How long do we need ducks of different breeds to sit out the chicks?

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The breed and the size of the eggs affect how long the duck sits on the eggs. Compared with chicken, duck eggs are much larger. Weight of chicken on average reaches 58 grams, and duck 80 grams. Also, they contain a large amount of fat, because of which eggs can quickly overheat. That is why for the successful withdrawal of chicks you need to comply with the necessary temperature and humidity percentage.

How long do the eggs of ducks of different breeds

How many days of ducks are sitting on eggs - most of the breeds of this bird are hatching from 26 to 28 days. Beijing - from 27 to 29, musky - 30-36 days.

Peking has a poorly developed instinct for breeding chicks, so they rarely incubate. Instead, they use ducks of other breeds, either chickens, geese or turkeys.

The number of eggs laid depends on the size of the bird. Under the chicken is placed from 9 to 11 pcs., Under the goose - 11-15 pcs., Under the turkey - 17-19 pcs. If the street is too cold, then put less for 2-3 eggs.

Indotka or musky duck

How many days a musk duck sits - from 30 to 36 days. The number of hatching eggs is from 12 to 20 pcs.

In advance, before the duck is going to sit down, it is necessary to increase the portion of the feed given to it, and also to observe the feeding regime during the incubation.

It's time to start the Indotests near the end of winter. If the duck pulls out the fluff and tries to settle in one place, then she is preparing to sit on the eggs. Most often this happens in late March or early April. The duck's nest is installed in a quiet and dark place. Eggs begin to carry individuals that have reached six months of age or older. They are carried for 3-5 months, after which they molt. As soon as molting is over, about 12 weeks are carried again.

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In the first days of incubation the Indotka almost always sits on eggs. This is necessary in order for the embryo to develop fully. Therefore, the feeder and the drinking bowl are placed as close as possible to the nest. It is also necessary to have a bathtub, as water is needed to wet the eggs.

The percentage of deduced chicks of a musk duck naturally is much higher than if they were taken out in an incubator.

Not fertilized eggs Indotka themselves throw out of the nest. Regardless of how long the duck is already hatching eggs, it will sit until the last chick hatches. In order for the percentage of hatched chicks to be higher, it is necessary to use those eggs that have been lying for 2 weeks for the withdrawal. Store them in this case at a temperature of + 8 ° C to + 15 ° C in a horizontal position, and turn over daily.


To get the mulberry chicks, you need to cross the duck of the Peking breed with an indo drake. For the incubation, the eggs collected in 1 week are used. You can deduce mullards both in an incubator and in a natural way. And the latter way is much more effective, a greater percentage of chicks survive, sometimes even reaches 100%. In the incubator, losses can reach 40%. For one individual, no more than 15 eggs are laid. After 10 days, they are examined using an ovoscope to identify the spoiled.

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Features of breeding chicks in the incubator

To incubate the chicks of the ducks, we use eggs of week-old age, but not older, except for the eggs of the musk-bird birds.

Before laying down a large batch, you should check how quickly the machine warms up the air and how long it keeps warm. It is better to first try to bring out only a few ducklings.

Before you start the incubator, you need to carefully select the material. Eggs with the following drawbacks are rejected:

  • non-standard form;
  • with outgrowths;
  • highly polluted;
  • with mold;
  • cracks.

If dirt is not removed, an infection can enter through the shell, because of which the fetus will immediately die. All hatching eggs of ducks should be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate with a sponge or spray to disinfect them and remove small contaminants. But it is better not to allow them to be soiled in general, but to keep the chicken and the cage clean and dry.


Eggs of musk ducks are placed in trays in a horizontal position.

During the first week after the bookmark, the embryo develops the circulatory system and organs, so it is extremely important at this time to provide sufficient warming up. The temperature should be at least + 38 ° С, humidity 70%. Turn the eggs at least 4 times a day. In the second week a skeleton is formed. At this time, the temperature is slightly lowered to +3, ° C, and humidity is reduced to 60%. Turn over 4-6 times a day.

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In the third week, the temperature and humidity are the same, but eggs are cooled several times a day for 15-20 minutes at the same time, for example, at 8 am and at night. After cooling (after 15 minutes), they are sprayed from the atomizer with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, while the temperature of the eggs should drop to + 28-30 ° C. After that they heat again. The incubator should reach a maximum temperature within half an hour (maximum).

The brood appears on the 26-28th day (depending on the breed). In the incubator the chicks are deduced as much time as the ducks are sitting on the eggs. The temperature at this stage is reduced to + 37 ° C, and humidity, on the contrary, significantly increases to 90%, so that the shell becomes softer, and the chicks are easier to get out. You do not need to turn around anymore.

To turn a large number of eggs is better to buy trays with automatic rotation.

Eggs are recommended to shine through the ovoscope every 7 days. Thanks to the incubator chicks can be taken out at any time of the year and in large quantities, and also do not need to fear that the hen will abandon them early.

Depending on what was the diet of the breeding stock during the laying, it depends on how long the ducks of the egg will be hatching. If the food was inferior, the embryos develop more slowly, so they hatch later, and can be weak and small.

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