Full description of the raspberry variety Patricia

In the mid-1980s, , Moscow breeder V.V.Kichina brought a new raspberry variety, , which we know as patrician. It appeared on sale in 1992 and has since become popular among gardeners. You can get acquainted with the description of this variety below.


  • Brief description of raspberry varieties patrician
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • bushes and the berries of this variety: especially
  • planting and care rules
  • crop quality
  • Diseases and pests
  • Reviews

Brief Description Patricia

raspberry varieties Variety Patrician classification lists inscribed in the line of ordinaryvarieties. Fruits once a year. A characteristic feature of the variety gardeners indicate the fruiting period: it starts in early June and lasts until mid-August.

Krasnoplodnaya raspberry patricia

The popularity of patrician berries is related to the size of the berries, high productivity, rich taste and wonderful aroma.

The advantages and disadvantages of

A lot has been said about the advantages of this raspberry variety, which explains why so many gardeners choose a patrician. One likes the considerable size of the berries, the other - the sweet taste. There are also those that decorate patrician gardens with raspberry bushes, because the appearance of the variety allows it.

Let's go briefly on the advantages of the patrician variety.

  • Resistance to temperature contrasts and frosts .The variety is not afraid of frost, even in -34 degrees. It seems incredible, because traditional varieties are dying already at -15 degrees.
  • The yield level of is 2-3 times higher than the raspberry varieties of this group.
  • The taste of berries: varieties of "giants" lose their taste, but this does not apply to the patrician variety.
  • The minimum number of seeds in .
  • Large berries easier to collect .
Large raspberry berries patricia
  • The variety is resistant to most classic diseases.
  • Growth and development of the bush .

One can not name any horticultural culture, which would be characterized only by advantages. Everywhere there is room for flaws. The weak points of the patrician variety are:

  • The height of the bush , which complicates the harvest.
  • Permanent care associated with the violent growth and weight of the crop.
  • Rotting berries in conditions of excessive moisture.

Raspberry varieties have both advantages and disadvantages. Original, peculiar only to the patrician variety, there are no flaws. These are traditional diseases that are also opposed by traditional methods.

Shrubs and berries of this variety: features of

The appearance of this raspberry variety is emphasizedly impressive. Patrician bushes reach a height of 1.8 m. The berries in their mass grow from the middle to the top of the bush. Bushes are very thick. This creates considerable difficulties in the care, but allows the plant to bear fruit abundantly.

It is worth noting the resistance of the plant, adaptation to the local climate. The leaves of the patricia are not burned during the hot summer days of .Raspberries do not need planting in areas with shade;in open areas, the same crop is harvested.

Shrubs raspberry patricia with berries

On patrician bushes shoots constantly appear. As a result, not everyone manages to keep their bushes in a well-groomed form. Unnecessary shoots have to cut constantly. Stems - resistant. When large yields often do not withstand the load of giant berries( 4-12 g). Berries are not showered from the bushes for several weeks.

Variety known for the quality of its fruits. Patrician berries are used in culinary products: for decorating cakes, making sweets, jelly, etc., because they have very few seeds. It is a large number of them in some varieties of raspberry is an obstacle to the creation of culinary masterpieces, because the seeds have a negative effect on taste.

Rules for planting and care

Bushes take root in a new place is not easy. Berries in the first week can dry out. This situation occurs if the roots for a long time were in a dry environment. Therefore, directly before planting patrician bushes should be generously watered with , planted only after cutting lateral processes on the roots.

Patricia raspberry varieties will not grow, much less yield good yields, on clay soils. The best option for it is loose soil. For a shrub to be well established, it will take about 5 kg of fertilizer.

If you made sure that the bushes of this variety are well rooted, we can expect their unruly growth and development. This will directly affect the yield. Patricians have a peculiar increased metabolism of organic substances and minerals, which increases its vital signs.

The patrician bushes grow very actively, and since the bush becomes very thick, needs to constantly prune new shoots of .Also, individual stems will have to be tied up so that they do not break under the weight of a bountiful harvest of “giant” berries. Gardeners often create original cylinders - a structure with supports, to which the entire bush is then tied up.

Cutting of young raspberry shoots

Patricia raspberry variety care is simplified: excludes ground dusting, insulation in any way, covering with snow. These benefits are estimated by the owners of hectares with planted raspberries.

Care should be taken about the level of fertilizer. If you do not have enough nutrients, then you risk getting deformed berries that have lost their conical shape. To prevent this from happening, uses phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers .Enhance the bushes is recommended twice a year. Otherwise, you can not count on bulk yields.

Patricia shrubs are sprayed from pests in the same way as other varieties of regular raspberries.

Crop quality

If you grow a variety at home, you should expect 11 kg of raspberries from one bush. If you professionally grow a patrician in large areas, the harvest will be from 10 to 27 tons / ha. If you take into account the usual varieties of raspberries, where the maximum yield does not exceed 4-5 kg ​​per bush and 8t / ha, this is a clear advantage. Moreover, patrician is one of the most delicious varieties of .

Harvesting Raspberries

The taste of patrician berries is very clear. A still not ripe greenish berries feel sour. By the way, many raspberry lovers love this taste. The ripe berries taste very sweet. Even when making jam, you only need to add the minimum amount of sugar so that it does not turn out too sweet.

Patrician berries have the characteristic elasticity of the shape, which is very important when harvesting. Collecting raspberries, you can not worry that she chokes in a bucket. In addition, raspberry retains its freshness for several days. Excellent presentation allows you to easily find buyers for your raspberry crop.

It is advisable to collect ripe raspberries throughout the week. Better - than quickly, so as not to spoil the quality of the crop. This situation can occur only in conditions of high humidity levels. If the weather is cloudless, then such problems are not expected.

Diseases and pests

The patrician variety is resistant to those diseases that often harm ordinary varieties.

Malina, at the level of the best standard varieties, is characterized by resistance to such diseases as diddimella, anthracnose, botrytis. On the other hand, the patrician is very susceptible to phytophthora, which requires gardeners to resort to permanent measures in the fight against this disease.

Fight against blight on raspberries


Vasily, 54 years old. - Patricia raspberry variety appeared in my garden relatively recently. I have a small plot, but I was amazed at the yield. Yes, and the berries themselves have such an underlined presentation. Great for sale. There are no particular problems with your food, if you have good soil and you understand a lot about fertilizers.

Nikolay, 43 years old. - Tried this variety, but it is clearly for those who are professionally engaged in the cultivation of raspberries. To care for Patricia, you must have time. I did not appear at the dacha very often. As a result, the bushes are overgrown, the crop was not as good as I expected, and it was not easy to collect it in these thickets.

Sergey, 39 years old. - I've been a raspberry for many years and the Patricia variety is one of my favorites. If you provide professional care, then regular bulk yields are guaranteed. I sell raspberries in bulk, and the sustainability of the Patrician berries is very important to me.

Raspberry patrician varieties have a number of important advantages, with a minimum number of drawbacks. Great for growing berries for the purpose of their implementation. At observance of all rules and conditions on leaving guarantees steadily high yields. Differs in weather resistance .In general, is the best raspberry variety for cultivation in our climatic conditions.

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