Cooking delicious gooseberry and orange desserts without cooking

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for amelimenty, a treat sweetie, affection, a treat, a treat, a treat, affection, affection, a treat, a treat, a treat, affection, a treat, a treatSweet dessert can be served with tea, pancakes and hot waffles. In addition, it is often used as a filling for homemade cake or roll. How to cook gooseberry with orange without cooking? Today we will offer you some of the most interesting recipes.

A classic recipe for raw jam

Prepare the original treat according to our recipe, be sure to treat your family and friends. They will celebrate the fantastic taste of the dessert, its attractive appearance and unique aroma. You can keep cold gooseberry jam and oranges in the freezer. And when winter comes, get it and offer your favorite people along with a cup of hot tea.

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  • gooseberry - two kilograms;
  • large ripe oranges - five pieces;
  • sugar - two and a half kilograms.

Preparing gooseberries with oranges for the winter without cooking is quick and easy. Carefully read the following instructions, and then boldly get down to business.

So, first you need to process the products. Rinse the berries thoroughly under running water and remove all the “tails”.

Any gooseberry variety can be used for this dessert. Also, it does not need to choose only the most beautiful and large berries, since in the future it will be necessary to chop products.

Wash the oranges with a brush and cut into slices. We do not recommend peeling off them, since it is she who will give the treat a special taste and aroma. But all the seeds must be selected and removed.

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Next, the prepared berries and fruits should be chopped. For this purpose, you can use an immersion blender, food processor or conventional meat grinder with the smallest grill. Put the puree into a large saucepan or basin, and then add sugar in small portions. Stir the dessert until the mass is smooth.

Gooseberries, ground with sugar and oranges, should stand for several hours in a cool place. After that, place an unusual “jam” in sterilized jars and close it with plastic covers. You can taste the treat immediately, without losing precious time.

Dessert of gooseberries, lemon and oranges

If you have a good harvest of berries at your dacha, then do not rush to cook traditional jam from it. Tasty delicacy can be prepared very quickly, not working at the stove for several hours. Gooseberries with oranges and lemon without cooking will appeal to children and adults. Do not forget that this delicacy produces an amazingly tasty filling for open homemade cakes.

This time we suggest you prepare the following products in advance:

  • one and a half kilograms of ripe gooseberry berries;
  • one big lemon;
  • two oranges;
  • two kilograms of sugar.

Pay special attention to the preparation of the ingredients, as they will not undergo heat treatment. Go through the berries, wash them, cut the leaves and tails with a sharp knife.

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Remove peel from oranges and lemon, and then remove white films and seeds. Grind the fruit in any way convenient for you.

It is not forbidden to cut oranges with the peel, but lemons must be cleaned. Otherwise, the dessert will be bitter.

It remains to combine the fruit and berry mass with sugar and leave it for a day in a cool place. Do not forget to periodically stir the future dessert with a spoon or wooden spatula. When the indicated time has elapsed, arrange the treat in clean cans and tightly close them with lids.

Recipe for cold gooseberry jam, bananas and oranges

Surprisingly, but the gooseberry familiar to us is perfectly combined with exotic fruits. You will see for yourself if you prepare a sweet treat according to our recipe.


  • one kilogram of gooseberry;
  • one orange;
  • two bananas;
  • 600 grams of sugar.

How to cook cold jam from bananas and gooseberries with orange without cooking? The recipe for vitamin dessert, we describe in detail below.

Treat the berries as previously described. Oranges cut into slices, not forgetting to remove the seeds at the same time. Peel bananas and cut each into several pieces.

Put the food in the bowl of the blender. Beat them until the colored mass turns into a smooth mash. Put the billet in a deep bowl and gradually add granulated sugar.

For this dessert, you can use not only plain white sugar, but cane sugar. If you decide to stay on the last option, then do not forget to periodically taste the dessert. It is possible that brown sugar will need less than indicated in the recipe.

After a few hours, this dessert can be spread out in cans, corked and stored in a refrigerator.

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Gooseberry with orange and kiwi

This is a recipe for another unusual delicacy with southern fruits. Even a couple of spoons of sweet treat will give you strength and lift your spirits. Therefore, be sure to reserve it for the winter, so that even on the coldest day you can plunge into the memories of summer.


  • gooseberry - one kilogram;
  • oranges - two pieces;
  • Kiwi - three pieces;
  • sugar - two kilograms.

Raw jam from kiwi, gooseberries and oranges without cooking is also very simple. First, wash all the products well and treat the berries. Peel the kiwi, cut each fruit into four parts. Cut the oranges with the peel, carefully select the seeds.

Scroll the berries and fruits through a meat grinder, and then transfer them to a suitable deep dish. Mix flavored puree with sugar. You can taste the treat in four hours. Put the remaining jam in clean jars, tightly close it with lids and send to the refrigerator or freezer.

As you can see, a dessert of gooseberry and oranges without cooking is prepared instantly. Therefore, do not rush to turn a rich harvest of berries into traditional jam, but rather use our recipes.

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