawn cleaning and mopping;
  • soil aeration work;
  • mowing.

The first thing that every green plant needs is moisture. For a turf, apply irrigation systems with sprinklers, dub not damage the surface root system of the grass and do not blur the layer of fertile soil. The grass cover and the soil beneath it is soaked to a depth of at least 15 cm, otherwise the change in color of the vegetation and its wilting cannot be avoided.

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chicken house. Feeding of the turf is similar to that used for traditional turf. In spring and summertime, plants receive complex fertilizers based on potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, it is useful to include trace elements in the mixture. Closer to the fall, already in preparation for the winter, the lawn is fertilized again, but with a different composition with a low nitrogen content.

Scrubbing a lawn with a rake, regular cleaning of foliage and other debris from it is a necessary preventive measure:

  • for improving the growth of herbal sockets;
  • protection of turf from the weed plants, insect infestation by pests and pathogens of plants.

Aeration, i.e., piercing grass and upper soil, helps to oxygenate the soil under densely woven roots. A simple but extremely effective measure makes it possible to quickly improve the absorption of nutrients by plants and constantly maintain the high quality of the substrate.

Grass mowing as part of a roll lawn is carried out from May to August. If the lawn cover only takes root at the site, it is possible to cut it only after a week after laying, and you can not try to make a low cut. This will damage the future quality of the lawn.

Regular mowing is carried out as needed. Most often, the frequency is 7-10 days. For processing the site choose dry, but not hot weather, and after mowing the lawn is watered.

Before wintering, pruning of grass is possible until mid-October, while there are no steady frosts, from which damaged leaf plates and shoots may be damaged. The optimum height of grass cover at the time of the arrival of winter is 4–6 cm, in this case the plants will be safely covered with snow and healthy will begin a new growing season.

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