How to install and connect the electric oven yourself

In the kitchen, such a thing as an oven helps the housewives when they want to cook something delicious. But any technique requires installation. But how to install the oven correctly? To do this, install it and connect it to gas or electricity.

  • Varieties of ovens
  • Preparation for installation and connection of ovens
  • Installation diagram of gas ovens
  • Installation and connection of an electric oven
  • How to check the operation of the oven?
  • Useful tips

Varieties of ovens

The so-called "oven" are of two kinds. The first one is autonomous or independent ovens. Their functioning depends only on them and not on anything else. The second option is not standalone. This kind of ovens, electrically connected to the main hob. In this case, the oven is at the bottom, and the top is the hob. Installing the built-in oven with their own hands does not differ in principle from the installation of a conventional oven.

Preparing for the installation and connection of ovens

Installing the oven with your own hands begins with the place where the oven will be positioned and leveled.

It should also be noted that there should be an air gap between the oven and just any cooking surface and wall. It is no secret that in contact with high temperatures, the proximity of the wall and furniture will not have any beneficial effect on your interior. On average, the thickness of the gap should be: from the back wall - 4 cm, from adjacent cabinets -0.5 cm, from the floor - 8-9 cm.

As you know, the oven can operate both on gas and by electricity. In the first case, it is necessary to ensure the gas supply system and not to violate its integrity. It is recommended to have a gas cabinet at a distance of 1.2 meters from the direct source of gas.

The second option is an electrical cabinet. In terms of self-installation, it is simpler, since the electric oven is easier to connect to the mains. How to connect the oven to electricity? The socket where the wires are connected is best to be located at a distance not lower than 10 cm from the floor. The socket must withstand a current of at least 40 amps.

Installation diagram of gas ovens

Connect the oven with your own hands to the gas line with a flexible hose. The thorough sealing of the joints of the special crane and the outlet fitting is observed. It should be noted that such work is recommended for gas service employees. Moreover, without their personal intervention, it is not allowed to connect the oven to the gas main.

  • Hardware install and fasten. The connecting part of the pipeline is screwed into the gas supply line up to the stop. This is done using a special gas wrench for working with pipes.
  • The expansion end of the pipe is twisted to an installed pipeline. The other end is connected to an outlet valve located in the wall.
  • With a key, each of the ends of the pipe is twisted and tightened.

Installation and connection of an electric oven

  1. Completely disconnect the electric current in the wiring.
  2. If the wire for inclusion in the network is not available, then it is purchased separately. In the installation process with his own hands, it is attached to the corresponding terminals.
  3. From the distribution panel to the outlet where the cabinet will be connected, a 3-wire copper wire is laid. If the cabinets consume power in the run-ups from 3 to 3.75 kV, then the required current strength in the mains varies in values ​​from 16 А
  4. . Consider the distribution box. Wire routing should be provided. This can be both VVG-3 * 2.5 wire, and VVG-3 * 4.0 wire.
  5. Connection to a wall outlet. Often there are 3 veins in the cable. Accordingly, the socket to it is selected 3-pin.
  6. A trial run of the oven is conducted and it is monitored whether everything has been done correctly. If so, then the work is complete.

How to check the operation of the oven?

  • Turn on the cabinet, having previously read the instructions offered by the manufacturer.
  • Check if the lights are working.
  • All heating elements should be heated uniformly. Your task is to track this process.
  • Set the heating mode at maximum power.
  • Preheat oven to between +150 and +250 ° C.Windows should be left open or turn on the hood. So the smell of factory grease and burning will completely disappear.

Useful tips

  • At the junctions, coat the hoses that you used to connect the gas oven with the soap. Bubbles may appear on the hoses, this is a signal that the thread is not very tight in these places. It will be necessary to disassemble the problem assembly, and then reinstall it.
  • The electric oven, whether conventional or built-in, is distinguished by high power consumption. As a consequence, it is necessary to conduct an additional branch from the shield. A whole, untouched wire with a cross section is used, the width of the current-carrying core is about 2.5 or 4 square with oven power higher than 3.5 kW.
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