How to connect a gas stove with their own hands

To connect the plate with your own hands, it is necessary to properly study all the difficulties and features of this procedure. This is a very important process, any blemish here can cause irreparable consequences. In case of a gas leak, you are putting yourself at serious risk for this very reason, you should consult with experts if you are unsure that you know how to connect the stove correctly.

  • Common moments when connecting an
  • gas stove Necessary tools and materials for installing
  • Dismantling an old stove
  • Replacing a gas stove
  • Installing a new gas stove
  • Electric ignition types

Common moments when connecting a gas stove

  • Types of electric ignitionThe stoves are made by an employee of local gas services. When you think where it is better to turn for help, to which professionals, we recommend to opt for the classic version - the state gas service. In this situation, you will not only have all the required services, you will receive a guarantee of quality work, plus all the necessary documents. By tradition, in any better case there are no solid advantages - this also applies to gas services. The downside here is the installation time - perhaps you stand in line for more than seven days.

    The price of services varies. It depends on many factors - the brand of the gas stove, whether there is an electric ignition or not, and so on. To connect the electric ignition will have to tinker with electrical wiring. Such procedures will apply to additional, therefore, the payment will also be separate. Of course, you can do the electrical firing on the gas stove on your own, if you have experience of similar work, thereby saving your money.

    However, if you do not doubt your own skills, so you are going to do the work yourself, it is useful to get acquainted with information on how to connect the gas stove yourself, adhering to the safety guidelines and key requirements of gas services.

    First of all, a newcomer should be familiar with the basic data about the gas pipeline in apartment buildings. In any apartment there is a central pipe through which gas flows( usually referred to as a riser), which goes through the building from the lower floors to the upper ones. In the apartment from the riser pipes go, which are called descents. The gas stove is connected to the lowering of a metal pipe( in old houses) or a special gas hose( in new buildings).

    Required tools and materials for the installation of

    Before starting the installation, check that all the necessary tools and materials are available. You must have:

    • horn and adjustable wrenches;
    • screwdriver;
    • Ball valve and new gas hose;
    • seals;
    • fabric;
    • solution of soap and brush.

    Dismantling the old

    plate We dismantle the old plate and install a new plate in its place. Before dismantling, make sure that the gas valve is shut off on your pipe. If the gas is blocked, then it is necessary to unscrew the lock nut that connects the plate and lowering. It is not easy, especially when the pipes are old, and not one layer of paint is applied to them. When the nut does not turn away, you can cut it, then unscrew what is left.

    Then you need to move the stove a certain distance, so that it allows you to calmly connect the new gas stove. Next, the sweep is removed, which is built into the lowering. For these purposes, one hand fixes the tap tightly, the other - twists it. Further it is necessary only to mount a cap on a pipe.

    Replacing the gas tap

    The next step is to replace the old tap with a new one. The old faucet is unscrewed, however, it is not removed to the end - at the first steps of the installation the faucet will be useful. This installation point requires a great deal of concentration and accurate work, since there is some gas leakage. Open the window wide open, then start work. You will need a cloth dipped in water. Next, you need to disrupt the old faucet, plug the hole with a wet cloth to shut off the gas. You do not fix the leak at all - understand this in advance.

    Then do the preparation of the thread. It should not be a trace of rust and paint, debris or glue. After preparation, it is wrapped with a compactor, then the cap is removed. Gas begins to flow into your apartment, however, do not be afraid - with the rapid tightening of the valve gas leakage will become barely noticeable. Watch for safety - in the kitchen prohibited all sources of open flame or spark.

    After this, check the tightness of the connections. For this, a soap solution is applied to the joint in order to follow its reaction. Bubbles indicate a leak, which means that the connection of the gas stove will have to be made again until the leaks are completely eliminated.

    In these moments you can not be lazy and vigilant, because it is said about the safety of you and your apartment, especially when the actions are done with their own hands.

    Installing a new gas stove

    The last moment is the installation of the purchased gas stove. Before you start connecting it, you must carefully check the gas hose. Do not save on it, because an inexpensive low-quality hose will not serve you for a long time, you will constantly change it to a new one. Be careful - the outlet of the hose and the entrance on the new plate must coincide with each other.

    Let's talk about the installation itself. The seal is wound on the fitting, namely on its external thread, before starting the thread is checked. Then the fitting must be screwed into the ball valve, which is located in the lowering. Then you can screw the gas supply hose into the threads on the gas stove.

    Now you are again conducting a leak check, as you did before. Apply a soap solution when there are no bubbles, then we can talk about the correct installation of the plate.

    Types of electric ignition

    To date, electric ignition is a standard element of modern plates. However, how to install the electric firing plate with your own hands, without at the same time violating safety while working with electric energy? Serious difficulties should not appear, you only need to ground and the outlet itself. In the modern socket today there is a zero wire, which performs the role of grounding. You just connect the gas stove, and the matter with the end.

    There are 2 types of electric ignition:

    • mechanical electric ignition;
    • automatic electric ignition.

    When you install a new gas stove, the type of this device does not matter, so do not dwell on it. The main condition is the serviceability of electric ignition, as well as its continuous operation.

    Suppose you were able to install the gas stove in the apartment yourself, you must control the gas supply to a service worker - otherwise you will be left without gas, because you violate the instructions.


    It is important to remember what kind of slab you need to install. If it is gas, then for installation it will be necessary to do some actions, if it is electrical, then it is already other work on its installation.

    If you figure this out, everything is pretty simple. No need for supernatural knowledge and skills in order to independently produce this work. However, if you are afraid that you will not cope with the task, then we advise you to seek help from a specialist.

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