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There is no gardener who does not encounter pests. To eliminate the parasites that have appeared on plants, it is recommended to use the insecticide Kanonir Duo, the instruction of which prescribes the necessary dosage and method of application. Before use, be sure to familiarize yourself with the methods of exposure and characteristics of the insecticide.

Characterization of the insecticide

. Canonir Duo is an insecticide of contact-intestinal damage of pests. Its impact is aimed at eliminating parasites through two ways.

Upon contact action, the substance, falling on the outer shell, negatively affects the insect. While with intestinal effects - the substance penetrates into the parasitic creature along with the food. Penetrated inside, the drug affects the pest, causing its death.

According to the instructions, the Canonir Duo insecticide can be used to protect the following plants:

  • legumes;
  • wheat winter varieties;
  • Alfalfa;Canola
  • ;
  • Gourds( watermelon, melon);
  • tomatoes;
  • Eggplant;
  • fruit crops;
  • onions.
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Insecticide is aimed at the merciless fight against grass flies, harmful turtles, bugs, sawfly, gall midge, bread sawflies and beetles, aphids and thrips, cruciferous fleas and leaf beetles, as well as with stealth insects. In the instructions of the insecticide Kanonir stipulates that the action on the protection of plants after application lasts for 3-4 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended that after the passage of a certain period, re-act on the landing.

Benefits of using

Farmers using the drug emit more efficiency after its use:

  1. After use, the result is visible after 30 minutes - the parasites begin to die out en masse.
  2. The plant has protection for 21-25 days after exposure to the drug.
  3. Parasites lack resistance to the sprayed substance.
  4. Destroys all parasites without exception: covertly living, hiding under the bark or in the crevices of the trunk, as well as on the underside of the leaf.
  5. Elevated degrees of air do not affect the performance of a substance.
  6. Shows the same performance when influenced at various stages of development of parasites( eggs, larvae, sexually mature insects).
  7. Affects a large range of parasitic pests, protects various fruit and cereals.
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Insecticide instructions Kanonir Duo reveals a negligible consumption of the diluted substance over a large area. It is not dangerous to humans, so during spraying you can not wear special protective clothing.

The main thing, after its impact before the formation of ovaries, increases the volume of the crop.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use of an insecticide Kanonir recommends performing the destruction of parasites on a windless day. The optimal temperature conditions at which irrigation should be carried out are + 12. .. + 25С.

It is advisable to choose a time so that the sun is either not yet shining or is already setting. This is necessary so that the rays do not provoke burns on the bark or tender foliage of the plants.

Before use, prepare the stock solution. Water and the necessary dosage for refilling once the sprayer should be mixed in a separate container to obtain a homogeneous substance. When diluting the norm for irrigation, the standard should be 1: 5( 20% solution).

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If you are processing crops against parasites shoots, the flow rate of the working fluid rate - 150-200 lon 1 ha. In other situations - the working fluid is stretched to 300-400 liters.on 1 ha.

Most importantly, the drug is highly toxic to pollinating insects. Therefore, it is worth not to let the bees within 5 days from the moment of exposure to plants.

. Insecticide instructions. Canon Gun Duo recommends using a chemical to control many parasitic creatures. The main thing is to dilute the means and spray at the right time and the desired consistency.

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